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January 2008

Release Date: January 14, 2008

LeGrands Establish $1 Million Endowment to Benefit ASU Athletics

Acknowledging the hard work that Ram and Rambelle athletes put in on behalf of both Angelo State University and the community, Dr. Robert and Jean Ann LeGrand of San Angelo are donating $1 million to the ASU Athletic Department.

“It is our way to ‘pay it forward,’” said Jean Ann and Bob LeGrand, “and to help the athletes who do so much for ASU and San Angelo.”

The donation, to be paid out over the next five years to the Angelo State University Foundation, Inc., will establish the Robert and Jean Ann LeGrand Endowment for ASU Athletics. Revenues from the permanent endowment will support ASU athletics, including scholarships, equipment and other needs as determined by the athletic director.

ASU Athletic Director Kathleen Brasfield said, “We in the Athletic Department know Bob and Jean Ann LeGrand as staunch supporters of all our programs, our coaches and, most of all, our athletes. This gift in support of our student-athletes further expands the legacy of generosity that the LeGrands have set for the Concho Valley.”

Jean Ann LeGrand responded, “This is not about us. It is about the university, the students, the athletes and the entire community of San Angelo. Bob is very grateful to have served the citizens of West Texas and we hope to say thank you in some purposeful way so as to encourage growth at the university and throughout the community.”

The LeGrands agree that the success of ASU athletes extends well beyond the playing field because of their impact on the community. Their success also bestows upon the university state and national recognition.

“The athletic program at ASU recruits athletes from all over the state,” she said. “Each student-athlete that arrives at ASU possibly brings in another friend or family member to the city. This supports growth in many areas and helps businesses. The economic impact of ASU is about $350 million annually, which reminds us that ASU as an industry is good for the economy.”

Mrs. LeGrand is a San Angelo native. She attended ASU, being named homecoming queen in 1971 and receiving her nursing degree in 1972. She has been an active supporter of ASU, serving as a board member of the ASU Foundation and Angelo State Athletic Foundation. She has also served the ASU Alumni Association as board member and is currently chairman emeritus of the association.

A native of North Carolina, Dr. LeGrand moved to San Angelo in 1976 as the city’s first permanent neurosurgeon. Since his arrival in West Texas, he has treated more than 40,000 patients at all three local hospitals. He is a graduate of Wake Forest University and received his medical degree from Bowman Gray School of Medicine. He served as an Air Force flight surgeon from 1970-72, including a year of duty in Vietnam where he received two Distinguished Flying Crosses, three Air Medals and Bronze Star.

Previously, the LeGrands established a $1 million endowment to provide academic scholarships to graduates of high schools in 77 different West Texas communities where residents had been patients of Dr. LeGrand. In 2002 the LeGrands also donated $500,000 to the ASU Alumni Association to conclude the fundraising campaign for the alumni center which today carries their names.

“The credit goes to those before us who have led by example,” Mrs. LeGrand said. “Our parents were involved in the community and church and led their lives with compassion. They were involved and desired to make their hometowns better places to live.

“Other donors to ASU have freely given of themselves to foster growth and development at Angelo State,” she continued. “We have been inspired by and honor these people by following in their footsteps. By supporting ASU, we hope that others might gain ideas, should they consider supporting ASU.”