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September 3, 2010


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Announcements by

·   Sharon Meyer

·   Budget Office

·   Contract Administration

·   Facilities Management

·   Facilities Planning and Construction

·   Materials Management

·   Human Resources

·   Print Shop

·   Property Management and Inventory

·   Purchasing Department

·   Special Events Facilities & Services

·   Special Projects

·   Ticket Office

·   University Police

·   University Recreation and Intramurals


Important Dates

·   Effective Immediately every Tuesday and Thursday
Pickup dates for surplus furniture
Property Management and Inventory

·   Effective Immediately
Free Fitness Classes

·   Effective September 1
5% price increase for certain printing jobs
Print Shop

·   September 3, 2010
Last day to purchase activity cards for FY11
Ticket Office

·   September 15, 2010
ePAF’s for phone allowances/stipends need to be completed and approved
Budget Office

·   October 1, 2010
New Benefit Selections Reflected in Paychecks
Human Resources

·   Beginning Fall 2010
Two Activity Card Options available
Ticket Office

·   Fall 2010
Porter Henderson Library to be completed
Facilities Planning and Construction

·   Late Spring 2010
CHP addition to be completed
Facilities Planning and Construction



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From the desk of Sharon Meyer, Vice President of Finance and Administration


There is excitement in the air as we welcome students back to campus. Finance and Administration is working diligently to prepare the campus for our students. We continue to make progress in our electronic form inventory. More and more transactions can now be done on line minimizing paper handling and the labor involved in walking documents through the system. Many of the administrative systems are “hang on” systems to Banner but we are working very hard to make that transparent to the user.


With the on-boarding of two new vice presidents, the Finance and Administration division is changing. Residential Programs and Recreational Sports will be moving organizationally to the vice president of student affairs and enrollment management. We still have a robust division and look forward to addressing our goals and objectives supporting the mission of the institution.


The Budget Office has been working with the Provost Office to address academic priorities and correct past budget practices. This will enable the new Provost to enter with a level playing field. We continue to search for ways to enhance and support academic initiatives.


The Legislature will begin session in January, 2011. We are preparing the Legislative Appropriation Request (LAR) for submission in mid August. The state is expecting a significant shortfall and has instructed all state agencies to submit multiple versions with various levels of reductions. We will not know what the final appropriation to ASU will be until May, 2011. All increased enrollments will positively impact the final outcome in terms of appropriated dollars.


Please join our division in preparing the campus and welcoming ASU students as they come to campus in the fall.




Budget Office


The mission of the Budget Office is to support programs offered by the university through an integration of planning and budgeting. This office works with campus academic and administrative units in guiding the annual budgetary process, assessing ongoing budget and planning issues, and establishing and monitoring controls over fund allocations.


Renewing Electronic Devices

Just a reminder that an annual review and renewal of all monthly allowances for electronic devices must be done and approved at the beginning of each fiscal year using the appropriate ePAF and budget adjustment. These ePAFS should be dated for September 1, 2010 and are only good for one fiscal year.


In order to be paid on the October 1 payroll for the period of September 1-30, ePAF’s for cell phone allowances/stipends need to be completed and approved by September 15, 2010. Budget transfers must be completed and approved before the budget office will approve ePAF’s for cell phone allowances/stipends.


ePAF’s with an effective date of 9/1/2010 can currently be entered and routed for approval. Budget adjustment entries will need to be entered after the budget is loaded in September (approximately September 7th). Please refer to OP 24.04 for more information. OP 24.04 discusses the Employee Electronic Communication Resources Policy (i.e., Cell Phones, PDAs)


·         More information regarding mobile technology communication can be found at:


·         In addition, the link to Electronic Allowance Program can be found at:


If you have questions or need help entering the ePAFs, please contact the department of Human Resources at 942-2168. If you have questions or need help entering an on-line budget transfer, please contact the budget office at 942-2517.





Contract Administration Office


This office is responsible for verifying that contracts to purchase goods and services are in compliance with Texas state laws and in accordance with State of Texas Contract Management guidelines while evaluating institutional risks. Also, the Contract Administration Office must ensure contracts are satisfactorily performed by both the contractor and ASU, so that contract responsibilities are clearly defined and can be properly discharged at the completion of contracts.


Contract Requirements at a Glance

Written contracts should be executed whenever ASU enters into a binding agreement with another party that involves any amount, and for any purpose between ASU and other parties. Other parties include but are not limited to:

·         Federal Agencies

·         State Agencies

·         Local Agencies

·         Non Profit Organizations

·         Private Businesses

·         Partnerships

·         Individuals


Following are some examples of provisions that ASU, as a state institution, does not have the authority to agree to. In these instances, the Contract Administration Office must contact the other party to negotiate contract terms:

·         Attorney’s Fees

·         General Liability Insurance

·         Confidential Information

·         Indemnification of any party

·         Arbitration

·         Workers Compensation

·         Warranties


An individual executing a contract on behalf of a state agency without the authority to do so or agreeing to terms that ASU as a state institution does not have the authority to agree to may be personally liable for damages flowing from repudiation of the contract.


Please refer to the Contract Administration Operating Policies 30.01 to 30.04 for more information and review the PowerPoint presentation on the website.





Facilities Management


Facilities Management provides daily maintenance to all E&G buildings, Junell Center, University Center and Sports Facilities. Normal office hours are 8 AM through 5 PM – Monday through Friday. Emergencies outside of the normal work hours should be reported to University Police at 942-2071. Facilities Management typically has technicians on campus from 4 AM each morning until 6 PM – Monday through Friday.


Going Green since 1995

We at Facilities Management believe in going green! Our first step towards going green started shortly upon Director Jay Halbert’s arrival in 1995, when the first six electric carts were purchased. As of today, 42 percent of the university’s fleet of vehicles are electric carts reducing the use of gasoline, diesel, and carbon emissions. Another one of our go green efforts is through water conservation and as of June 2010, you will have noticed a change in the landscape around the campus. The new landscape is known as Xeriscape, which is a more natural type of landscape that is appropriate to our local climate. For more information, please make sure to read about our efforts as well as multiple efforts from other departments across campus in the upcoming Fall 2010 ASU Magazine.


Our Efforts Towards a Cleaner, Healthier Campus

It is a known fact how easily germs can spread from one person to another simply by physically touching an object. As a means to help keep the spreading of germs at a minimum, we at Facilities Management have installed new automatic paper towel and soap dispensers in public restrooms across campus. Not only do these new devices aid in a more sanitary environment, but they also encourage a more environmental friendly atmosphere. The paper towels in the dispensers are made from 100% recycled fiber and are process-chlorine free. The dispensers are also designed to give out just the right amount of paper needed in order to help reduce waste. The soap used in the dispensers is Green Seal Certified ™, which meets the environmental standard for institutional hand cleaners based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential. In addition to the automatic paper towel and soap dispensers, we have also installed automatic flush units which also help maintain a more sanitary environment by eliminating cross-contamination from handle touching as well as providing an odor free, presentable environment. Our efforts towards a cleaner, healthier campus will continue as we began phase two during the fiscal year 2011 by installing the same devices in office suite restrooms.





Facilities Planning and Construction


FP&C are responsible for the real estate, construction activities on campus, and rental space either leased on campus or leased off campus. They manage projects that range from $5,000 to $50,000,000. Please contact the FP&C office if your department desires major modifications to space. Keep in mind that code and compliance issues can cause delays in the completion of projects.


Construction on Plaza Verde

Plaza Verde Campus Green construction began this summer and will provide students with new outdoor recreational areas, sitting and gathering area, and native areas for contemplation. The project will also feature “Green” initiatives including a retention pond for retention of rain runoff.


Porter Henderson Update

To be completed in Fall 2010, the Porter Henderson Library Information Commons will provide areas for quiet contemplation, preparation of presentations, group work areas, a place to have coffee while working on projects, and a place where the students can research projects, papers and other information. The majority of the work will be on the first floor, with smaller areas renovated in the basement and on the second floor.


CHP Update

The new recreation addition to the Center for Human Performance will provide students, faculty and staff with a new 22,000 square foot exercise facility with a 30’ climbing wall that will be located on the west end of the addition. A new jogging track will go around the perimeter of the facility on a second level. Construction began Spring 2010 and will be completed late Spring 2011. In addition, the baseball locker room will be completed this summer.


Campus Master Plan Update

A new Campus Master Plan update will be completed during FY 2011 and the planning will include input from Students, Faculty and Staff as well as from citizens in the community.





Materials Management


Materials Management is responsible for managing, organizing, directing and coordinating support for all materials management for the University including purchasing, contract administration, property management, central receiving and supply, mail services, print shop, travel and the HUB program.




If your department needs assistance with understanding the operating policies or processes for the Offices of Purchasing, Contract Administration, Travel, or Property Management, please contact Jennifer Lennon at extension 2591 to set-up a training session. Please give us the opportunity to tailor a training session to meet your departmental needs.





The Office of Human Resources


Human Resources’ mission is to nurture and maintain a positive workforce environment and to support the strategic mission and direction of Angelo State University. The Office of Human resources is responsible for the following major areas: recruitment and employment, benefits and retirement counseling, compensation administration, training and development for staff employees, legal and policy compliance, employee relations and communication, policy development.


Benefit Selections to be Reflected in October 1 Paycheck

Your October 1 paycheck will reflect your deductions for the benefit selections made during the annual benefits open enrollment. Please review your paycheck carefully to make sure your deductions reflect the selections made. Keep in mind that changes to your selections cannot be made after the open enrollment period unless: 1) HR staff has made a data entry error in your benefits record; 2) a computer error in the ERS system has caused an error, or, 3) you have had a change in family status during this plan year such as birth of a child, marriage, divorce, or ineligibility of a dependent.


Timesheets and Leave

Student Times sheets are due by noon on September 1 for the time worked August 1 – August 31. On line Leave Reporting for all Faculty and Professional Staff should be entered and approved by September 3rd to help us expedite year end processing. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.





Print Shop


The Print Shop is located in the General Service Building and offers a wide array of printing services including color printing as well as color copies. The Print Shop strives to provide excellence in customer service, as well as offer competitive pricing on all services.


The Print Shop has updated its website to include FAQs, print samples, a list of services provided, and much more. Please visit the new website at http://www.angelo.edu/services/print_shop/index.html.





Property Management and Inventory


The mission of the Property Manager is to properly track, cost, and identify fixed assets campus wide for the state, as well as the University according to the Rules and Regulations prescribed by state law. The Property Manager is located in the Administration Building, 2601 W. Avenue N, Room 110.


Property Disappearances

As required by statute, inventory procedures for the University are governed by regulations issued from the State Comptroller. University policies regarding Accountability and Responsibility for State Property are provided in the SPA Policy and Procedures Manual issued by the State Comptroller’s Office.


When University property disappears as a result of the negligence of an employee entrusted with the property's safekeeping, such person shall be pecuniary liable to the State for the loss sustained. Each department head at Angelo State University shall be responsible, through authorized channels, for all University property under his/her control. An annual inventory will be conducted and each department head will be required to certify as to the location of property under his/her control.


Please review to Operating Policy 14.12 Inventory of Property and Equipment


Surplus Furniture Pick-up

Pick-up dates for surplus furniture are Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will require a five day advance notice of items by completing an Equipment Transfer form. If departments are not able to give a five-day advance notice, the Property Manager will make arrangements to pick-up surplus items as soon as time permits after scheduled pick-ups are completed.



If your department needs assistance with understanding the operating policies or processes for the Offices of Purchasing, Contract Administration, Travel, or Property Management, please contact Jennifer Lennon at extension 2591 to set-up a training session. Please give us the opportunity to tailor a training session to meet your departmental needs.





Purchasing Department


Purchasing has the responsibility and sole authority to obligate funds for procurements. Our objective is to procure goods and services to support the educational and research requirements of the University. The Purchasing Office is also the designated pick-up site for overnight or 2nd Day packages being sent via United Parcel Services (UPS).


If your department wants to hire an individual who is not an employee of Angelo State University, the following steps should be followed:

1.    Complete the Independent Contractor Questionnaire located on RamPort under the Fiscal Forms. If possible, please complete the form at least six weeks prior to start date of employment. Email the form to Kurtis Neal at kurtis.neal@agelo.edu. Within the email, please provide a brief description of the scope of work the individual will perform. Contact Kurtis Neal at extension 2168 for questions.

2.    If it is determined that the individual should be classified as an independent contractor, please complete the following steps:
a. Refer to Operating Policies:
 i. 54.04 Purchase of Good and Services
 ii. 54.05 Use of Private Consultants.
 iii. Refer to Operating Policies 30.01 through 30.03;
 iv. Please contact the Contract Administration Office at either extension 2748 or 2591 for questions;
b. Complete the following forms located on RamPort under the Fiscal Forms:
 i. Request To Use of Private Consultant form;
 ii. Professional/Consulting Services Agreement;
 iii. Contract Routing Sheet.
  1. Route the Independent Contractor Questionnaire, Request to Use a Private Consultant, and a draft of the Professional/Consulting Services Agreement with a Contract Routing Sheet to request approval prior to signing.
  2. Do not request signatures on the Professional/Consulting Services Agreement until approval from the Contract Administration Office is received.

3.    Once the Professional/Consulting Services Agreement is signed by ASU and the consultant, create a requisition for the contract amount and attach the contract online.
 1. A consultant should not start working until after a contract is signed and purchase order is approved.


Post Payment Audit Reminder

As a result of a recent post payment audit by the State Auditor, certain purchasing transactions were found to be deficient. Purchasing would like to ask for everyone’s assistance in adhering to all existing purchasing policies and procedures to prevent future audit findings.


Issue #1: Purchase Order Created After Invoice - The University must ensure that documentation of an agreed upon rate is prepared at the time of ordering the goods or services from a vendor. The purchase order not only reserves funds from the proper fiscal year, it also provides the vendor with a contract for goods or services. The vendor should not begin work prior to a purchase order/contract being issued. See OP 54.04.


Issue #2: Freight Not Properly Documented on Purchase Order - The University should document freight terms on each purchase order. Departments will be responsible for working with the vendor to determine freight charges for each purchase. Departments may use estimated amounts for freight; however, the purchasing office will have to be notified of any increase to freight charges. Beginning August 1, 2010, online requisitions will be required to either have a line item for estimated freight charges, or if there will be no freight charges associated with the order then a reference will have to be included in the Document or Item text. Failure to include this information on the requisition will delay the issuance of a purchase order. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Purchasing Office at 942-2012.


ASU Logo

When ordering products that have the ASU logo, seal or name, please follow the below steps:

1.    Please check the Logo Approved Vendors list that is posted on the Purchasing Office website. The ASU logo, seal and name have all been trademarked, and any item on which they appear must be purchased from a vendor licensed through Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA).

2.    Create an on-line requisition and attach quote from vendor or use a ProCard to purchase. The vendor will submit its artwork to SMA for approval then SMA will route the approved artwork to Communications & Marketing.

3.    If a vendor is not on the Logo Approved Vendors list, please instruct the vendor to contact SMA at questions@smaworks.com or 317-829-5690 to request a license. Your department can either wait until the vendor receives a license from SMA to place an order or select another vendor from the Logo Approved Vendor list. Purchasing will not approve purchase orders to unlicensed vendors. Any ProCard purchase from an unlicensed vendor is prohibited.






Special Events Facilities and Services


The Special Events Office is home to academic and auxiliary space reservations on campus. Included in this responsibility are the assignment of rooms and labs for classes; reservation of space for student, faculty, staff, University and community guest events; and the reporting of the facilities inventory information to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Registered students, faculty/staff, and student organizations may reserve facilities for authorized meetings, programs, and other events through the Special Events Office.




ASU Reservations Live

If you have not already created a user account for the ASU Reservations system, now’s the time! For your convenience, we have upgraded our facility reservation system with features that allow you to search availability of space, request space online, and maintain your event history. Before you can access the online request system, you will have to create an online user account. Please note that the PDF Facilities Request Form and the Academic Room Request Form previously used to request space on campus are no longer available.


We have an ASU Reservations Manual and Quick Guide readily available if needed, and are happy to do one-on-one demonstrations to customers whom have not been introduced to the new system.


Also, if you are an advisor of a student organization, or have student workers within your department that need a user account, please send them our way! For more information or assistance, please call Special Events at (325) 942-2021.





Special Projects


The Special Projects department within Finance and Administration is tasked with managing projects that are not directly finance or construction related. These projects may be short-term or may be something that Special projects “incubates” for several years and then hands off to a permanent owner. Some of these projects originate as state or federal mandates (example: the Wellness program and Business Continuity planning), while other are related to supporting on-going division/university initiatives such as strategic and operations planning, SACS preparation, and community engagement.


Community Engagement projects

Department staff are still currently involved in several community projects to include the planning for a new One-Stop Business Resource Center, economic development activities with the Chamber’s Economic Development Council, and the planning and implementation of a P-16+ Educational Partnership. The role of Special projects in these community initiatives is to support efforts and to provide technical expertise where applicable.


Fitness and Wellness (ASUFit)

We are entering into the third year of the ASUFit program, and we have some exciting new plans for our Brown Bag Seminars and the new Fitness and Wellness Challenge. Our first upcoming event will be our Annual Health and Wellness Fair on September 10 from 10 am to 2 pm in the University Center Spine. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome!


Strategic Planning

Special projects staff are still currently involved in multiple strategic planning or related initiatives, including the implementation of the Strategic Planning On-Line portal (SPOL), the development of the annual operations plan for the F&A division, the University’s Strategic Planning Council, and efforts to prepare for the next SACS accreditation cycle and the QEP.





Ticket Office


The ASU Ticket Office is located in the Junell Center/Stephens Arena, room 201, and we provide ticketing services to all ASU Athletic events as well as concerts and many rental events. We also sell faculty/staff activity cards and facility use cards. Call 942-2583 FMI.


Have you gotten your Activity Card yet? The LAST day to purchase Activity Cards for FY11 is this Friday, September, 3, 2010. Call 942-BLUE (2583) for more information or to purchase over the phone.


There have been many questions this year about the new Activity Card structure here are some of the highlights to help clear those questions up:

·         Reserved Activity Card – this is the package you have always had in the past
Includes: reserved football and basketball tickets and general admission to baseball, soccer, softball and volleyball. Access and guest privileges (up to four per card) at the Lake House, SAY, and CHP. Admission to ASU Drama productions with an additional charge for dinner theater.

·         General Activity Card – this is a new package for FY11
Includes: general admission football, basketball, baseball, soccer, softball and volleyball. Access and guest privileges (up to four per card) at the Lake House, SAY, and CHP. Admission to ASU Drama productions with an additional charge for dinner theater.

·         Tax Liability – please call Melanie Hahn directly at 942.2583 if you have questions regarding tax liability


Changes coming for FY12:

·         Activity Card will no longer include the benefit of the CHP.

·         We will have a separate recreation pass to use the CHP.

·         Guest privileges will not apply to the new CHP recreation pass.

·         All faculty/staff interested in using the facility will need to purchase this pass. OneCards will only work for currently enrolled students.

·         Be prepared for this change and over the next year really gauge how much you use this facility so you know what packages are beneficial for you to purchase.


For more information about activity card benefits please contact the ticket office at 325.942.BLUE (2583)





University Police Department


The University Police Department is service-oriented and tailored to meet the needs of a progressive institution. We provide crime prevention and control, criminal investigations, traffic and parking supervision, emergency first-aid, the maintenance of public order, patrol and other related services.


The University Police will soon unveil their new mobile operations unit. The enclosed 16 ft trailer will be equipped with a variety of resources needed to mitigate an emergency. Such equipment includes generator power, communications systems, campus maps and other emergency management resources.


The conversion of the trailer was done by the police department and office of environmental health, safety and risk management. The trailer will be used not only to manage emergencies in the field but will also serve as a means of outreach. The trailer is scheduled to be complete in time for Rambunctious Weekend.





University Recreation


University Recreation has been moved to the Student Life Division and will no longer be included in future Finance and Administration newsletters. The Angelo State University Recreation (UREC) Department strives to promote and advance healthy lifestyles through participation opportunities, educational experiences and supportive services. Our goal is to offer comprehensive, quality programs and services that promote and enhance wellness. Through recreation and sports competition, the UREC Department provides a safe environment while enhancing sportsmanship, leadership and lifelong skills.


FREE Fitness Classes

·         Mondays - Fridays

·         Please view class schedule on the link below:

·         http://angelo.edu/dept/university_recreation/fitness_class_sched.html


Fitness & Wellness.jpg


Intramural Sports Registration Meetings

·         Student, Faculty and Staff may sign up.

·         Men's, Women's and Co-Rec teams can register.

·         Dates of Registration Meetings are located at http://www.angelo.edu/dept/university_recreation/calendar.html


random pic - FlagFootball-NCCS 083.jpg


CHP Hours of Operation

·         Weight Room, Dance Studio, Racquetball Courts & Gym

·         Monday - Thursday: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm

·         Friday: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

·         Saturday12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

·         Sunday 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Swimming Pool

·         Monday - Friday: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

·         Saturday: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

·         Sunday: 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Links for more information

·         FAQs: http://angelo.edu/dept/university_recreation/faq.html

·         UREC Webpage - http://www.angelo.edu/dept/university_recreation/

·         Guidelines for Kayak Check-out - http://www.angelo.edu/dept/university_recreation/Kayaking.html#guidelines

·         Student Employment - http://www.angelo.edu/dept/university_recreation/employment.html