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Blackboard Issues

  • YouTube Mashup

    Problem Description:

    The YouTube Mashup Tool does not allow new videos to be added. Error states device not supported.


    Solution/Work around:

    1. Log into, select the video you want to add.
    2. Copy the url
    3. Go back to the editor on Bb environment
    4. Click on Insert/Edit Embedded media
    5. Paste the url into the File/URL
    6. Change Type to Embedded Audio
    7. Insert
    8. Submit


  • My Calendar Module

    Problem Description:

    The My Calendar module does not appear on the Home Page for my course. I did not find the My Calendar module in the module list.

    Solution/Work around:

    The My Calendar Module is no longer available for the course Home Page. However, students and faculty may still access the calendar.

    To grant access to the calendar to students in a course:

    1. Go to the course you want to add the calendar tool in.
    2. Click on the plus icon above the navigation menu and select Tool Link.
    3. Name the course and select calendar in the drop down menu.
    4. Don’t forget to select available to users.

    Students can how access the calendar inside the course.

    In addition, the calendar is always available in the My Blackboard Global Navigation view (see below).

  • LockDown Browser Update

    LockDown Browser has released an update to fix multiple bugs that have been occurring. Students will need to do the following:

    1. Log into the LockDown Browser
    2. Click on the ‘i’ button at the top of the screen
    3. Click on “Get Newer Version”
    4. Click on “Get Update”
    5. PC Users should be using version of LockDown Browser. 

    Students may also call the IT Service Center at 325-942-2911 or eLearning at 325-486-6263 for assistance in upgrading.

  • Issues with Apostrophes in filenames

    Problem Description:

    The problem occurs when a student submits an assignment with an attachment that has an apostrophe in the filename. When attempting to view the submission within the inline grading viewer “Loading… Please wait while we render this file” appears. The “error” remains on the page and does not render the file, even though it is a supported file type. 

    Solution/Work Around:

    Users should avoid including special characters in file names. However, when clicking the file’s name under Submission on the right side of the inline grading screen, the file will render.  Instructors will have to either clear the students attempt and have them rename the filename and resubmit, or they will need to download the file and post the grade as an override grade.  The apostrophe disables the ability to post the grade on the Inline Grading Page.

  • Firefox Secure and Unsecure Content

    Problem Description:

    Recently Firefox made some changes to the browser. Web content that is “http” will not display in our Blackboard Environment unless the content is “https”.

    Solution/Work Around:

    Go to your content in Blackboard and adjust the web content to have a source of “https”. If the content is videos, such as Kaltura you will need to have the content changed to support “https”. For video assistance call the eLearning Center at 325-486-6263


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For after-hours help or password resets, please contact the IT Service Center at 325-942-2911.