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Publication Request Form

Please complete and submit the form below to request a publication or other print project from the Office of Communications and Marketing.

If you have documents, photos and/or graphics to accompany your request, save them in the following location:

J/News and Pubs/CMDropBox

Please create a folder labeled with your project name and place all the items related to the project in the folder.

If you can’t access the dropbox folder, contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance.

This date should be a minimum of 3 weeks after the date the request is submitted. The scope and complexity of your publication will dictate your timeline.
So we can contact you about the project.
Please include the name of your department and if you are working from an existing publication, please provide the title of that project.
What action do you want the reader/viewer to take? (e.g. apply for admission, buy tickets, attend event, donate to ASU, etc.)
C&M staff can edit and revise your text to improve your publication, but we need some content from you to serve as a starting point.
Please use this field to provide an account number that can be used for billing by the Print Shop and Communications and Marketing. (C&M will only use this account to charge $25 for editorial/design changes requiring a third proof and $50 for editorial/design changes after a third proof.)
If you are submitting graphics, photos or documents for use with your project, please list them here and tell us the name of your folder.
Our design and consultation services are free to the campus community. You will be responsible for costs beyond the services requested here (e.g. printing, display supplies or equipment, broadcasting, etc.).