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Publication Requests

Once you have identified your publication’s goal and its audience, the key to completing it is to give yourself—and us—adequate time. The closer to your deadline that you notify us you need a publication, the less time we have to work it into our production schedule. As soon as you decide on a publication, call us so we can discuss:

  • Timetables for production and publication
  • Paper and ink colors
  • Quantity
  • Format
  • Deadlines
  • Distribution

If you have specific design concepts or images in mind, please share those with the C&M team before work begins.

This information should then be included on a Publication Request Form and submitted through the appropriate dean or department head for approval so we can proceed. We cannot begin work on your publication without a Publication Request Form.

Many of the headaches associated with producing a publication can be avoided by planning ahead. Our staff must prioritize your project along with others currently in production. Delivery times may vary from two weeks to three months, depending on the size and complexity of your job. Additionally, the job must go to a printer for completion. Most jobs can be completed by the University Print Shop, but some must go off campus. Any time a print job is sent off campus, it extends the turnaround time for the completed product. You should factor this in from the beginning and be prepared to meet any deadlines you are given. Though deadlines may be a short-term inconvenience, they provide a long-term savings in time and frustration.

Components to Consider

Publication design includes three main components:

  1. Text
  2. Photos
  3. Design


The text should be written to fulfill your goal and in a manner that appeals to your audience. You should provide the copy as near finished text as possible. Our staff does not have time to write all brochures from scratch, but will assist in polishing your copy for finished text. Please submit your copy via email to avoid re-keying and the potential errors that can occur. No formatting is necessary. Please send us your text in a Microsoft Word document.


If the publication includes photos, they will need to be selected/shot in conjunction with the design staff. Vivid photos of publication quality can enhance the appearance of any project. Photos should be clearly in focus and should help convey the message of your publication. Weak photographs can detract from the look and effectiveness of your publication as well as the image of the university. Where your budget allows, photos should be taken under controlled lighting conditions specifically for your publication. This is the most effective way of ensuring the overall quality of your images.


This is the art of combining text, illustrations and layout to produce an attractive package that serves your particular publication needs. Our staff is professionally trained and can combine the various elements in the most effective package for readability and visual appeal.

Important: Editing vs. Proofing

All text for your publication should be completely edited for content, grammar and style prior to the design phase of production. Once you have approved the text, the project enters the design phase. Once design has begun, the time for editing content is over.

When the design of your publication is completed, it will be sent to you for proofing. This process should be a final look for grammar, spelling and style mistakes—not a time to change content. Publications requiring content changes after two proofings will incur additional fees (see below). Any design and layout changes will be made at the discretion of C&M. 

Post-Design Services

After you have approved the final design and signed off on the proof, we will submit the file to the appropriate printer. Many jobs can now be run at the University Print Shop. For publications that require off-campus service, we will solicit bids and forward them to your department so you can choose one and complete a Purchase Order. Our office will not submit a job to an off-campus vendor without a Purchase Order. For jobs printed on campus, we will copy the file to the Print Shop computer and you will be asked to submit a Print Shop Requisition.

Upon receipt of your publication from an off-campus vendor, please forward a printed sample of the piece, the delivery ticket and/or invoice to the Purchasing Office. The ticket should include the Purchase Order number, the date, the notation “okay to pay” and your signature in order for the vendor to receive prompt payment.

Design Fees

The Communications and Marketing Office does charge modest fees for services to offset the cost of materials and to support periodic upgrades of software and hardware. These fees, generally a tenth or less of the charges made by commercial designers for the same service, are listed below.

Publication Fees

Base fees include design, pre-press, print specification and file transfer.

Two-panel brochure

Three-panel brochure $25
Four-panel brochure $30
6x9 booklets (per inside page) $3
6x9 booklets (cover) $20
8.5x11 booklets (per inside page) $4
8.5x11 booklets (cover) $25
Posters/Flyers $15
Letterhead $5
Envelopes $5
Business Cards $5
Forms $10
Postcards/Invitations $10
Newspaper/Magazine ads $20
Specialty items (t-shirts, mugs. etc.) $20

Miscellaneous Fees

Multicolor layout (per job)

Scans for department use $5
Scans for C&M layout $3
Inkjet prints (per 8.5-x-11) $2
Blank CD/DVD $1
Images burned to CD/DVD $5
Proofs (per 8.5 x 11) $2
Editorial/design changes requiring third proof $25
Editorial/design changes after third proof $50/each
Editing client files $10/hour
Photograph (photo from archive) $2/each
Specialty Photograph
(taken especially for publication)
Head-shot $2/each
Stock Photo/Art $2/each


The Office of Communications and Marketing offers the following services to the campus community:

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