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December 1, 2010


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Announcements by

·   Contract Administration

·   Controller’s Department

·   Facilities Management

·   Facilities Planning and Construction

·   Materials Management

·   Human Resources

·   Payroll Services

·   Property Management and Inventory

·   Purchasing Department

·   Special Events Facilities & Services

·   Special Projects

·   Ticket Office

·   University Police


Important Dates

·   Effective Immediately
Electronic W-2’s are available on RamPort’s Work Life tab

·   Effective Immediately
“Request for Approval of Guest Speaker” form has been deleted
Contract Administration

·   Effective Immediately
OP 36.02 Control and Issuance of Keys has been updated
Facilities Management

·   Ongoing
F&A Mandatory Training for selected ASU Employees
Human Resources

·   Ongoing
Training for Online Reservation System
Special Events

·   Ongoing
Rape Aggression Defense training (RAD) available
University Police



For an Online copy of this and previous newsletters, visit the Finance and Administration Web site



Contract Administration Office


This office is responsible for verifying that contracts to purchase goods and services are in compliance with Texas state laws and in accordance with State of Texas Contract Management guidelines while evaluating institutional risks. Also, the Contract Administration Office must ensure contracts are satisfactorily performed by both the contractor and ASU, so that contract responsibilities are clearly defined and can be properly discharged at the completion of contracts.


Guest Speaker Form Deleted

The form “Request for Approval of Guest Speaker” has been deleted. Departments must use the University Agreement located in RamPort, Work Life Tab, Administrative Forms. The reasons why the form is no longer accepted are:


1.    This form does not contain any of the legal terms and conditions that we require all other contractors, such as entertainers, to sign that protects ASU in terms of liability. Any contractor who visits ASU does pose some institutional risk to us if we don’t have them sign our standard agreement along with our Contract Dispute Resolution form.

2.    The form doesn’t include a reference to whether or not ASU needs to make travel arrangements for the guest speaker so it may cause delays in processing travel and final payment to speaker. Our university agreement does address travel and is easier to complete.


If anyone has questions on the University Agreement, please call either extension 2748 or 2591.





Controller’s Department


The Controller’s Department provides business and financial services to internal and external customers of the university including general ledger accounting, accounts payable, student accounts, receivables, investments, and grants accounting. It is comprised of the Accounts Payable office, the Student Accounts office, and the Controller’s office (Controller, Director of Accounting, Investments/Grants Accountant, Billing Receivables Accountant, and Construction Accountant).


Accounts Payable Reviewing Direct Payment Process

We would like to remind everyone that the request must include the appropriate documentation including the original itemized invoice with a description of the goods and/or services, the purpose of the purchase, a proof of payment and the name of the employee to be reimbursed. Employee reimbursement will be limited to no more than one reimbursement request per month. Requests should be sent to the Accounts Payable Office as soon as possible. This will allow the staff to confirm that the appropriate information is attached and the payment can be processed prior to the end of the month. Items that should not be done as direct pays include, but are not limited to, the following items:

·         Computer Hardware

·         Computer Software

·         Travel

·         Memberships

·         Any contracted service (alteration, consulting, silk screening, or other 1099 reportable service)


All purchases for small dollars amounts must be made with the procurement card, since it is not cost effective to process individual payments. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Accounts Payable Office at 942-2270.





Facilities Management


Facilities Management provides daily maintenance to all E&G buildings, Junell Center, University Center and Sports Facilities. Normal office hours are 8 AM through 5 PM – Monday through Friday. Emergencies outside of the normal work hours should be reported to University Police at 942-2071. Facilities Management typically has technicians on campus from 4 AM each morning until 6 PM – Monday through Friday.


F&M Policies and Procedures that Impact Angelo State University

In December 2010, Facilities Management, under the direction of President Dr. Rallo and Vice President of Finance and Administration Sharon Meyer, will be giving a presentation to targeted audience members on topics related to our department that impact Angelo State University. Facilities Management will team with Facilities Planning and Construction during the presentation to discuss procedures and processes related to work orders, building modifications, fleet management, and facility access.


Identifying Electric Carts to Manage Campus Safety

We at Facilities Management are concerned about the safety of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. As an effort to manage electric cart safety, we have numbered all carts on campus. The three digit number for each cart can be found on each side of the front fender. To report an issue, please provide this number.


Updated Control and Issuance of Keys Operating Policy & Procedure

OP 36.02 Control and Issuance of Keys has undergone a substantive revision and now is an official operating policy and procedure for Angelo State University. We encourage everyone to review the policy in detail by visiting Angelo State University Operating Policies and Procedures.


Did You Know?

Did you know our homepage is filled with lots of useful information? Please visit ASU Facilities Management Homepage to see for yourself!


Give Us Your Feedback

It is our goal to continuously improve the level of service we provide to students, faculty, and staff. To meet this goal, we have developed a customer satisfaction survey. Please visit ASU Facilities Management Customer Service Survey and take a moment to answer our short survey.





Facilities Planning and Construction


FP&C are responsible for the real estate, construction activities on campus, and rental space either leased on campus or leased off campus. They manage projects that range from $5,000 to $50,000,000. Please contact the FP&C office if your department desires major modifications to space. Keep in mind that code and compliance issues can cause delays in the completion of projects.


Construction on Plaza Verde

Plaza Verde Campus Green construction began this summer and will provide students with new outdoor recreational areas, sitting and gathering area, and native areas for contemplation. The project will also feature “Green” initiatives including a retention pond for retention of rain runoff.


Porter Henderson Update

The contractor is working to complete the remaining interior and exterior projects for this addition to the library. Carpenters have formed and placed concrete in the north exterior concrete bench and electricians installed the concrete bases for outside lighting. Millwork and mesquite furniture has been finished and sealed. The contractor is installing the resin panels while the drywall and painting crews are completing finishes behind this work. Flooring has been installed in the back offices. Electrical and communication wiring is being finalized at the project. The mechanical contractor started the new basement air handler last week and controls have been turned over to the ASU HVAC department. Testing and balance of new mechanical is being scheduled at this time. Consolidated Contractors has noted to ASU FPC that remaining activities should be completed during the second week in November.


CHP Update

Ironworkers have the steel structure and roof decking installed. They are also completing the handrail installation and miscellaneous steel for the project. Roofers have loaded materials up on the roof decking. The plumbing subcontractor has some issues with support for the roof drains at this time and there is some delay with the startup of the roof covering. Bricklayers have completed interior and exterior cement block work. Drywall crews have finished most of the exterior framing for the east, north and west sides of the addition. Fire protection piping has been installed under and above the jogging track, inside the existing gym and at several offices or classrooms in the existing building. Electricians are routing conduit for electrical services throughout the addition. This expansion work is located to the north of the existing building and is expected to last until mid-spring of 2011.


Residence Life Shop-Materials Management Warehouse

The architect has developed plans for a new shop and office space at Facilities Management. Pricing has been completed by the contractor and work should begin before the end of the year.


ASU Lake House Modifications

The architect has completed design and plans for a renovation at the ASU lake facility. ADA upgrades for the existing bathrooms are planned as well as new sidewalks that connect the building, boat house and basketball area. The contractor has completed pricing and this project scheduled to begin during the Christmas break.


Campus Green

Last year, ASU and the design team began working on plans to create an improved recreation area near the remaining high rise dorm and east end of the mall. Incorporating the previous site of University Hall, final plans were developed and sent out for pricing in January of this year. Lee Lewis Construction was awarded a contract for developing a GMP for this project and for services as construction manager. The contractor has finished the rough grading of the site and utility improvements are underway. The project required rerouting the existing underground telephone and electrical services prior to commencing installation of proposed site improvements and landscaping. The scope of work includes new exterior lighting and sidewalks at the mall, relocated volleyball courts, a dry creek bed, a jogging path, outdoor Wi-Fi and seating areas.


Plaza Verde Student Housing

ASU and the design team have scheduled 2 phases of construction for new student housing at the northeast part of campus. The contractor has begun Phase 1 site work for this housing project. Preliminary demolition has been completed and trucks are hauling in fill for the first building pad. There will be four dorms with 416 beds and a clubhouse included in this first phase. It is scheduled for completion in the late summer of next year. With the planned abatement and demolition of Concho Hall, the second phase will begin in 12-18 months, adding 505 additional beds to this housing project.





Materials Management


Materials Management is responsible for managing, organizing, directing and coordinating support for all materials management for the University including purchasing, contract administration, property management, central receiving and supply, mail services, print shop, travel and the HUB program.




If your department needs assistance with understanding the operating policies or processes for the Offices of Purchasing, Contract Administration, Travel, or Property Management, please contact Jennifer Lennon at extension 2591 to set-up a training session. Please give us the opportunity to tailor a training session to meet your departmental needs.





The Office of Human Resources


Human Resources’ mission is to nurture and maintain a positive workforce environment and to support the strategic mission and direction of Angelo State University. The Office of Human resources is responsible for the following major areas: recruitment and employment, benefits and retirement counseling, compensation administration, training and development for staff employees, legal and policy compliance, employee relations and communication, policy development.


New Director

The Office of Human Resources appointed a new director on September 1st, 2010. Kurtis Neal was selected to fill the role of director. Mr. Neal began his career with ASU as the Assistant Director of Human Resources and worked as the Interim-Director from May through September. Mr. Neal has over 7 years of experience in Human Resources and brings with him 3 years of Director level experience in other organizations. The Office of Human Resources plans to continually strive for an environment of efficiency, process improvement and expanded support for the Angelo State University community.



Over the course of the next few months, the Office of Human Resources, in conjunction with other departments from Finance and Administration, have scheduled training aimed at increased awareness of issues facing Angelo State University with the ever-changing regulatory environment. If you have been invited to attend we look forward to seeing you there.


What Is Smart Casual Dressing?

Smart casual dressing is also known as business casual and is usually the preferred dress code for most professional settings like an office, symposiums, academia, church, and some school activities. The function of smart casual dress is to make the person look well put together and professional, but in a slightly more relaxed environment. Read more about “What Is Smart Casual Dressing?” Visit eHow.com at http://www.ehow.com/about_5056844_smart-casual-dressing_.html#ixzz1432sViVa .





Payroll Services


The mission of Payroll Services at Angelo State University is to ensure that all employees are paid in a timely and accurate manner and that necessary data, records and reports are maintained and submitted in accordance with acceptable business and regulatory standards while complying with state and federal regulations.


Electronic W-2’s are available

Don’t forget to sign up to receive your W-2 statement electronically. All current ASU employees are eligible to receive an electronic W-2.


By opting to receive your W-2 electronically, you will have access to it 5-7 days FASTER than if you choose to receive a paper copy as well as help ASU save money and trees by reducing processing time and costs.


It’s quick and easy! Login to RamPort and go to the Work Life tab. Click on W2 Electronic Forms and then click on Electronic W2 Consent and follow the instructions.


Please contact the Payroll Services Office at payroll@angelo.edu if you have any questions.





Property Management and Inventory


The mission of the Property Manager is to properly track, cost, and identify fixed assets campus wide for the state, as well as the University according to the Rules and Regulations prescribed by state law. The Property Manager is located in the Administration Building, 2601 W. Avenue N, Room 110.


Missing Property

As required by statute, inventory procedures for the University are governed by regulations issued from the State Comptroller. University policies regarding Accountability and Responsibility for State Property are provided in the SPA Policy and Procedures Manual issued by the State Comptroller’s Office.


When University property disappears as a result of the negligence of an employee entrusted with the property's safekeeping, such person shall be pecuniary liable to the State for the loss sustained. Each department head at Angelo State University shall be responsible, through authorized channels, for all University property under his/her control. An annual inventory will be conducted and each department head will be required to certify as to the location of property under his/her control.


Please review to Operating Policy 14.12 Inventory of Property and Equipment


Surplus Furniture Pick-up

Pick-up dates for surplus furniture are Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will require a five day advance notice of items by completing an Equipment Transfer form. If departments are not able to give a five-day advance notice, the Property Manager will make arrangements to pick-up surplus items as soon as time permits after scheduled pick-ups are completed.



If your department needs assistance with understanding the operating policies or processes for the Offices of Purchasing, Contract Administration, Travel, or Property Management, please contact Jennifer Lennon at extension 2591 to set-up a training session. Please give us the opportunity to tailor a training session to meet your departmental needs.


New Temporary Use of Equipment Authorization form

In order to keep better track of equipment used off-campus, Property Management created a new form now available on RamPort, Temporary Use of Equipment.  All department heads should request that faculty/staff in their department complete this form for all property that is located off-campus.  Once completed, department heads should keep this in their file for reference to use during annual or random audits.





Purchasing Department


Purchasing has the responsibility and sole authority to obligate funds for procurements. Our objective is to procure goods and services to support the educational and research requirements of the University. The Purchasing Office is also the designated pick-up site for overnight or 2nd Day packages being sent via United Parcel Services (UPS).


Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) numbers on the rise

Good news ASU community the FY ’10 HUB Report shows an increase in the utilization of HUBs at ASU.

FY ‘09

·         ASU’s total expenditures: $28,802,896

·         Total spent with HUBs: $5,565,032

·         Total percentage spent with HUBs: 19.3%


FY ‘10

·         ASU’s total expenditures: $26,285,524

·         Total spent with HUBs: $6,565,433

·         Total percentage spent with HUBs: 24.9%


Ever wonder how your department is doing on the quest to utilize HUBs? The answer is available at the following: http://www.angelo.edu/services/purchasing/Monthly%20HUB%20Reports.html. Do you need help with finding a HUB source? There is a listing of HUBs that have asked to be added to our vendor list located at: http://www.angelo.edu/services/purchasing/Vendor%20Lists.html. This is by no means an all inclusive list, so if you are needing additional help in finding a HUB source you can always contact Margaret Mata at 2012 or margaret.mata@angelo.edu for assistance.





Special Events Facilities and Services


The Special Events Office is home to academic and auxiliary space reservations on campus. Included in this responsibility are the assignment of rooms and labs for classes; reservation of space for student, faculty, staff, University and community guest events; and the reporting of the facilities inventory information to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Registered students, faculty/staff, and student organizations may reserve facilities for authorized meetings, programs, and other events through the Special Events Office.


Upcoming Reservations Workshops


Attend Auxiliary and/or Academic Reservation Workshops to learn more about the reservation process, online reservations system, locations available, policies and procedures, and helpful tips. Each workshop will be held in the University Center Room 201 for approximately one hour. Feel free to attend and ask questions to help us better serve you!


Auxiliary Workshop Dates

Nov. 10th @ 10:30 am

Nov. 10th @ 3:00 pm

Nov. 11th @ 2:00 pm

Nov. 12th @ 11:00 am


Academic Workshop Dates

Nov. 10th @ 9:00 am

Nov. 10th @ 1:30 pm            


Please contact Special Events at (325) 942-2021 or email Shayna.Lopez@angelo.edu for more information or to sign up for a workshop date.





Special Projects


The Special Projects department within Finance and Administration is tasked with managing projects that are not directly finance or construction related. These projects may be short-term or may be something that Special projects “incubates” for several years and then hands off to a permanent owner. Some of these projects originate as state or federal mandates (example: the Wellness program and Business Continuity planning), while other are related to supporting on-going division/university initiatives such as strategic and operations planning, SACS preparation, and community engagement.


Administrative Services Survey

This is the major yearly assessment that measures customer satisfaction related to the services provided by Finance and Administration department, and it is currently open to faculty, staff, students, and community members. The goal of this assessment is to determine how well we are supporting the academic mission of the university, based on feedback from ASU faculty, staff, and students. Data from the survey is evaluated, compiled into an annual report, and presented to F&A managers and the University community. Areas needing improvement are identified, and action steps are recommended for the next year to insure that the division is on a continuous improvement track.


Community Engagement projects

Department staff are involved in several community projects to include the planning and implementation of a new One-Stop Business Resource Center (BRC) to be located in downtown San Angelo, economic development activities with the Chamber’s Economic Development Council, and the continued implementation of a P-16+ Educational Partnership. The role of Special Projects in these community initiatives is to support efforts and to provide technical expertise where applicable.


Fitness and Wellness (ASUFit)

In response to HB 1297 from the Texas Legislature, a Wellness program was planned, implemented, and is being managed by Special Projects staff. The 3rd year of the ASUFit program is currently underway. Activities to date for FY 2011 include a Health Fair, Brown Bag luncheons with guest speakers, a fitness and wellness web site, monthly ASUFit newsletters and weekly email updates, and fitness events such as the Turkey Trot and cycling series. A draft wellness policy for ASU has also been developed and submitted to upper administration.


Strategic Planning

Special projects staff have been involved in multiple strategic planning or related initiatives, to include the Strategic Planning On-Line portal (SPOL) efforts, the development of the annual operations plan for the F&A division, the University’s Strategic Planning Council, and efforts to help prepare for the next SACS accreditation cycle.


Finance and Administration Marketing and Technology Support

Communications and Marketing and the Special Projects department are facilitating F&A in their efforts to improve communications through Web site enhancements and other materials. Future Web site revisions include the Mail Services Web site and the Special Events Web site. Soon, magnets with a quick list of F&A contact numbers will be sent across campus to faculty and staff to post where needed. In addition our department has recently purchased Adobe Captivate to help departments train their employees to work with new software and other materials.







Ticket Office


The ASU Ticket Office is located in the Junell Center/Stephens Arena, room 201, and we provide ticketing services to all ASU Athletic events as well as concerts and many rental events. We also sell faculty/staff activity cards and facility use cards. Call 942-2583 FMI.


ASU basketball is here!

Changes to basketball:

·         Reserved Seating now includes sections 101-105 and 112-113

·         Students will be sitting in the end zone closest to the visiting team in sections 106-109

·         All of the upstairs is now general admission during basketball games

·         Other general admission areas are 110-111 and 114-116


Basketball Single Game Ticket Prices:

·         Reserved Seating: $15.00

·         General Admission - Adult : $ 8.00

·         General Admission – Student/ Senior* (over 65)/Military*/Alumni Association Members*: $6.00

o   Proper ID is required for some pricing

·         General Admission for Children under 5 is free


For more information about basketball please contact the ticket office at 325.942.BLUE (2583).





University Police Department


The University Police Department is service-oriented and tailored to meet the needs of a progressive institution. We provide crime prevention and control, criminal investigations, traffic and parking supervision, emergency first-aid, the maintenance of public order, patrol and other related services.


New Hires

The University Police Department is proud to announce the hiring of Johnny Matheny and Todd Ward as new patrol officers. Johnny Matheny recently retired from the San Angelo Police Department after 20 years of distinct service. Officer Matheny’s broad knowledge, experience and familiarity with Angelo State will be a tremendous asset to the department and university. Todd Ward has eight years experience as a police officer and holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Tarleton State University. Officer Ward previously served as a police officer with the San Angelo Lake and Park Police and began his law enforcement career with the Snyder Police Department. His dedication and strong work ethic will be a tremendous addition to the police department.



The University Police Department is now offering Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) training. The R.A.D. basic personal defense system is a national program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques taught for women only. All courses are free and taught by our own nationally certified R.A.D. instructor.


The goal of R.A.D. is to provide realistic self-defense options to women, regardless of their level of physical conditioning. Participants at all levels of ability, age, experience, and strength will be provided with techniques and information that can be effectively used from the first day of class. R.A.D. is not a martial arts program, nor does it require participants to be athletes in training to succeed. R.A.D. is the only self-defense program endorsed by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA). Should you have any questions regarding this training, please feel free to contact us at 942-2071.