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October 2005

Release date: October 17, 2005

Presentation to Explore Ramifications of Flings

Lawyer Brett Sokolow will visit the Angelo State University campus Thursday, Nov. 3, to give the presentation "Drunk Sex or Date Rape: Can You Tell the Difference?" at 7 p.m. in the ASU Auditorium. The presentation will be for students only.

Sokolow will bring his experience in campus safety consulting as he speaks to ASU students about issues surrounding drunkenness, incapacity and consent.

His presentation will center on the story of Todd and Amy, two students involved in a drunken sexual interaction after a party. Audience members will learn the facts of the case, knowing they will play jury and decide whether Todd sexually assaulted Amy or if he is innocent.

Sokolow will share the facts of the case, and jury members will ask questions about the situation and legal standards. The Q&A system is designed to help jury members understand blackouts, incapacitation, the legal actual/constructive knowledge standard and how incapacity can invalidate consent.

Once the jury's questions are answered, the audience will take a vote. Afterwards, jury members will share their reasoning with the rest of the audience.

Sokolow is a specialist in campus safety, security and high-risk student health and safety issues. He is president of the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management, and has served as outside counsel or as an adviser to several universities and colleges.

The presentation at ASU is sponsored by the University Clinic. For more information, contact Kathe Conner at (325) 942-2171.