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Web Enhancement Production Guide

  1. To begin an enhancement project on your departmental or office website, arrange an initial meeting with the Web information specialist in the Office of Communications and Marketing (C&M). In your meeting, you will discuss existing content on your site and whether it is up-to-date, as well as any additional content that you would like created. If you have specific design concepts or images in mind, please share those with the C&M team before work begins.
  2. C&M will contact the Information Technology Department to open a work request.
  3. The Web information specialist will then gather any new content to add to the Web pages. That person will edit existing content, write new copy and develop an easy navigation plan for the pages.
  4. Once a draft of all the text content for the Web pages is complete, the Web information specialist will e-mail it to the client in a Word document attachment. It is the client’s responsibility to proofread the document for accuracy and return it by the established deadline. Any changes should be made in another color for easy identification. The deadline will vary depending on the length of the Word document, but typically pages are expected to be returned to the Web information specialist in one to two weeks.

    Please keep in mind while proofreading:

    • All submitted materials will be in the Associated Press style of writing, so clients are asked to refrain from making any changes in regard to style.
    • Proofreading involves checking for accuracy. If a client has suggestions about changing the way something is worded, those ideas can be submitted as comments and C&M will consider them. However, whether those changes are made will be at the discretion of C&M.
    • Do not just “push” the pages along in the process thinking that you will review the content during or after the design phase. All major content changes must be made at this point of the process. Only small “tweaks” to content will be made in the design phase.
  5. Once the Web pages are returned from the client, the Web information specialist and a news information specialist will review and edit the content, taking into account any suggested changes from the client.
  6. The Web designer will begin designing the new pages in the content management system, LiveWhale.

    • Clients should not access the pages in LiveWhale during this time.
  7. Once the pages are designed, the Web information specialist and the news information specialist will review them for any problems or issues in regard to links and navigation and will proof the text a final time.
  8. The client will be notified that the Web pages are ready for review with appropriate links to the draft pages. A deadline ranging from one to two weeks will be established for submitting any suggested design or layout changes to the Web designer. However, whether those changes are made will be at the discretion of C&M.
  9. The enhanced Web pages will be launched following the established deadline.
  10. Management of the Web page will be turned back over to the client. However, if the client wishes to add photos, new pages or anything more than minor content changes, C&M recommends that the client contact the Web designer and Web information specialist to review the new changes before they go live.


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