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Photograph Requests

To request a photo shoot, complete a photo request form available online.

The ultimate use of the photograph(s) is an important factor to consider when making the request.

When requesting a photo, be ready to answer the following questions:

  • Will the image be used in a publication or on a website?
  • What size image will you need?
  • Will the image be used in a public presentation, such as recruiting?

Once the photo(s) are taken, normal turnaround is three days, but that is dependent on the photographer’s schedule. The digital photo files will be made available to your department on the J network drive (News and Pubs). You can also have them burned to a CD.

Images remain the property of the university. Contact sheets are available in each folder in the J network drive.

Things to consider when requesting photos:

Photo Quality
Outdoor Photos
Indoor Photos

Photo Quality

Quality photographs not only take expertise and the proper equipment, but also time and thought. If you are planning to use the photographs in a publication, it is wise to discuss or establish a concept with the graphic artists on our staff. They can provide direction in setting up the photograph that will help carry through the design concept and improve the quality of the publication.

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Photographs are strongest when the lighting and setup are controlled. This is not always possible, of course, particularly for activities such as athletic games, commencement and many other campus events. When possible, however, staged photographs with controlled lighting and environment will provide the strongest images, particularly when color is involved. 

Lighting is always the primary concern for the photographer. As a result, certain nuances with both indoor and outdoor lighting can affect the quality of a photograph. Keep in mind, particularly for outdoor shots, that the time of day that might work best for your schedule is not necessarily the time that provides the best or most effective lighting.

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Outdoor Photos

For outdoor, landscape or campus shots, the middle of a day is usually the worst time to shoot a photograph. The intense mid-day light creates deep, dark shadows which show up unnaturally on both film and digital capture. The camera does not have the capacity that your eye has to adjust to the variations of intense light and deep shadows. Image quality is better when the sunlight is more diffused, generally in the early morning, in the late afternoon or on cloudy days when shadows are minimal.

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Indoor Photos

Indoor photos present a different challenge because the light is often inadequate and must be supplemented. Using a camera flash attachment can offset lighting deficiencies somewhat, but may leave discernible shadows on the background. Without a flash, the photographer may have to use a shutter speed so slow and an aperture setting so wide that the resulting images are blurred. The best way to overcome this is to use portable lights, which can compensate for inadequate interior lighting.

Consequently, it is important for you to work with the photographer to overcome the limitations you may encounter with a specific photograph. For many uses, these factors may not be significant for your photographs, but they certainly are critical for photos that will ultimately be used for publications, for the website, for public displays or for recruiting.

The bottom line is simply to be prepared to factor into your photo requests potential after-hours times and/or additional setup time for the photo shoot. The results will well be worth the effort.

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