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March 2008

Release Date: March 3, 2008

Curriculum and Instruction Adds Master’s Program

Angelo State University’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction is offering a new graduate degree program for prospective teachers.

The Master of Arts degree is a cohort program that enables graduate students to teach in a secondary school classroom by August 2008. A bachelor’s degree with 24 hours in a specific content area is required, with 12 hours in upper level courses, to pass the content area exit exam.

The Summer 2008 cohort program is now available and requires students to take four summer classes before qualifying for a probationary Texas teaching certificate. Two classes will be required in both Summer I and Summer II semesters. The first two classes will begin with a two-week session on campus followed by online support. The second set of classes will be offered completely online.

The courses are taught in tandem to provide a smooth transition from one context to the next. Once the four summer courses are completed, students will qualify for the probationary teaching certificate. From there, the probationary teachers can find a paid teaching position anywhere in Texas to complete the one-year internship required to remove the probationary status.

Teachers would begin their new jobs in August 2008 to be completed at the end of May 2009. During the internship, they would take fall and spring courses to help guide and develop instructional skills. These classes are offered as a part of the master’s degree program.

“This is a degree that has been needed in West Texas for a long time,” said Dr. Jim Summerlin, curriculum and instruction department head. “It provides an opportunity for people with a degree to become certified classroom teachers. There is a strong need in West Texas for science and math teachers, and this might help put some highly qualified teachers in the classroom.”

Interested students should apply for graduate school online at

For more information, contact Jennifer Reker at 325-942-2647 or at