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March 2001

Release Date: March 9, 2001

ASU Reports Enrollment Increase for Spring Semester

Angelo State University reported a slight increase in enrollment for the 2001 spring semester with 5,667 students attending classes.

The total enrollment was up 34 from the 5,633 students enrolled in classes in the spring of 2000. The total number of semester credit hours taken by ASU students also rose to 69,824, compared with 69,649 last spring, a difference of 175 semester credit hours.

Undergraduate enrollment was 5,222, compared to 5,280 a year ago. Graduate enrollment was up 26 percent, increasing 92 students to 445 this spring, compared to 353 a year ago.

A comparison of total graduate and undergraduate majors between this spring and last spring shows students majoring in business and professional studies at 1,873 compared to 1,782 last spring. Liberal and fine arts majors this year stood at 1,428, compared to 1,378 a year ago. Majors in the sciences totaled 1,032 this spring as opposed to 1,020 last spring. Education majors for the 2001 spring semester stood at 773, compared to 720 a year ago. Additionally, there are 15 majors in joint programs this spring, compared to 17 in spring 2000 and 546 undeclared majors this year, down from 716 a year ago.

The spring figures mark the 11th highest spring enrollment in ASU history and follows a fall semester where ASU recorded its fifth highest enrollment ever.