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September 2008

Release Date: Sept. 11, 2008

Fall 2008 Enrollment Figures Released for ASU

Angelo State University welcomed its second largest incoming freshman class ever this fall and saw significant growth in its Honors Program and College of Graduate Studies as 12th class day enrollment figures were released by the university Thursday.

Only last year’s incoming freshman class of 1,475 exceeds the 1,467 incoming freshmen that began their college careers last month. That figure, combined with an overall increase in the sophomore class, shows some positive trends for future growth.

While the incoming freshman numbers showed continued strength, the overall freshman headcount, which reflects both incoming freshmen and previously enrolled students who have not yet attained sophomore status, was down 3.25 percent.

ASU President Joseph C. Rallo said, “Overall, we see much to be pleased with in our enrollment trends though they reaffirm our commitment to strengthening our retention programs. We are well on the way to doing that with our expanded Rambunctious Weekend and our enhanced first-year experience. These programs are designed to better acquaint new students with ASU and to provide the support they need to succeed in our academic programs.”

“Additionally,” Rallo said, “we are excited about the significant growth in our Honors Program and in graduate enrollment. Those are both programs that are important to our future growth and success.”

Enrollment in ASU’s Honors Program this fall increased 18 percent from 97 students last fall to 119 students this year. Graduate student enrollment increased 14.65 percent from 430 last year to 493 this fall.

The university’s goal is to expand the Honors Program to a level that is 10 percent of the total undergraduate enrollment. Growth in the graduate programs is significant because graduate education is funded by the state at a higher rate than undergraduate education so a significant increase translates into more resources for the university.

Overall enrollment for the university was down 84 students this fall compared to last. Comparisons by classification for the fall 2008 and 2007 enrollment with the percentage change were: freshman, 2,111, 2,182, -3.25 percent; sophomore, 1,140, 1,125, 1.33 percent; junior, 991, 991, 0 percent; senior, 1,292, 1,364, -5.28 percent; unclassified, 128, 147, -13 percent; and graduate, 493, 430, 14.65 percent; total, 6,155, 6,239, -1.35 percent.

Another positive sign for the future was the occupancy rate in ASU residence halls. As of the start of the week, the residence halls were at 105.7 percent of capacity. Even with the opening of the 526-bed Centennial Village last month, demand for housing still exceeds the available beds. As additional housing is brought online, university enrollment will benefit.

Students representing 215 of the 254 counties in Texas enrolled in ASU this fall. The top five counties in enrollment numbers are Tom Green, 2,216; Bexar, 194; Taylor, 168; Tarrant, 134; and Williamson, 133.

Additionally, 37 states are represented in ASU’s fall enrollment totals. Besides Texas, the top five states in enrollment are New Mexico, 37; California, 12; Florida, 10; Oklahoma, 10; and Virginia, seven.

International enrollment includes students from 21 other countries with the top five being Mexico, 12; Germany, six; Netherlands, five; Russia, five; and India, four.