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June 1, 2010


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   Controllerís Department

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   Facilities Planning and Construction

   Materials Management

   Human Resources

   Print Shop

   Property Management and Inventory

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Important Dates

   Effective Immediately
Travel vouchers no longer created when traveling with local funds

   Effective June 9
Decreased flights out of San Angelo

   July 11-August 5
Annual benefits enrollment period
Human Resources

   4th and 18th of each month
Office supply orders




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From the desk of Michael Reid, Vice President of Finance and Administration


In my brief three months at Angelo State University, I have had little time to meet with all the areas in the Finance and Administration department. I am doing my best to get out and visit each area and meet all the employees and am grateful to those who have, and continue, to reach out and let me know the wonderful work that is taking place in their areas of responsibility.


This is a tumultuous time with the uncertainty of the budget and economic turmoil throughout the country and world. Itís no wonder that many people are concerned about their future and position stability.


To date, the severity of the budget situation is still unknown but things have not changed substantially from the situation communicated to the campus during the budget forums in April. Two key elements are still pending before we will know the full ramifications of the budget: 1) the state appropriation is still being debated between the House and Senate, 2) tuition and fee rates are still pending Board of Regent approval. Once these two factors are determined, information and more specific direction on the budget can be established.


In the meantime, Angelo State University must continue to plan and prepare for the education of its students. The Finance and Administration operation plays a vital role in the success of our studentís education. There is much evidence that documents the impact facilities and grounds have on the recruitment and retention of students. In other areas, the friendly, service oriented personnel that interact with students in any capacity can have a significant impact on a studentís decision to come or leave an institution.


I believe one of the greatest ways the Finance and Administration (F&A) area can make a positive impact on the support of Angelo State Universityís mission is to become exceptional in its ability to provide support services to the other departments of the university. While itís true that many F&A departments play a dual role between support and regulation, experience has shown that excelling in the support role greatly simplifies that of the regulation. Over the next several months, significant focus will be centered on the processes and policies of F&A as we seek to simplify and streamline the workflow and continue to improve processes to be more supportive to the goals and timelines of the university. Please help in this process by being a participant and helping to identify those processes and policies that may need to be modified as we continue to seek for continued improvement on a daily basis.


I look forward to working with you as we continue to build upon the past successes of Angelo State University.




Budget Office


The mission of the Budget Office is to support programs offered by the university through an integration of planning and budgeting. This office works with campus academic and administrative units in guiding the annual budgetary process, assessing ongoing budget and planning issues, and establishing and monitoring controls over fund allocations.


Is our budget due yet?

This is the question of the day in the budget office. At this time, you should have all of your information in SPOL and ready to be approved. Hopefully, the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents will approve our tuition fee rates early in June, and pending any final instructions regarding budget requests, first approvers should be ready to submit their budgets. The time frames between approvals will be very tight. The completed budget will be submitted to the System Office around mid July for submission to the August Board meeting. In order for this to happen, the Vice Presidents will need to have approved all budgets by June 30th. Watch for updates!

More? See this department's Web site.




Contract Administration Office


This office is responsible for verifying that contracts to purchase goods and services are in compliance with Texas state laws and in accordance with State of Texas Contract Management guidelines while evaluating institutional risks. Also, the Contract Administration Office must ensure contracts are satisfactorily performed by both the contractor and ASU, so that contract responsibilities are clearly defined and can be properly discharged at the completion of contracts.


New Contract Administration FAQ

Located on the Contract Administration page is a new FAQ full of helpful information, including the differences between professional services, consultants, and services; lump sum vs. fee plus travel expenses; and appropriate use of amendments. Visit their FAQ page at http://www.angelo.edu/services/contract_administration/faq.html. Also, see our new PowerPoint presentation at http://www.angelo.edu/services/contract_administration/ for information about our departmentís policies and procedures.

More? See this department's Web site.




Controllerís Department


The Controllerís Department provides business and financial services to internal and external customers of the university including general ledger accounting, accounts payable, student accounts, receivables, investments, and grants accounting. It is comprised of the Accounts Payable office, the Student Accounts office, and the Controllerís office (Controller, Director of Accounting, Investments/Grants Accountant, and Billing Receivables Accountant).


Have you checked in RamPort?

The Controllerís channel in RamPort has helpful information about Banner forms and instructions on how to use them, as well as, a link to the online Chart of Accounts. Check back often for more additions!



Does your department need help with account reconciliation? The controllerís office will be happy to answer your questions or set up a personal training session. Give us a call at 942-2014 for assistance.

More? See this department's Web site.




Facilities Management


Facilities Management provides daily maintenance to all E&G buildings, Junell Center, University Center and Sports Facilities. Normal office hours are 8 AM through 5 PM Ė Monday through Friday. Emergencies outside of the normal work hours should be reported to University Police at 942-2071. Facilities Management typically has technicians on campus from 4 AM each morning until 6 PM Ė Monday through Friday.


After Hours/Weekends/Holiday Emergencies

Business operations for Facilities Management are Monday Ė Friday from 8:00am Ė 5:00pm. For emergencies for after business hours/weekends/holidays, please contact the University Police Department at (325) 942-2071.


A Little FYI About How Facilities Management Maintenance is Organized

Facilities Management services are organized in four areas: Mechanical Services, Building Services, and Grounds/Custodial/Special Services, and Locksmith. Mechanical Services includes Energy Controls, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Utility, and Plumbing. Building Services includes Building Maintenance, Electrical, and Paint. Grounds/Custodial/Special Services includes Groundskeeping, Mechanic Shop, and Custodial. Our Locksmith shop controls and manages keys that allow access to buildings and space on campus.


Why Should I Use FAMIS?

Facilities Management has a software system called FAMIS that allows you, our customer, to enter information regarding the service you require quickly and accurately. It also allows you to track and check the status of your request. For any issues regarding the services mentioned above, we strongly suggest that you first submit your request online through self service. This can be done by clicking on this link, FAMIS Self Service Login. Our administrative service continuously monitors and immediately schedules every request during our normal business hours. Using self service is the most effective and reliable way to make your request so that we can meet your need.

More? See this department's Web site.




Facilities Planning and Construction


FP&C are responsible for the real estate, construction activities on campus, and rental space either leased on campus or leased off campus. They manage projects that range from $5,000 to $50,000,000. Please contact the FP&C office if your department desires major modifications to space. Keep in mind that code and compliance issues can cause delays in the completion of projects.


Construction on Plaza Verde

The contractor is working on the first phase of this residence hall facility, which is scheduled to be complete by the August move in. The project will be the first LEED certified project on campus. Approximately 416 beds will serve new freshmen on campus.


CHP Update

The new recreation addition to the Center for Human Performance provides students, faculty and staff with a new 22,000 square foot exercise facility with a 30í climbing wall that is located on the west end of the addition. A new jogging track is around the perimeter of the facility on a second level. The facility was opened April 25, 2011 and has had positive feedback since the opening.


Norris Baseball Clubhouse

This project was completed in March and is now home to the ASU Ram baseball team. The facility features a large locker room for the players, offices for the coaching staff, a small equipment room, and two indoor batting cages.


Campus Green

The campus green project was completed mid May, and is generally open at this time. A lot of work continues in this area with maintenance so the new plants and sod will grow and become established. The project features some native vegetation, a creek bed for drainage, a retention area to capture rain, and a wild flower area. A jogging track and two sand volleyball courts are located in this facility.

More? See this department's Web site.




Materials Management


Materials Management is responsible for managing, organizing, directing and coordinating support for all materials management for the University including purchasing, contract administration, property management, central receiving and supply, mail services, print shop, travel and the HUB program.




If your department needs assistance with understanding the operating policies or processes for the Offices of Purchasing, Contract Administration, Travel, or Property Management, please contact Jennifer Lennon at extension 2591 to set-up a training session. Please give us the opportunity to tailor a training session to meet your departmental needs. Also, contact jennifer.lennon@angelo.edu if you have any questions regarding the materials management departments. Jennifer can then post the question and any answers to the departmentís online FAQ page.

More? See this department's Web site.




The Office of Human Resources


Human Resourcesí mission is to nurture and maintain a positive workforce environment and to support the strategic mission and direction of Angelo State University. The Office of Human resources is responsible for the following major areas: recruitment and employment, benefits and retirement counseling, compensation administration, training and development for staff employees, legal and policy compliance, employee relations and communication, policy development.


Annual Enrollment: July 11 Ė August 5, 2011

During the annual enrollment period each year, you can make changes to your benefits without needing a qualifying event. To get started, sign into your account and view your current selections.

         More information about Annual Enrollment:

         Sign into your account:


If you donít want to change your benefits, you do not need to do anything. Your current benefits will continue with your current selections. Outside of the annual enrollment period, you can only make changes to your benefits if you have a qualifying life event.

More? See this department's Web site.




Print Shop


The Print Shop is located in the General Service Building and offers a wide array of printing services including color printing as well as color copies. The Print Shop strives to provide excellence in customer service, as well as offer competitive pricing on all services.


In the 2011 American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards, the Print Shop and Communications & Marketing won a silver award for an Art & Music publication and a gold award for a History Department publication.


The Print Shop offers a wide array of services:


         Four-color process printingóBusiness cards, Posters, Post cards, Brochures, Invitations, Announcements, Newsletters, Bulletins, Certificates, Covers, Books, Letterhead, Envelopes

         Color copies

         Black-and-white copies

         Cutting and folding

         Mail tabbing

         Booklet making

         Large-format printing (up to 42 inches wide and any length)




         Comb binding

         Spiral binding

         Mounting for foam boards

         Padding for forms or notes

         Custom course packs

         Carbonless forms

         Pickup and delivery


Thank you all for supporting the Print Shop.

More? See this department's Web site.




Property Management and Inventory


The mission of the Property Manager is to properly track, cost, and identify fixed assets campus wide for the state, as well as the University according to the Rules and Regulations prescribed by state law. The Property Manager is located in the Administration Building, 2601 W. Avenue N, Room 110.


Yearly Inventory

The Property Manager has reviewed all of the department yearly inventory audit responses and will begin the following audits:


1.    Departments that have five or more iPads and tablet clones as outlined in the February 21, 2011 memo from Sharon Meyer.

2.    Departments that indicate other electronic devices are off-campus.

3.    Departments with missing inventory.


The Property Manager or other staff in Materials Management will contact departments that meet the above criteria. Please allow quick access to the inventory upon request.



A training tutorial is now available on the Property Management website at http://www.angelo.edu/services/materials_management/documents/Property%20Management%20-%20final.pdf. If you are interested in learning more about our departmentís policies and procedures, this document is a great place to start.

More? See this department's Web site.




Purchasing Department


Purchasing has the responsibility and sole authority to obligate funds for procurements. Our objective is to procure goods and services to support the educational and research requirements of the University. The Purchasing Office is also the designated pick-up site for overnight or 2nd Day packages being sent via United Parcel Services (UPS).


Advance Payments

Generally, prepayment is not authorized for the purchase of supplies, materials, equipment, or services. When utilizing state-appropriated funds, there are only a few exceptions:


1.    Library purchases for the university libraries;

2.    Payments to federal and other state agencies;

3.    Lease payments;

4.    Subscriptions;

5.    Rental fees for a meeting room or exhibit booth;

6.    Annual maintenance agreements; and

7.    Registration fees.


When institutional funds are being used, advance payments will be made to vendors only when no practical alternative exists to satisfy a need, when definite price savings can be realized, or when it is in the best interest of Angelo State to do so. Advance payments will not be made to vendors who sell to some classes of customers without advance payments, but require such payments from Angelo State, unless there is no alternative and the payments are approved in advance by the Controller.


Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBS) Reporting:

Great News! Angelo State University has made the State of Texas FY 2011 Semi-Annual Top 25 list for agencies spending more than $5 Million on total expenditures with the largest percentage spent with HUBS. Our percentage for the FY 2011 semi-annual is 26.31, which makes ASU #18 on the list. In FY 2010, our percentage was 20.9%. THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING HUBS!!!


Quick Facts

The Purchasing Office has added the link http://webdev.angelo.edu/services/purchasing/facts.html to its website in order to provide important information on purchasing goods and services.


Office Supplies Reminder:

The Purchasing Office will submit online orders for office supplies to the following vendors; West Office Supply, Longhorn Office Products/Concho Business Solutions, PDME and Total Office Solutions on the 6th and 20th of each month. If these days fall on a weekend then the orders will be placed the next business day. To make the process run smoothly each office coordinator may place only one request for office supplies by the 4th and 18th of each month. If you orders are not placed by the 4th and the 18th of each month, they may be delayed until the next month.



Confused about purchasing procedures? See our new training PowerPoint presentation and FAQs at http://www.angelo.edu/services/purchasing/.

More? See this department's Web site.




Special Events, Facilities and Services


The Special Events Office is home to academic and auxiliary space reservations on campus. Included in this responsibility are the assignment of rooms and labs for classes; reservation of space for student, faculty, staff, University and community guest events; and the reporting of the facilities inventory information to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Registered students, faculty/staff, and student organizations may reserve facilities for authorized meetings, programs, and other events through the Special Events Office.


New Employee

Please welcome Rosana Armendariz, new Scheduling Coordinator in the Special Events Office.


Rosana Armendariz

(325) 486-6738



Please RSVP to shayna.Lopez@angelo.edu or call Special Events at (325) 942-2021.

More? See this department's Web site.




Special Projects


The Special Projects department within Finance and Administration is tasked with managing projects that are not directly finance or construction related. These projects may be short-term or may be something that Special projects ďincubatesĒ for several years and then hands off to a permanent owner. Some of these projects originate as state or federal mandates (example: the Wellness program and Business Continuity planning), while other are related to supporting on-going division/university initiatives such as strategic and operations planning, SACS preparation, and community engagement.


Business Resource Center (BRC)

The BRC project involves multiple partners including ASUís Small Business Development Center, the City of San Angelo, the Chamber of Commerce, and several other economic development entities. Special Projects has been supporting the planning of the BRC as relates to budget planning, facility/equipment needs, and assisting with the development of documents such as presentations and a draft MOU.


Kidís Marathon Program w/ Shannon Wellness

ASUFit has partnered with Shannon Wellness for the past several years related to wellness activities. The Kidís Marathon program was a 2011 initiative to promote physical activity in regional elementary schools.


Bikeway Research Project

Special projects staff worked closely with Chris Knappe, a Texas Tech graduate student, to connect with various groups both on the ASU campus and within the San Angelo community. The outcome of this project was his masterís thesis ďDeveloping Bikeways on Angelo State University Campus and Connections to the City.Ē


Business Process Enhancement

This long-term project has just started, and will impact all processes that are managed by the Finance and Administration division. Project outcomes will include a comprehensive listing of critical processes, ďAs isĒ documentation w/ Visio flow diagram for each process, analysis of each process by both owners and end users, rationale for approval steps (i.e., state/federal law, ASU/TT policy, or financial controls), recommendations for streamlined processes to include staffing and/or automation, and the establishment of a continuous improvement plan for processes as per Baldrige criteria #6 and #7.


Break Dawn 5K

ASUFit partnered with the local running club to plan and direct a 5K running event as part of the American Cancer Societyís Relay for Life. This event took place at 5:00 am during the relay with the start and finish being on the track in ASUís stadium.


Bike/Pedestrian and Utility Vehicle Lanes

We are currently working with Facilities Management to develop a proposal for striped lanes on selected streets around the campus. These lanes, if implemented, will serve a dual role related to increasing the safety for utility vehicles while concurrently addressing bike lanes needs for cyclists, runners, and walkers. Project tasks include identifying routes used by utility vehicles and for non-motorized transportation, measuring existing street/lane widths, and correlating these with design criteria related to marked lanes on streets.

More? See this departmentís Web site.




Ticket Office


The ASU Ticket Office is located in the Junell Center/Stephens Arena, room 201, and we provide ticketing services to all ASU Athletic events as well as concerts and many rental events. We also sell faculty/staff activity cards and facility use cards. Call 942-2583 FMI.


New Employee

Please welcome Anna Martinez, Ticket Manager, to the ASU Ticket Office. You can contact Anna anytime with questions.


Anna Martinez

(325) 942-BLUE (2583)



Ticket Office Hours


8:00 am Ė 12:00 pm

1:00 pm Ė 5:00 pm

More? See this department's Web site.




Travel Office


The Travel Office processes travel authorizations and reimbursements in accordance with state of Texas Travel guidelines and ASU operating policies. The Travel Office can also assist with making travel reservations.


American Airlines San Angelo Flights

For travel effective June 9, 2011, American Airlines has decreased the number of connections coming into and out of San Angelo. There will now only be three incoming flights from DFW (9:30am, 1:40pm, and 8:35pm) and three outbound flights to DFW (7:30am, 11:10am, and 3:20pm). Please keep this in mind when planning your trips. This may mean longer layover periods in DFW.


Expense Log/Travel Voucher Update

Starting in May 2011, Travel Vouchers will no longer be created when traveling on Local Funds. The State Travel Voucher is only required by the State of Texas when State-appropriated funds are used. ALL travelers will still complete the Expense Log and Compliance Certificate as usual.

         When using Local funds, the Expense Log will be routed to the appropriate person for supervisor approval after the Travel Office has reviewed the log and all attached receipts and documentation. This will be all that is necessary when being reimbursed from Local funds.

         When traveling on State funds, the Travel Office will email a Travel Voucher to the traveler based off of the information provided on the Expense Log. The Voucher will still need to be signed by both the traveler and the appropriate supervisor (as this is an official State of Texas form).


Definition of Funds are as follows according to OP 70.01:

The following funds are subject to State Travel Guidelines (require a Travel Voucher):

         0010-State Appropriated Funds

         0018-State Appropriated Funds Ė Institutional Enhancement

         0075-State Appropriated Funds - HEAF

         0090-State Funds Ė Local Transfers


The following funds are considered local funds (NO Travel Voucher created):

         01xx-Designated Funds

         12xx-Auxiliary Funds

         2xxx-Restricted Funds††††††††††


Please Remember to Travel Conservatively

For cost-saving tips please visit the Travel Office Website (http://www.angelo.edu/services/travel_office/cost_cut_tips.html) or contact the Travel Office directly with any questions.



Confused about travel procedures? See our new training PowerPoint presentation and FAQs on our Web site at http://www.angelo.edu/services/purchasing/.

More? See this department's Web site.




University Police Department


The University Police Department is service-oriented and tailored to meet the needs of a progressive institution. We provide crime prevention and control, criminal investigations, traffic and parking supervision, emergency first-aid, the maintenance of public order, patrol and other related services.


Wildcat Fire Donation Drive

On April 15th, the university police department, the office of environmental health, safety and risk management and the office of university relations hosted a donations drive to assist local volunteer firefighters who were battling the Wildcat fire in Robert Lee. The police department deployed its mobile operations trailer to the Coltís stadium parking lot.


Within 45 minutes, local radio and news outlets began promoting the drive. By 1PM, there were cars lined up to drop off food, water and other supplies. By the end of the day, workers delivered eight large trailer loads of food and water to the Grape Creek and Robert Lee fire departments. The generous public also donated approximately $6,500 to assist local fire departments.


The donations drive exceeded all expectations and was an incredible outpouring of support. This event demonstrated the great spirit of Angelo State and the citizens in our community.

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