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May 24, 2010


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Announcements by

·   Sharon Meyer

·   Budget Office

·   Contract Administration

·   Controller’s Department

·   Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management

·   Facilities Management

·   Facilities Planning and Construction

·   Human Resources

·   Materials Management

·   Print Shop

·   Property Management and Inventory

·   Purchasing Department

·   Residential Programs

·   Special Events Facilities & Services

·   Special Projects

·   Ticket Office

·   Travel Office

·   University Health Clinic and Counseling Services

·   University Police

·   University Recreation and Intramurals


Important Dates

·   Effective Immediately
All employees have ability to charge certain travel expenses directly to ASU

·   Effective September 1
5% price increase for certain printing jobs
Print Shop

·   Effective May 1
Reorganization of Furniture and surplus equipment
Property Management

·   May 15-July 5
Pool Closed due to repairs

·   June 1-August 1
Summer Conferences at ASU

·   June 1-June 30
Training Available for new Facilities Reservation System
Special Events

·   July 1
“ASU Reservations” to replace current Facilities Request Form
Special Events

·   June 8 & July 8
Kayak Skills Workshops

·   Beginning Fall 2010
Two Activity Card Options available
Ticket Office



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From the desk of Sharon Meyer, Vice President of Finance and Administration


As we come to the end of another academic year, we are provided with an opportunity to review the past year with all of its challenges and issues, successes and failures, and, most importantly, the opportunities in front of us.


ASU is in a particularly advantageous position during very difficult economic times. We have put in place a number of strategic initiatives supported by innovative financing systems that will allow us to grow.


GROWTH MEANS REVENUE! We in Finance and Administration understand and support the academic mission of the institution. However, it is our responsibility, which we take very seriously, to pay a pivotal role in the recruitment and retention of students. Our role may not look like those in the academic programs, but still it is critical for our customer service commitment to be at the top of its game and for all of our facilities and services to be as user-friendly as possible.


You will hear about the State of Texas budget shortfall over the next several months. This is a very real situation. I would like to remind everyone, however, that if there were a measurement which provided information regarding the recession and the financial distress of each state, Texas would clearly be the least impacted. We have been asked to identify5% for FY 2010 and 5% for FY 2011 of our existing E&G funds that may be returned to the State. We have done that for FY 2010 and are now building the budget for FY 2011. Clearly this will impact our ability to continue some programs but the administration is committed to investing in opportunities which will provide enrollment growth. Unlike budget processes in the past, funding will follow those efforts that will result in higher enrollments regardless of the delivery method. Although the next year will be challenging financially, I am confident we are very well positioned.


I am really excited about the coming year. As always, we in Finance and Administration welcome your suggestions on how we can better serve the university community. I have an open door policy and am always happy to listen to your thoughts.




Budget Office


The mission of the Budget Office is to support programs offered by the university through an integration of planning and budgeting. This office works with campus academic and administrative units in guiding the annual budgetary process, assessing ongoing budget and planning issues, and establishing and monitoring controls over fund allocations.


Budget Schedule

The Budget Office would like to remind everyone that the Budget Timeline can be viewed on line.





Contract Administration Office


This office is responsible for verifying that contracts to purchase goods and services are in compliance with Texas state laws and in accordance with State of Texas Contract Management guidelines while evaluating institutional risks. Also, the Contract Administration Office must ensure contracts are satisfactorily performed by both the contractor and ASU, so that contract responsibilities are clearly defined and can be properly discharged at the completion of contracts.


Contract Operating Procedures

Prior to submitting a contract for review, departments should refer to the below operating policies/procedures before requesting to purchase a good or service:


·         OP 14.11 Professional Services

·         OP 54.04 Purchase of Goods and Services

·         OP 54.05 Use of Private Consultants


Please remember to follow the bid requirements listed in OP 54.04 Purchase of Goods and Services. Contracts submitted for review that do not adhere to the above policies may be delayed or denied. For questions about the contract administration process, please call extensions 2748 or 2591.





Controller’s Department


The Controller’s Department provides business and financial services to internal and external customers of the university including general ledger accounting, accounts payable, student accounts, receivables, investments, and grants accounting. It is comprised of the Accounts Payable office, the Student Accounts office, and the Controller’s office (Controller, Director of Accounting, Investments/Grants Accountant, and Billing Receivables Accountant).


Submit Vender Invoices Directly to Accounts Payable

Reminder to all Faculty and Staff: All vendor invoices should be submitted directly to the Accounts Payable Office, ASU Station #11034, San Angelo, TX 76909, to ensure timely payment of goods and/or services. Please read OP 14.05 Number 4 below in regards to timely payments and interest paid on late payments.


4. Prompt Payment of Goods and/or Services


Texas Government Code, Chapter 2251, requires payment within 30 days from the date the goods and/or services are received or the date the invoice is received, whichever is later. If the payment is not made within the 30-day period, the state law further requires that interest be paid on a late payment due at the time the principal is paid. The interest calculation is one percentage point higher than the prime rate published in the Wall Street Journal on the first business day of July. The interest amount will automatically be calculated and paid to vendors of qualifying goods and/or services who received late payments from Angelo State University. Any interest paid on behalf of the university will be charged to the same departmental account as the late payment.


Prompt payment to vendors is dependent upon timely receipt of invoices in the Accounts Payable Office. All invoices must be mailed to the Accounts Payable Office, ASU Station #11034. If an original invoice is delivered to the department, it must be forwarded to the Accounts Payable Office in a timely manner. Accounts Payable will ensure payment is made within the invoice due date. All employees of the university can assist in maintaining a good relationship with our vendors by processing paperwork promptly.





Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management


The Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management is responsible for planning, implementing, and administering the university's health and safety program, and for providing supportive technical consultation, training, investigation and inspection to ensure compliance with guidelines set forth by federal, state, and local laws, and regulations. Its primary functions are to assist the university community in meeting health and safety responsibilities, to prevent or reduce accidents, and to identify and eliminate environmental hazards and dangerous conditions.


Green ASU

On November 13, 2009 ASU marked the start of the “Blue and Gold Go Green” campaign with a Recycling Drive. The drive was held in conjunction with Texas Recycle Day and National Recycle Day with participation coming from all across campus. During the recycling drive, ASU collected the following recyclables:


·         3,000lbs of paper/cardboard

·         150lbs (9cyds) of plastic bottles

·         30lbs of aluminum cans

·         30lbs of tin cans

·         12lbs of glass

·         340lbs of electronics


Currently, ASU has collected over 45,000lbs of paper and over 400lbs (24cyds) of plastic bottles. The success of this campaign belongs to you. Without your help, we would not have been able to collect the quantities of recyclable material we have collected. Environmental Health thanks you and hopes to have your continued support of this program. If you would like to know more about what can be recycled or the locations of recycling bins, we would encourage everyone to visit our Web site at http://www.angelo.edu/services/campus_sustainability/information.html for more information.





Facilities Management


Facilities Management provides daily maintenance to all E&G buildings, Junell Center, University Center and Sports Facilities. Normal office hours are 8 AM through 5 PM – Monday through Friday. Emergencies outside of the normal work hours should be reported to University Police at 942-2071. Facilities Management typically has technicians on campus from 4 AM each morning until 6 PM – Monday through Friday.


Facilities Management Forum Presentation

Facilities Management gave a department informational session presentation on March 10, 2010 to the ASU Community. Topics discussed were general department information, policy and procedures for vehicle rentals, and service request instructions. The presentation can be viewed by visiting our homepage at http://www.angelo.edu/services/facilities_management/ under the News & Announcements box. One of the topics of concern by the audience was our Process for Renting University Vehicles. Please visit our homepage to view that process. We will continue to give this type of presentation in the future so please make sure mark your calendar to attend. Your attendance and participation is very valuable to us.


Customer Service Survey

Because it is our goal to continuously improve the level of service we provide to students, faculty, and staff, we have created a Customer Service survey. The survey is located on our homepage. Your feedback is very important because it allows us to utilize the information in order to meet our goal.


FAMIS Self Service

Facilities Management has developed a Self-Service Request Instructions manual. This manual can be found on our homepage, under Facilities Management channel in RamPort, and on the ASU website on the Faculty and Staff webpage under Administrative Aids.


Improved University Vehicle Request Form

As a way to improve Customer Service through your recommendation, the University Vehicle Request Form is now an online submittable form and can be found on our homepage.





Facilities Planning and Construction


FP&C are responsible for the real estate, construction activities on campus, and rental space either leased on campus or leased off campus. They manage projects that range from $5,000 to $50,000,000. Please contact the FP&C office if your department desires major modifications to space. Keep in mind that code and compliance issues can cause delays in the completion of projects.


Construction on Plaza Verde

Plaza Verde Campus Green construction will begin this spring and will provide students with new outdoor recreational areas, sitting and gathering area, and native areas for contemplation. The project will also feature “Green” initiatives including a retention pond for retention of rain runoff.


Porter Henderson Update

To be completed in Fall 2010, the Porter Henderson Library Information Commons will provide areas for quiet contemplation, preparation of presentations, group work areas, a place to have coffee while working on projects, and a place where the students can research projects, papers and other information. The majority of the work will be on the first floor, with smaller areas renovated in the basement and on the second floor.


CHP Update

The new recreation addition to the Center for Human Performance will provide students, faculty and staff with a new 22,000 square foot exercise facility with a 30’ climbing wall that will be located on the west end of the addition. A new jogging track will go around the perimeter of the facility on a second level. Construction began Spring 2010 and will be completed Spring 2011. In addition, the baseball locker room will be completed this summer.


Campus Master Plan Update

A new Campus Master Plan update will be completed during FY 2010 and the planning will include input from Students, Faculty and Staff as well as from citizens in the community.





Materials Management


Materials Management is responsible for managing, organizing, directing and coordinating support for all materials management for the University including purchasing, contract administration, property management, central receiving and supply, mail services, print shop, travel and the HUB program.




If your department needs assistance with understanding the operating policies or processes for the Offices of Purchasing, Contract Administration, Travel, or Property Management, please contact Jennifer Lennon at extension 2591 to set-up a training session. Please give us the opportunity to tailor a training session to meet your departmental needs.





The Office of Human Resources


Human Resources’ mission is to nurture and maintain a positive workforce environment and to support the strategic mission and direction of Angelo State University. The Office of Human resources is responsible for the following major areas: recruitment and employment, benefits and retirement counseling, compensation administration, training and development for staff employees, legal and policy compliance, employee relations and communication, policy development.


Human Resources regrets to announce that our Director, Jesse Gomez will be leaving us to take the job of Human Resource Director at UT Brownsville. We have begun a search for a new director. In the meantime, Kurtis Neal will be acting as Interim Director and can be contacted at 942-2168. Good luck to Jesse in his new job!





Print Shop


The Print Shop is located in the General Service Building and offers a wide array of printing services including color printing as well as color copies. The Print Shop strives to provide excellence in customer service, as well as offer competitive pricing on all services.


Why Outsource?

If your department is outsourcing print jobs, please consider switching to the Print Shop. The Print Shop has a 4-color press that can print jobs comparable or better than what local vendors can do at a lower price.


FY2011 Budget Considerations

When calculating budgets for FY2011, please remember that prices will increase for certain stock number jobs along with a 5% increase for all paper effective September 1, 2010. The March 26, 2010 memo outlining the price increases is posted on the Print Shop website at http://www.angelo.edu/services/materials_management/pswelcome.html






Property Management and Inventory


The mission of the Property Manager is to properly track, cost, and identify fixed assets campus wide for the state, as well as the University according to the Rules and Regulations prescribed by state law. The Property Manager is located in the Administration Building, 2601 W. Avenue N, Room 110.


In an effort to streamline the moving of furniture and surplus equipment, and to ensure adequate staffing levels to perform these tasks, we will begin a more structured move schedule as of May 1, 2010.


Surplus furniture and equipment will move to a pick-up schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will require a five day advance notice of items by completing an Equipment Transfer form. This will enable the Property Manager ample time to evaluate the surplus items and make arrangements as to how the pick-up should be handled.


Another change that will facilitate the removal of surplus items will be a revised Equipment Transfer form to include a column to list the condition of the items.


If departments are not able to give a five-day advance notice, the Property Manager will make arrangements to pick-up surplus items as soon as time permits after scheduled pick-ups are completed.





Purchasing Department


Purchasing has the responsibility and sole authority to obligate funds for procurements. Our objective is to procure goods and services to support the educational and research requirements of the University. The Purchasing Office is also the designated pick-up site for overnight or 2nd Day packages being sent via United Parcel Services (UPS).


Purchasing Goods and Services with a PO

So you want to purchase a good or service using a purchase order. Please be sure to follow these basic steps:

1.    Determine the fund/org and appropriate use of the funds. For use of fund see http://www.angelo.edu/services/purchasing/Documents/Accounting%20Primer.pdf.

2.    Check to see if the fund/org has adequate funding to cover purchase.

3.    Encumber the funds prior to receiving a good or service.

4.    Create an online requisition. See the Online Requisition Tutorial in RamPort under the Work Life tab.

5.    Attach documentation of purchase to an on-line requisition.

6.    Inspect goods for discrepancies once received.


Did you know these purchasing facts?

Procurements of goods and services must comply with state and federal laws, institutional policies and procedures, and the Regents’ Rules. For more, see OP 54.04 Purchase of Goods and Services.

·         Purchase orders are not intended to be used strictly as a payment tool; therefore, the purchase order must be created prior to the commitment or obligation.

·         An invoice is not an acceptable form of documentation to attach to an online requisition. If an invoice is attached to an online requisition a memo explaining why the proper purchasing procedures were not followed is required. Examples of acceptable documentation are: order form; contract; memorandum of understanding. If you’re unsure what documentation is appropriate, please contact the Purchasing Office.

·         Purchase orders submitted after the commitment has been made and/or after the goods and services are received will constitute non-compliance.

·         If there is an issue with the purchase order such as non-delivery, wrong item received, shortage on the shipment, etc., contact the Purchasing Office for assistance.





Residential Programs


Residential Programs provides housing and a variety of student support programs and services designed to enhance the experience of the approximately 1800 students who live on campus. In Residential Programs, our staff believes that we offer much “more than a place to live.” From student to Master’s degree level live-in staff, we have people available 24/7/365 to assist students with a wide variety of problems, crisis and general acclimation issues that are a part of living in a residential university community.


Summer Conferences

Summer is here and with it comes summer conferences! Many of you may not be aware that during the summer months, in addition to providing housing for our summer school students, the residence halls are also (temporary) home to many of our summer camp participants. In fact, each year we house approximately 2500 summer guests between June 1st and August 1st. This year will be no exception, as we anticipate a full and active summer season. Summer is a very busy time in the residence halls!


Renewal Rates Increase

Looking ahead to fall 2010, we have a few updates to share. Current residents have completed their contract renewal process, and we are pleased to announce that we had our highest renewal rates ever! The new student assignment process is on schedule, with the first round of room assignments scheduled to be available on-line in early June.


Housing Policy Rumors Cleared Up

As most of you are probably aware, the university maintains a Housing Policy, under which many first and second year students are required to live on campus. (For more information on the Housing Policy, please visit our web page at: http://www.angelo.edu/dept/residential_programs/requirements.html) Our office has received some calls regarding rumored changes to this long-standing Housing Policy. By way of clarification, while there hasn’t been a change to the Housing Policy, we have clarified a couple of definitions and requirements of the policy. “Full-time, established residence” will be defined as having proof of established full-time primary residence in San Angelo a minimum of one year prior to requesting exemption to the Housing policy. Exceptions for employment or military transfer will be considered with supporting documentation.


For students requesting exemption based on living with a sibling, in addition to meeting the requirements for full-time established residence, the sibling must meet at least ONE of the following exemption criteria:

·         Be at least 21 years of age

·         Have earned 60 or more semester credit hours

·         If residing in a rental property, siblings MUST be included on the same leasing contract together.


Financial Hardship

We are also working on developing a more specific method of evaluating financial hardship. Currently, students requesting exemption based on financial hardship; must complete their financial aid application process, including filing a FAFSA, as part of financial hardship review. Our goal is to simplify this process as much as possible and to provide a clear, objective gauge that students and their parents can access, to better evaluate their housing options and position relative to financial hardship criteria.


Returning Staff

We’d also like to congratulate the 80 new (and returning) members of our student staff who have been selected to serve as Summer Conference Assistants, Resident Assistants, Program Assistants, Maintenance Assistants, and Office Assistants for the summer and fall 2010. Welcome to the team!





Special Events Facilities and Services


The Special Events Office is home to academic and auxiliary space reservations on campus. Included in this responsibility are the assignment of rooms and labs for classes; reservation of space for student, faculty, staff, University and community guest events; and the reporting of the facilities inventory information to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Registered students, faculty/staff, and student organizations may reserve facilities for authorized meetings, programs, and other events through the Special Events Office.


Our Services

Looking to make a facility reservation on campus? Collect a refund from a vending machine? Do you have questions regarding space planning on campus? Do you need to send a fax? If so, this is the place to go!


The Special Events Office exists to serve the students, faculty, and staff of ASU in making facility reservations. Our office is committed to making your event a complete success. Rentable facilities on campus include the Houston Harte University Center, the Junell Center VIP Room, the ASU Lake Facility, Pavilion, Slab, and the ASU SAY Baseball Complex, as well as academic rooms.


ASU Reservations Coming Soon

For your convenience, we have upgraded our facility reservation system with features that allow you to search availability of space, request space online, and maintain your event history. To access the online reservations system, you will be required to establish a user account. Before you can access the online request system, you will have to create an online user account. Please note that the PDF Facilities Request Form and the Academic Room Request Form currently used to request space on campus will no longer be available as of July 1, 2010.


As we transition to the new system campus-wide, we will provide weekly training and set-up opportunities. For assistance completing your account profile, or to sign up for a demonstration and training seminar, please call 942-2021. We are also available to provide one-on-one assistance upon request if you are unable to attend one of the group training sessions.


Training dates offered as follows:

·         Mondays in June at 10:00 am in the Hardeman Lab, Room 213

·         Mondays in June at 3:00 pm in the Hardeman Lab, Room 213


Rent-A-Text Program Coming to Angelo State University

We are pleased to announce that ASU will begin offering textbook rental services this fall. The Rent-A-Text program will offer students more than 50-percent off the price of new textbooks and will provide students with an affordable alternative to rising education costs.


ASU’s textbook rental program will:

·         Be available to students in-store and online with in-store pickup

·         Allow students to chose a preferred form of payment, including financial aid and the ASU OneCard

·         Allow students the freedom to highlight and take notes in a textbook, all within the normal wear and tear associated with coursework

·         Give students the choice to buy their textbook(s) at the end of the term if they want to keep the book(s)


Rent-A-Text is available through our existing partnership with Follett Higher Education Group, and the program is based on Follett’s comprehensive pilot program that saved students nearly $2 million on their course materials in just one semester. More than 90 percent of students surveyed who rented textbooks expressed satisfaction with the pilot program.


More information about the program will be available in the ASU Bookstore. Learn more about Rent-A-Text at http://www.rent-a-text.com or http://www.facebook.com/rentatext.





Special Projects


The Special Projects department within Finance and Administration is tasked with managing projects that are not directly finance or construction related.  These projects may be short-term or may be something that Special projects “incubates” for several years and then hands off to a permanent owner.  Some of these projects originate as state or federal mandates (example: the Wellness program and Business Continuity planning), while other are related to supporting on-going division/university initiatives such as strategic and operations planning, SACS preparation, and community engagement.  


Administrative Services Survey

This is the major yearly assessment that measures customer satisfaction related to the services provided by Finance and Administration department.  The goal of this assessment is to determine how well we are supporting the academic mission of the university, based on feedback from ASU faculty, staff, and students.   Data from the survey is evaluated, compiled into an annual report, and presented to F&A managers and the University community.   Areas needing improvement have been identified, and action steps are recommended for the next year to insure that the division is on a continuous improvement track. See our site for the complete report.


Business Continuity Plan

This plan was initially developed several years ago, targeting key business-related functions with the university.   Those original plans are currently being updated, with all departments within the university slated to be included in the update.   Management of the BCP is being shifted to EHSRM so that the BCP can be better integrated into the overall Emergency Operations Plan.


Community Engagement projects

Department staff are involved in several community projects to include the planning for a new One-Stop Business Resource Center, economic development activities with the Chamber’s Economic Development Council, and the planning and implementation of a P-16+ Educational Partnership.   The role of Special projects in these community initiatives is to support efforts and to provide technical expertise where applicable. 


Fitness and Wellness (ASUFit)

In response to HB 1297 from the Texas Legislature, a pilot Wellness program was planned, implemented, and is being managed by Special Projects staff.  The second year of the ASUFit program is wrapping up, and planning for the 2010-2011 program is currently underway.  


Strategic Planning

Special projects staff have been involved in multiple strategic planning or related initiatives, to include the implementation of the Strategic Planning On-Line portal (SPOL), the development of the annual operations plan for the F&A division, the University’s Strategic Planning Council, and efforts to prepare for the next SACS accreditation cycle.





Ticket Office


The ASU Ticket Office is located in the Junell Center/Stephens Arena, room 201, and we provide ticketing services to all ASU Athletic events as well as concerts and many rental events. We also sell faculty/staff activity cards and facility use cards. Call 942-2583 FMI.


Faculty / Staff Activity Cards

Coming Soon!!! New for FY11, we will offer two different Activity Card options to better suit your needs. Watch for detailed announcements from the Ticket Office this summer.





Travel Office


The Travel Office processes travel authorizations and reimbursements in accordance with state of Texas Travel guidelines and ASU operating policies. The Travel Office can also assist with making travel reservations.


Revised Travel Authorization Request Form

The OP 70.03 Business Travel Account was amended to assist employees who wish to have airfare, hotel, and/or rental vehicle charged directly to the university. The BTA is available to employees, prospective employees, teaching assistants and graduate assistants. Students traveling with proper authorization may also use the BTA (see OP 70.09 for policies and procedures on Student Travel).


The revised Travel Authorization Request form is posted on the Work Life Tab, Administrative Forms, in RamPort. For questions, please contact the Travel Office at 942-2725 or email traveloffice@angelo.edu





University Health Clinic and Counseling Services


The University Health Clinic and the Center for Counseling Services are jointly based in the clinic facility on Johnson Street east of the Mayer Administration Building (No. 17 on the interactive map). Both entities provide free, confidential services to ASU students.


The ASU Health Clinic is ready to serve students this summer with continued service past the Spring semester.  Between semesters and during holidays, students may see a health care provider Monday through Sunday, 1:00PM to 5:00PM.  During semesters, normal operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM, SAT/SUN, 1:00PM to 5:00PM.  Needed lab work and X-rays are currently referred to San Angelo Community Medical Center where this needed care is billed to the students at discounted rates.  Medical referrals to other health care providers are also the responsibility of the student.


The medical service fee was passed as a $15.00 per term increase this past Spring student election cycle.  This will allow the Health Clinic to start providing year round medical care without operating with a budget deficient.  This increase has also allowed ASU to proceed with our negotiations with Community Medical Associates for their operation of the clinic in the future.  Presently, We are in the Best and Final Offer stage of these negotiations (before the final contract is sent to the TTUS Board of Regents for approval).





University Police Department


The University Police Department is service-oriented and tailored to meet the needs of a progressive institution. We provide crime prevention and control, criminal investigations, traffic and parking supervision, emergency first-aid, the maintenance of public order, patrol and other related services.


Storm Ready Certified

Storm Ready- Angelo State has been certified by the National Weather Service as a storm prepared campus. ASU is only 1 of 4 Texas universities having this distinct certification.


UP to Join TDEx Criminal Justice Records

The University Police Department was approved in April to join the Texas Data Exchange (TDEx). TDEx is a database of criminal justice records maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety. TDEx is part of a national database of law enforcement records. TDEx is linked to 30 other participating states. TDEx has 45 million booking records, 8 million booking photos, 38 million Texas incident reports and 16 million arrest reports. TDEx is an extremely valuable tool to detectives investigating crimes and following up on criminal cases.





University Recreation


The Angelo State University Recreation (UREC) Department strives to promote and advance healthy lifestyles through participation opportunities, educational experiences and supportive services. Our goal is to offer comprehensive, quality programs and services that promote and enhance wellness. Through recreation and sports competition, the UREC Department provides a safe environment while enhancing sportsmanship, leadership and lifelong skills.



·         Kayak Skills Workshop –
June 8, 5:30-6:30 p.m., ASU Lake House
July 8, 5:30-6:30 p.m., ASU Lake House
-Kayaks are only available for 20 people so please call UREC office at 942-2034 to reserve a spot.
-FREE to all ASU students, faculty and staff.


·         Fall Student Employment Opportunities - We will be accepting applications for the following positions due by August 15:
-Facility Supervisor
-Fitness Instructor
-Intramural Manager
-Outdoor Supervisor
-Safety Instructors (CPR/Lifeguarding/Water safety)
-Weight Room Supervisor


CHP Hours of Operation

Due to the construction and renovation of the CHP building, open-rec hours will be affected for the following facilities.

·         Pool closed due to repair on May 15- July 5 and will resume hours of operation on July 6.

·         Racquetball court, dance studio, weight room are closed for the entire summer.

·         Only the gym remains open.


Holiday Break Schedule:

·         May 14 – 21, Mon– Sat 12-4 p.m.; Sun 2-6 p.m.

·         July 1 – 5, Mon – Sat 12-4 p.m.; Sun 2-6 p.m.

·         August 5 – 19, Mon – Sat 12-4 p.m.; Sun 2-6 p.m.


Summer I and II Hours of Operation:

·         CHP Gym
12 – 9 p.m. Mon-Fri
12 – 8 p.m. Sat
2 – 9 p.m. Sun

·         Swimming Pool: (Summer II only)
12 – 8 p.m. Mon-Fri
12 – 6 p.m. Sat
2 – 8 p.m. Sun



For a listing of UREC FAQs, please visit http://angelo.edu/dept/university_recreation/faq.html


Links for more information

·         UREC Webpage - http://www.angelo.edu/dept/university_recreation/

·         Student Employment - http://www.angelo.edu/dept/university_recreation/employment.html

·         Kayak Workshop - http://angelo.edu/dept/university_recreation/Kayaking.html