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The ASU OneCard is the official identification card for all students at Angelo State University. It is used to access university services, events and facilities. Faculty and staff are eligible for the OneCard, or may choose the faculty/staff ID card. For those who open an ASU OneAccount, their ASU OneCard can also be used as a debit MasterCard.

  • studentsStudents

    Your ASU OneCard is your key to many services, events and facilities on the ASU campus.

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  • staffFaculty

    You have options. Choose an ASU OneCard or a Faculty/Staff ID Card.

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  • familyFamily

    You are important to the success of your student and we are glad that you are here to learn more about the ASU OneCard.

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The ASU OneAccount

When you activate your ASU OneCard, you will have the option to open an ASU OneAccount, which is a no minimum balance, no-monthly fee, FDIC-insured checking account. This account is optional and is available to all ASU students, faculty and staff.

Opening the Optional OneAccount

This option is available to you at the time you activate your ASU OneCard. If you did not choose to open a OneAccount when you activated your card, you can do so by logging in to and following the instructions.

Depositing Money to Your OneAccount

Bring a check or money order along with a deposit slip to the OneCard Office. Scan your check or money order at the OneCard Office.
Need money fast? Use a Green Dot Money Card. Check out for additional information.

Closing Your OneAccount

Even when you are no longer enrolled at ASU, you can continue to use your OneAccount through the expiration date printed on the front of the card. If you do not want to continue using your OneAccount, you can close it by calling Higher One Customer Service at 1-877-278-1919.

What’s new?

OneRewards! A new program from Higher One that offers OneAccount holders to earn cash back rewards on eligible purchases. Check out the page for more details.

Residential Students:  Reserve a washer or dryer from the comfort of your room at myonecard.

Worn or cracked cards are replaced for FREE. Bring your card to the OneCard Office and get a new card!

More Information

To report your card lost or stolen, log in to your account at

Learn more about the ASU OneAccount by logging in to your account at or by contacting the OneCard Office at

OneCard ATM Locations

ASU has two ATM locations on campus where you can use your ASU OneCard to withdraw cash from your OneAccount for no fee:

  • MCS 111 Computer Lab
  • Mail Services (located in the UC across from the ASU Bookstore)

At this time you cannot make deposits at the ATM machines. Check with OneCard Office regarding deposit options.

You can also use OneAccount ATMs located on other campuses. To find other locations, go to and select “Easy Help.”