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Four-Year Plan

  • Job Search

    Job Search and Transition

    Checklist of Goals

    ❑     Attend all Career Development events. You WILL learn something new.

    ❑     Join professional organizations within your chosen field. Student rates are often cheaper!

    ❑     Maintain relationships with faculty and mentors. Ask permission to use them as references.

    ❑     Continue to obtain relevant experience.

    ❑     Sign up for on-campus interviews through Jobs4Rams and view job posts.

    ❑     Meet with one of Career Development’s advisors to discuss resources and strategies for your specific career goals.

    ❑     Edit your résumé, electronic portfolio and website content to reflect your strengths, qualifications and career goals. Then re-submit your résumé on Jobs4Rams.

    ❑     Research salaries using NACE Salary Guide.

    ❑     Watch the CareerSpots videos on salary and negotiation, job search, interviewing and more.

    ❑     Determine geographic preference(s) and research employers within that area. Access Glassdoor for an inside look at companies (salaries, reviews, interview questions and more).

    ❑     Start writing cover letters. Refer to Letter Builder in OptimalRésumé for tips and examples.

    ❑     Continue cultivating contacts and talking with professionals in your field. Networking works!

    ❑     Fine-tune your interviewing skills using Interview Prep in OptimalRésumé, then contact Career Development to participate in a Mock Interview.

    ❑     Follow up interviews with thank-you letters using Letter Builder. They really do make a difference!

  • Experience

    Gain Marketable Experience

    Checklist of Goals

    ❑     Continue to maintain a strong GPA.

    ❑     Seek a leadership/officer position within your student organizations to strengthen your skills and your résumé.

    ❑     Develop mentor(ee) relationships with key individuals who may serve as references.

    ❑     Check the Career Development website for a list of events and mark them on your calendar.

    ❑     Establish goals for a summer or fall internship that focuses on a specialty area in your field.

    ❑     Keep your information and electronic portfolio up-to-date with OptimalRésumé and create a profile on Jobs4Rams.

    ❑     Consider creating your own website using the Website Builder in OptimalRésumé.

    ❑     Watch the CareerSpots video “Networking & Your Personal Brand” found on the Career Development website.

    ❑     Secure information interviews and job shadowing experiences with professionals in your field(s) of interest to gain industry insight and expand your professional network.

    ❑     Research graduate or professional school qualifications, required application materials and deadlines. Register for any appropriate entrance exam.

    ❑     Use Interview Prep in OptimalRésumé to refine your interviewing skills. Select specific questions, record your responses, and critique your performance.

    ❑     Put together an interview outfit and start building your professional wardrobe.

    ❑     Investigate several professional organizations in your career field.

    ❑     Complete an internship in your chosen field.

  • Exploration

    Explore Majors and Careers

    Checklist of Goals

    ❑     Confirm your choice of a major and identify three to four related career options of particular interest using the “What Can I Do With This Major?” resource on the Career Development website.

    ❑     Explore careers of interest. Ask Career Development for occupational information.

    ❑     Determine if your career goals require additional education and/or training.

    ❑     Conduct informational interviews with professionals in your field(s) of choice. This is a great way to learn about jobs and network!

    ❑     Update your information and electronic portfolio using OptimalRésumé and have a Career Development staff member critique it.

    ❑     Prepare for internship interviews. Use Interview Prep in OptimalRésumé to record your responses and critique your performance using real-life multimedia. Watch CareerSpots videos for tips.

    ❑     Obtain a volunteer, freelance, part-time or summer job to test you chosen career field. Meet with a career advisor for helpful information and resources.
    TIP: Ask for a copy of your job description and use it to update your résumé.

    ❑     Visit the Career Development website for a list of career-related activities (job fairs, etiquette dinners, etc.).

    ❑     Consider a minor that will enhance your qualifications and/or broaden your marketability.

    ❑     Maintain a strong GPA. It matters!

    ❑     Work toward leadership positions in your student organizations and develop transferable skills and a reputation for having a strong work ethic.

  • Awareness

    Become Aware of Self and Resources 

    Checklist of Goals

    ❑     Explore your interests, personality, work values, skills and motivations.

    ❑     Visit with a career advisor for help with self-assessment and occupational research. Call Career Development to schedule an appointment to discuss taking a “career test.”

    ❑     Visit the Resource Library in the Career Development office to learn more about careers of interest.

    ❑     Research majors of interest by visiting academic department websites.

    ❑     Identify career options within majors of interest using the “What Can I Do With This Major?” resource on the Career Development website.

    ❑     Think about getting a part-time job.  

    ❑     Use OptimalRésumé, a suite of online career tools available to ASU students, to create items such as a résumé, cover letters and a website.

    ❑     Create an electronic portfolio using the Portfolio Builder in OptimalRésumé to display your special achievements, writing, honors, letters of recommendation and multimedia creations.

    ❑     Get involved in clubs or student organizations.

    ❑     Go to all your classes and do your best academically. Remember your priorities.

    ❑     Attend Career Development seminars and events. It’s not too early!

    ❑     Get a summer job or volunteer position related to your major/career/industry goals.

Career Exploration

Job Choices

Job Choices Job Choices

Read the National Association of Colleges and Employers newsletter, Job Choices, which features information about the current job outlook, salaries and tips for job searching.

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