Self Assessment - Study Habits and Motivation

Your study habits and motivation will play a critical role in your success as an e-learner. e-Learning courses allow you more flexibility, but also require good time management skills and self-motivation for successful completion.

1. My reading skills are
excellent; I clearly understand what I read and can reiterate the material to my professor.
  average; Sometimes I need additional help in understanding the information.
  poor; I often have difficulty understanding the material.
2. I would classify myself as someone who has
  good organizational skills and often completes assignments ahead of time
  weak organizational skills, needs reminding about assignments and often procrastinates
  poor organization skills and often forgets to complete assignments.
3. When monitoring my own progress, I
  feel competent in assessing my own progress without help.
  need regular feedback scheduled in fixed intervals.
  require immediate feedback frequently.
4. I _______ utilize available resources including text books, study guides, syllabus, online material, etc.
5. I would classify myself as someone who
  is a self-starter with the discipline to develop and implement a schedule.
  is a hard worker and can follow a schedule with a little guidance.
  struggles to follow a schedule even with continual support.
6. The designated area where I can get online, study, and complete course assignments
  is free from distractions and interruptions.
  varies from time to time.
  is often loud and noisy.
7. Regarding my learning style
  I prefer reading the assignments.
  I'm comfortable learning from reading but sometimes need to have things explained.
  I'd rather listen to the lecture to gain most of my knowledge and use reading to supplement the material.
8. Attending class where I am able to interact with my classmates and professors
  is not important to me.
  is helpful, but not mandatory.
  is very important to me.
9. When a professor distributes instructions, I prefer
  interpreting the directions on my own.
  to follow the directions on my own and asking for help if needed.
  detailed instructions explained to me.
10. If I am having trouble with an assignment
  I usually seek outside help or figure it out on my own.
  I prefer to get help over the phone or through email correspondence.
  I like to go to the professor's office for individualized attention.


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