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January 2003

Release Date: January 22, 2003

Four Receive Employee Excellence Awards in ASU Ceremony

Four Angelo State University staff members received Employee Excellence Awards from ASU President James Hindman during a university-wide ceremony in the Houston Harte University Center Wednesday morning.

Recipients of the Employee Excellence Awards for the 2002 calendar year were Joyce Ruth Heller, secretary, Student Life Office; Alfredo (Freddy) Martinez, groundskeeper, Physical Plant; Donna Poutinen, administrative secretary, Academic and Student Affairs; and David Rosipal, assistant director, special events facilities/services, Houston Harte University Center.

Hindman acknowledged their outstanding performance and presented each recipient with a plaque in recognition of their commitment and dedication to ASU, its students, their fellow employees and the public. Designation as an Employee Excellence Award recipient also brings with it a $300 honorarium.

The award is designed to recognize non-teaching staff members whose job performance exceeds the customary standards or who exhibit outstanding skills or dedication while performing special projects on behalf of the university. The four recipients were selected from a pool of 29 nominees from across the campus.

Heller, who began work at ASU in 1985, was recognized for going beyond her secretarial duties to assist students, faculty and staff. She was cited for her effort in handling the many details necessary to make the university's Dine A Dozen program successful. She not only supports ASU students through her job but also in her off time by attending various events supporting ASU students.

Martinez , who is responsible for maintaining all the sprinkler systems on campus as well as other landscaping duties, was praised as one of the hardest and most dedicated workers at the Physical Plant. An ASU employee for 25 years, he has over that time established a reputation as an exemplary worker who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done in the best possible manner.

Poutinen has been employed at ASU for 12 years, spending the last 18 months in Academic and Student Affairs where she took on the production of the 2003-05 ASU Bulletin in addition to her secretarial duties. To produce the bulletin she learned a new software program, then converted the previous version to the new program and meticulously checked the 480-page publication for accuracy.

Rosipal, now in his fifth year as an ASU employee, is responsible for setting up university facilities, including the Houston Harte University Center and the ASU Lakehouse, for special events. He was cited for his dedication, sometimes working 15-hour days to accommodate clients. He was also recognized for his attention to detail, for his quality service and for his commitment to serving all clients.

All nominees for the award received a certificate of recognition. Nominees were: Patricia K. (Kathy) Ashton, Paula R. Baxter, Rebecca E. Bedford, Linda F. Brasher, Denise Brodnax, Aaron A. Carrillo, Audrey D. Chaumont, Janet E. Coleman, Purnell J. Curtis, Jackie M. Droll, Carl A. Halfmann, Steven R. Hoelscher, Mitzie R. Keeling, Charlotte L. Klepac, Nanette C. Mathews, Luann E. McCorkle, Tanya L. Norris, Lynette W. Ott, Cindy L. Pond, Pam Rodgers, William E. (Gene) Sherrod, Hope M. Stephens, Sally D. Turner and Alma L. Valdez.