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October 2008

Release Date: Oct. 9, 2008ASU Logo

Web Video Focuses on Safety Steps in Case of Active Shooter

As a service to the campus community and the public, the Angelo State University Police Department has unveiled a new Web video designed to help people respond to and survive any threat by a gunman on campus or elsewhere.

The 20-minute video “Shots Fired on Campus” is accessible on the ASU Web site at While the video focuses on the college environment, the lessons are applicable to any setting where a shooter might attack in a random act of violence.”

“Unfortunately,” said ASU Police Chief James Adams, “violence has become a potential reality in any of our work places or schools. Today, anyone can become a victim of such a random act. The key to survival is developing a proper mindset, maintaining awareness about the situation and knowing what actions you should take to control and survive.”

The Web video helps explain the “survival mindset” and provides background on when best to get out, hide out or take out the gunman. In such situations, the keys to survival are to assess the situation quickly, since most shooter incidents are over in a matter of minutes, and then follow the best available option for the safety of all.

While such situations are always stressful, Adams said people familiar with the steps outlined in the video may be anxious about the situation but they are much less likely to panic than people who are unfamiliar with their survival options.

“Our responsibility as law enforcement officers,” said Adams, “is not only to serve the members of our community in times of need but also to provide them on a regular basis the tools that they can use to survive, should our campus ever have to face such an unfortunate incident.”

“The possibility of random violence is something none of us likes to consider,” Adams said, “but something none of us can afford to ignore. I encourage everyone to take a few moments to view this important video. It could save your life!”