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TurnItIn is a plagiarism prevention service that identifies papers containing unoriginal material. Papers submitted to TurnItIn are compared with a comprehensive database of material available for plagiarism and given an “originality” score.

Creating a User Profile

If you are using Blackboard, you do not need a user profile. If you are not using Blackboard you will need to contact the eLearning Center to have an account created for you. 

QuickStart Guides

  • The Instructor Quickstart contains step-by-step instructions to help you get started.
  • The Student Quickstart contains instructions for students. Feel free to print this and hand it out to your students.

User Guides

More comprehensive user guides are also available. An Instructor User Guide and a Student User Guide are also available in PDF format.

Training Videos

TurnItIn also has these training videos available:


Featured Software

In addition to Microsoft Office applications, e-Learning can help you learn to use these software programs: