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Instagram Photo Challenges

Easy Level (1 point each) – Take a picture…

1. With a member of the UCPC Summer Committee

2. Telling us how much you love UCPC on the library white board columns

3. With Roscoe or Bella

4. With the ASU sign on Rosemont Drive and Dena Drive

5. With a professional staff member of the Center for Student Involvement

6. Showing off your (fake) ASU tattoo

7. By the ASU gum tree

8. In front of the V.E.T.S. Center

9. Working-out/playing a sport at the Ben Kelly CHP

10. In front of the Global Immersion Center/Planetarium

11. A game of bowling

12. In front of Roscoe’s Den

13. Strike a pose with Multicultural Center staff member

14. With someone wearing their Greek Letters

15. Thumbs up with Special Events worker

16. By the painted Ram Statue on Ave. N

17. At ASU electronic sign on corner of Johnson Ave. and Dena Drive

18. You and your pet(s)

19. Something scary

20. Yourself with 15 items


Intermediate Level (3 points each) – Take a picture…

21. With a banner you made in the CSI banner room

22. Wearing a hat you made out of anything that normally isn’t put on your head

23. Dressed as the opposite sex

24. Next to a sand castle you made

25. With a celebrity look-a-like

26. By an ASU ‘Campus Watch’ sign

27. Making a funny face when the professor isn’t looking

28. Playing tennis at ASU tennis courts

29. Playing Disk Golf

30. While dining at your favorite restaurant

31. Playing at Kids Kingdom Park

32. Candid photo of a friend

33. Inside the ASU Bookstore 

34. Next to an ASU police vehicle

35. Giving someone a piggyback ride

36. Bench pressing someone

37. Wooden Ram Statue near the Rassman Building

38. At the Memorial Oak Grove

39. At the Vincent Memorial

40. Out in the rain with no umbrella


Difficult Level (5 points each) – Take a picture…

41. At a UCPC Summer event*

42. With two squirrels (alive, not dead!)

43. Eating on campus with a professor

44. Dancing behind UC staff member without them knowing

45. Screenshot of your LifeLine EDU App

46. Kayaking at the ASU Lakehouse

47. Jumping into the Ben Kelly CHP Pool

48. In the theater, before the movie starts

49. Dressed in your ASU best on True Blue Friday

50. Screenshot of your RamFam App

51. Throwback Thursday of your first year at Angelo State (Incoming students: First year of High School)

52. A+ on a test

53. At the top of the Ben Kelly CHP rock wall

54. High five with the SGA President or SGA Vice President (Double points for both in the same picture)

55. With Dominic

56. International Water Lilly Collection

57. At a San Angelo Colts baseball game

58. At the UCPC table at New Student Orientation

59. Someone who has a ASU Class Ring

60. A screenshot of your tweet tagged #UCPCsummer with at least 5 retweets 

*You can receive a point for every event you take a picture at! Just be sure to add the name of the event in the caption.


Awards will be given for the following:

Highest Point Earner

Most Creative Photo

Funniest Photo

Most Artistic Photo

Most Liked Photo


Awards will be given out prior to our #UCPCsummer Bingo Bash on August 5th at 6p in the Concho Hall Lobby.


#UCPCsummer Instagram Photo Challenge starts on:

Monday, July 14h, 2014

Ends on:

Monday, August 4th, 2014


Respond to each photo challenge and post to Instagram using the hashtag #UCPCsummer (don’t forget to add the challenge number in your caption!). Complete the challenges for a chance to win awards!


Awards will be announced prior to  our #UCPCsummer BINGO BASH event at 6PM on August 5th at the Concho Hall Lobby!