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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get access to Banner?

    Your supervisor will need to complete the Request for Access to Banner form. Please visit the Faculty/Staff page for more details.

  • How do I change my password?

    Your password is good for 120 days. The form to change your password is [GUAPSWD]. Your password must be at least eight characters in length, and you cannot reuse passwords

  • I forgot my password. Who can tell me what it is?

    Unfortunately, if you forget your password, it cannot be retrieved. However, you can get a new temporary password by contacting the Help Desk. Once you login with the temporary password, you will need to change it to your own

  • When I click on a link from my e-mail or a shortcut, the page is displayed in the Banner browser window, and my Banner session ends. What causes this?

    Your browser settings need to be changed:

    • With your browser open, click the Tools menu
    • Select “internet Options
    • Click the Advanced tab
    • Under the Browsing category, uncheck the box beside “Reuse windows for launching shortcuts
    • Click the Apply button
    • Click OK
  • How do I print a report in Banner?

    Since the Banner Finance system has been in operation, many end users have used the system and learned of its advantages and limitations. Due to the feedback, solutions have been developed to meet the needs of the end user.

    The first need was to have the ability to print a statement similar to the departmental statements that were accessed online and printed. The Banner Finance system has a reporting feature in which you can print a snapshot of your budget status [FGRBDSC] and transaction activity [FGRODTA] for a given time period. Click on the report names to download directions for accessing and creating the printed reports. Be aware that if you have a pop-up blocker, it should be disabled or allow pop-ups on the Banner website, otherwise, the browser window will not open to display the report

  • How do I extract data from Banner into Excel?

    Many forms in Banner are enabled to allow the user to extract the data from the form into a format that can be imported into MS Excel. When the form is open, go to the Help menu and select “Extract Data No Key”. If the selection is dimmed, then it is not setup to complete the extraction process.

    One example is to run a query through [FGITRND], and extract the data to an MS Excel spreadsheet. Download the instructions for more information. Familiarity with MS Excel is recommended. Again, make sure that your pop-up blocker is disabled or allows pop-ups on the Banner website.