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February 9, 2010


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·   Sharon Meyer

·   Budget Office

·   Contract Administration

·   Controller’s Department

·   Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management

·   Facilities Management

·   Facilities Planning and Construction

·   Human Resources

·   Print Shop

·   Purchasing Department

·   Residential Programs

·   Special Events Facilities & Services

·   Special Projects

·   Ticket Office

·   Travel Office

·   University Police

·   University Recreation and Intramurals


Important Deadlines

·   Effective January 1
Maximum reimbursement amount for meals and lodging changed

·   Effective January 1
Texas Millage Guide is no longer available and mileage reimbursement changes to $.50 per mile

·   January 19-May 13
Free Fitness Classes

·   January 31
Spring Fitness Challenge “Spring into ASUFit” Began. You can still late register!
ASUFit-Special Projects

·   Beginning February 25
UIL 4-1A Basketball
Ticket Office

·   March 3
Textbook Adoption Workshops
Special Events

·   March 8, 9, & 10
Intramural Officials Clinic for Softball

·   March 9, 23, & April 13
Intramural Sports Registration Meetings

·   April 10
5K Fun Run




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Katherine Garrison

Special Projects


From the desk of Sharon Meyer, Vice President of Finance and Administration

Welcome to the first edition of the Finance and Administration quarterly newsletter. This is an exciting and challenging time for ASU. The potential for enrollment growth through both recruitment and retention has never been better. However, the economic condition of the nation and trickling down effect on the State of Texas are beginning to appear.


ASU has been asked by the Legislative Budget Board to identify cost savings of 5% of our biennial appropriation. We are currently working to determine exactly what amount we will be expected to identify. We will then scrub the budget to find what might be termed as “low hanging fruit.” Finally, I will be meeting with the President and Provost to determine other measures that might be taken. Strategic objectives will continue to have a high priority. The good news in this challenge is that ASU has traditionally weathered the storm very well and I have no reason to believe that will not be the case this time.


One directive of the potential budget reduction is to minimize the impact on direct services. That will be the case at ASU. The Finance and Administration Division provides substantial services to the campus community. Those services will not be reduced and the users of those services will notice little change. We strive to provide the most efficient and effective services in each of our units and that will continue through this economic challenge.


Our mission is to provide support services. We encourage feedback so that we might improve any area that is not working. I have an open door policy and welcome comments from all of the university community on how we might better serve them. This newsletter is our attempt to better communicate with the campus community. Most of this information is available on our websites but the newsletter will highlight some of the most significant events.


As stated in our division’s mission statement, the division’s role is to “…to support campus operations through efficiency and customer friendly services. We provide quality facilities and related infrastructure, insure that risks are mitigated and emergencies are managed, provide accessible financial and academic support services to all internal and external customers, and insure that an appropriate workforce is available to accomplish the academic mission. Our customers include students, faculty, staff, parents, taxpayers, the regional community, vendors, and other educational institutions.”



Budget Office The mission of the Budget Office is to support programs offered by the university through an integration of planning and budgeting. This office works with campus academic and administrative units in guiding the annual budgetary process, assessing ongoing budget and planning issues, and establishing and monitoring controls over fund allocations. The primary responsibilities of the Budget Office include:

·         Annual Operating Budget

·         Legislative Appropriation Request (LAR)

·         Long-term Financial Planning

·         Budget Maintenance

·         Position Control


We’ve Moved!

The Budget Office has moved and is now located in Room 103 of the Administration Building. Hours of operation are from 8 a.m.–12 p.m. and 1 p.m.–5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may now reach us at budgetoffice@angelo.edu or at:

Phone: (325) 942-2517

Fax: (325) 942-2271

Mail: ASU Station #11009, San Angelo, Texas 76909-1009





Contract Administration Office This office is responsible for verifying that contracts to purchase goods and services are in compliance with Texas state laws and in accordance with State of Texas Contract Management guidelines while evaluating institutional risks. Also, the Contract Administration Office must ensure contracts are satisfactorily performed by both the contractor and ASU, so that contract responsibilities are clearly defined and can be properly discharged at the completion of contracts.


Contract Requirements at a Glance

Written contracts should be executed whenever ASU enters into a binding agreement with another party that involves any amount, and for any purpose between ASU and other parties. Other parties include but are not limited to:

·         Federal Agencies

·         State Agencies

·         Local Agencies

·         Non Profit Organizations

·         Private Businesses

·         Partnerships

·         Individuals


Following are some examples of provisions that ASU, as a state institution, does not have the authority to agree to. In these instances, the Contract Administration Office must contact the other party to negotiate contract terms:

·         Attorney’s Fees

·         General Liability Insurance

·         Confidential Information

·         Indemnification of any party

·         Arbitration

·         Workers Compensation

·         Warranties


An individual executing a contract on behalf of a state agency without the authority to do so or agreeing to terms that ASU as a state institution does not have the authority to agree to may be personally liable for damages flowing from repudiation of the contract.


Hints for Speeding up the Contract Process

1.    If you’re unsure whether or not a vendor form is actually a contract that should be submitted to the Contract Administration Office for review, please compare the form to the following general contract criteria:

-Contracts contain an agreement between two or more parties or persons that creates an obligation to do or not to do a particular thing;

-The subject matter of the agreement is sufficiently defined and the parties or persons are separate legal entities with the capacity to enter into a contract;

-The obligation creates a legal requirement subject to enforcement in a court of law.

-Order forms typically require specifics about the product you want to order only and do not contain legal requirements.

2.    If possible, please initiate contract requests at least 6 weeks prior to the start date of the contract to allow ample time for review and approval. The Contract Administration Office will determine if a contract needs to be reviewed by the TTUS general counsel. The general counsel requests at least 30 days to review contracts.

3.    Ensure that funding amount is available and account numbers are listed correctly on routing sheet. Please provide an account number for postage.

4.    Attach the routing sheet properly prepared and signed. Make sure contact information is correct for contractor and list the name of the Contractor Representative.

5.    Use an approved ASU template whenever possible. Please contact the Contract Administration Office if you would like to create a contract template to address the needs of your department.

6.    Make sure all attachments referred to in contract are submitted for review. Also, attach any previous correspondence with vendor/contractor.

7.    Contact the Contract Administration Office at either extension 2591 or 2748 or email at c_admin@angelo.edu for questions.





Controller’s Department The Controller’s Department provides business and financial services to internal and external customers of the university including general ledger accounting, accounts payable, student accounts, receivables, investments, and grants accounting. It is comprised of the Accounts Payable office, the Student Accounts office, and the Controller’s office (Controller, Director of Accounting, Investments/Grants Accountant, and Billing Receivables Accountant).


Check Payments and Direct Deposit

The Accounts Payable office processes check payments daily and direct deposit payments each Wednesday. However, the direct-deposit day may vary during the first and last week of each month. Please note: banking regulations dictate that direct deposit funds being sent by institutions will be credited to the vendor’s/employee’s account the next business day.


Student Account Office News

The Student Accounts office provides billing for the university, and processes the payments received. Also, Student Accounts is now responsible for the awarding of emergency loans for tuition through our new automated online system.


Controller RamPort Channel

Remember the Controller’s Channel on RamPort’s Work Life tab provides links to forms and helpful Banner instructions, as well as, links to reports compiled by this office. Also, the Student Accounts’ Channel on RamPort’s Student Services tab gives student related deadlines, information, and links. If you are interested in 1098 information, visit http://www.angelo.edu/services/controller/1098T.html.





Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management The Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management is responsible for planning, implementing, and administering the university's health and safety program, and for providing supportive technical consultation, training, investigation and inspection to ensure compliance with guidelines set forth by federal, state, and local laws, and regulations. Its primary functions are to assist the university community in meeting health and safety responsibilities, to prevent or reduce accidents, and to identify and eliminate environmental hazards and dangerous conditions.


During the normal course of conducting the universities mission, the physical, human, fiscal and/or environmental resources of the university are routinely exposed to various risks that can result in losses to the institutions. These resources are valuable assets to the University, the Texas Tech University System, and to the citizens of the State of Texas. Because of the special value of these assets, they deserve reasonable protection consistent with the availability of funds. Unless measures are taken to preserve and protect these resources, losses will occur. The provision of such protection requires a significant commitment of time, money, resources and staff to manage, preserve and protect these resources in the most cost effective manner. The discipline of "risk management" is a specialized process that is aimed specifically at minimizing and controlling the agency's exposures and losses.





Facilities Management Facilities Management provides daily maintenance to all E&G buildings, Junell Center, University Center and Sports Facilities. Normal office hours are 8 AM through 5 PM – Monday through Friday. Emergencies outside of the normal work hours should be reported to University Police at 942-2071. Facilities Management typically has technicians on campus from 4 AM each morning until 6 PM – Monday through Friday.


Re-assessing Rental Procedures and Work Orders

Facilities Management is currently reviewing the Key Policy, Vehicle (Van/Bus) rental procedures and internal policies related to work request by departments on campus. These should be approved and published before the Fall 2010 semester begins.


Work Order Process

Every building on campus has selected individual’s with approval to open work orders. Typically this person will be departmental secretaries. If you have any questions about this process or who your building representative is please contact the Facilities Management department at 942-2355. This department asks that you provide as much information on a work order as possible.


Repairing Misconceptions

The most common misconception about Facilities Management is that this department can repair and fix all items on campus at no costs to the department making the request, when in fact this is not true. Due to the complexity and specialized training needed to maintain specialty equipment owned by departments, specialized vendors and or contractors may be required to make your repair. Facilities Management can help departments arrange for contractors or vendors to install or repair their equipment. Your department will be responsible financially for all work and materials associated to complete the project from start to finish. Please contact Facilities Management before purchasing new equipment or having a contractor install equipment. Depending on the project it may have to be approved by the Planning and Construction Department.





Facilities Planning and Construction--FP&C are responsible for the real estate, construction activities on campus, and rental space either leased on campus or leased off campus. They manage projects that range from $5,000 to $50,000,000. Please contact the FP&C office if your department desires major modifications to space. Keep in mind that code and compliance issues can cause delays in the completion of projects.


Construction on Plaza Verde

Plaza Verde Campus Green construction will begin this spring and will provide students with new outdoor recreational areas, sitting and gathering area, and native areas for contemplation. The project will also feature “Green” initiatives including a retention pond for retention of rain runoff.


Porter Henderson Update

To be completed in Fall 2010, the Porter Henderson Library Information Commons will provide areas for quiet contemplation, preparation of presentations, group work areas, a place to have coffee while working on projects, and a place where the students can research projects, papers and other information. The majority of the work will be on the first floor, with smaller areas renovated in the basement and on the second floor.


CHP Update

The new recreation addition to the Center for Human Performance will provide students, faculty and staff with a new 22,000 square foot exercise facility with a 30’ climbing wall that will be located on the west end of the addition. A new jogging track will go around the perimeter of the facility on a second level. Construction will begin Spring 2010 and will be completed Spring 2011. In addition, the baseball locker room will be completed this summer.


Campus Master Plan Update

A new Campus Master Plan update will be completed during FY 2010 and the planning will include input from Students, Faculty and Staff as well as from citizens in the community.





The Office of Human Resources Human Resources’ mission is to nurture and maintain a positive workforce environment and to support the strategic mission and direction of Angelo State University. Through its programs, leadership and support, this office seeks to further the contribution of employee talent to the university's vision and to make the institution a premier place to work. The Office of Human Resources is responsible for the following major areas:

·         Recruitment and employment

·         Benefits and retirement counseling

·         Compensation administration

·         Training and development for staff employees

·         Legal and policy compliance

·         Employee relations and communication

·         Policy development


W-2’s Now Available

Your individual Form W-2 is available now and may be received in a number of ways:

·         Electronic W-2 statements are available in RamPort once you have consented to receiving the electronic W-2 statement. See instructions below for signing up.

·         Those who wish to continue receiving a Paper W-2 can pick them up in the Payroll Services Office (Mayer Administration Building, Room 100 – across from the Bursar’s Office). The 2009 W-2 statements were available to be picked up January 20-27, 2010. W-2’s not picked up were mailed on January 29, 2010.

·         Employees must present a picture ID when picking up their W-2 statement. W-2 forms will not be handed out to departments or other individuals. Each employee must pick up their W-2 in person or have it mailed, if you have not consented to receiving your Form W-2 electronically.

·         Reprints will not be issued until the week of February 15th.

·         Even if you did not initially sign up for electronic W-2 statements, you may sign up at any time and may reprint your statements at your convenience.



How to Sign Up For Electronic W-2’s

·         Login to RamPort. Go to the Work Life tab and select Electronic W-2 Consent. Read the statement and check the box “Consent to receive W-2 electronically”. Then click the “Submit” button in order for the consent to process. If you wish to revoke consent, uncheck the box and “Submit” again.

·         To view your W-2, login to RamPort and go to the Work Life tab. Select W-2 Wage and Tax Statement. Select the Year and then click “Display”. In order to obtain a printable version, click the “Print” button at the bottom of the page.

·         Your W-2 form will be available for you to print online after January 15 annually. You’ll be able to print as many copies as you need – Federal, State, Local and your own personal copy.





Print Shop The Print Shop is located in the General Service Building and offers a wide array of printing services including color printing as well as color copies. The Print Shop strives to provide excellence in customer service, as well as offer competitive pricing on all services.



Services include inexpensive, high speed copies, high quality color copies, custom course packs, digital photos, booklets, bulletins, brochures , announcements, invitations, certificates, mailers, covers, newsletters , folding, coil binding , posters and banners, laminating, carbonless forms, padding, paper sales, free pick-up and delivery.


New Printer

In September 2009, the Print Shop received its new Heidelberg GTO 52-4 Color Printmaster Press. The GTO 52 press prints full color jobs that the Print Shop did not have the capability to do before and print large quantity jobs more efficiently and faster. The press prints much higher resolution therefore making images clearer. The GTO 52 produces print jobs comparable or better than what local vendors can do at a lower price. This advanced technology will cut the amount of time spent on current jobs in half along with allowing the Print Shop the opportunity to service some of the roughly $160,000 in 4-color print jobs that previously went off campus.







Purchasing Department Purchasing has the responsibility and sole authority to obligate funds for procurements. Our objective is to procure goods and services to support the educational and research requirements of the University. The Purchasing Office is also the designated pick-up site for overnight or 2nd Day packages being sent via United Parcel Services (UPS).


Bid Procedures

Pursuant to Texas Education Code § 51.9335, an institution of higher education may acquire goods or services by the method that provides the best value to the institution. Bids must be obtained on all purchases in excess of $5,000 unless the requirement can be properly justified. For more information on methods that provides the best value to the institution, available procurement methods, proprietary specifications and exception to the bid requirements, please read OP 54.04 Purchase of Goods and Services.


An Independent Contractor Questionnaire (located in OP 54.04) must be completed by the department when services are being performed by an individual who is not an employee of Angelo State University. Internal Revenue Service regulations establish employee/employer relationship guidelines.


Changes to the Use of Private Consultants

For contracts that are $25,000 or less:

1.    Effective immediately, the Board of Regents (BOR) requires that ASU provide the BOR with prior notice of consulting contracts.

2.    Approval of the BOR is required for any modification to a consulting contract where the initial consideration was $25,000 or less and the modification will cause the total consideration to exceed $25,000. Approval must be received prior to allowing the consulting contract to exceed $25,000.


Account Code Additions

A new Account Code Listing has been added to the Purchasing Office website. The new listing is an alphabetical list of some of the most common account codes used. The list will be reviewed and updated periodically to include new listings as warranted. So please, feel free to look over the listing and if you feel that something is missing send an email to asu_purchasing@angelo.edu, and Purchasing will be sure to add it. You can find the Account Code listing at http://www.angelo.edu/services/purchasing/Documents/Alpha%20Acct%20Code%20List.pdf.


HUB Resources

Need a HUB source, and not sure where to look? You can visit the Purchasing Website at http://www.angelo.edu/services/purchasing/ and click on Vendor/HUB Lists and there you will find a listing of HUB vendors that have submitted a vendor application. Still not finding what you need, then click on Links and then HUB Directory and it will get you to the state’s directory. You will need to fill in the Categories block and then Submit Search, and a listing of HUBs for that category will pop up. Please remember to also view OP 54.02: Historically Underutilized Businesses. Thank you for supporting HUBS!


Providing Estimated Shipping Costs

It will be imperative that departments make every effort to get at least estimated shipping charges, if applicable, on all requests for price quotes. If shipping charges are applicable then a separate line item has to be added to the online requisition for the amount of the shipping charges. If shipping charges are not applicable then be sure to add the statement “FOB Destination” as part of the item description.


Hiring Private Consultants

Is your department considering hiring a private consultant? If so, see OP 54.04 for the important steps that you must follow. A private consultant means an individual or an entity that performs or proposes to perform a consultant service. Consultant service means the practice of studying or advising an existing or a proposed operation or project of ASU under a contract that does not involve the traditional relationship of employer and employee.





Residential Programs Residential Programs provides housing and a variety of student support programs and services designed to enhance the experience of the approximately 1800 students who live on campus. In Residential Programs, our staff believes that we offer much “more than a place to live.” From student to Master’s degree level live-in staff, we have people available 24/7/365 to assist students with a wide variety of problems, crisis and general acclimation issues that are a part of living in a residential university community. We recently relocated from the Hardeman Building to the West Office Annex.


Applications and Room Assignments

New students can begin submitting applications for Housing for the 2010 – 2011 academic year on February 1st. Current students also begin their renewal (re-contracting) process on February 1st. Current residents enjoy several advantages as part of the renewal process. They have the ability to retain their current room for next year, they can choose a specific other room or building and can choose and self-assign their roommates and suitemates. (Assuming all requests are mutual of course). New students have the ability to request up to three building preferences and also have the opportunity to request a specific person(s) as room or suitemates. New students are auto-assigned to their rooms for fall. These auto assignments are based on building, room and other personal preference information that the students supplies as part of the application process.


Hiring RA’s and PA’s

2010 – 2011 Resident Assistant and Program Assistant staff hiring process kicks off in February! We will be looking for excellent, motivated students who are seeking a very unique, challenging and rewarding leadership experience. We welcome referrals from faculty and staff, so please help us get the word out about these opportunities. Positions descriptions, compensation information and application materials can be found (and submitted) on-line from our departmental web page.


Online Services

We have put a lot of effort over the past several years into making most of our information and processes available on-line through our departmental web page. From the main ASU page, you can click on the “Live On Campus” link at the top of the page. It will take you directly to our page. Students can also access our information through our channel in RamPort. We are located on the Campus Life tab.



Residential Programs seeks to collaborate with a number of other campus offices, services and student organizations. This year, we have placed a specific and targeted emphasis on improving academic support and encouraging academic success. To this end, we have increased the number of academic success related programs and activities that we offer to our residents. A few recent successes include:

·         Creation of tutoring centers in Texan Hall and Centennial Village. These services are in cooperation with Supplemental Instruction and are open to all ASU students—but are certainly convenient to residential students.

·         In addition to formal tutoring, we also sponsor Study Hall sessions in the residence halls. Study Hall is designed for students who are not necessarily looking for tutoring, but who want or enjoy being able to study with and around other students, those who might be doing group study or who are simply looking for a facilitated, quiet study environment. (And of course, there are snacks!)

·         Promoting and hosting study skills workshops both independent of and in collaboration with the Center for Academic Excellence.

·         R.A.M.S. (Rams Academically Motivated for Success) Program: A program sponsored by our Program Assistants, this program encourages students to use and learn about campus resources by entering them into drawings for prizes each time they come by and show that they have completed a qualifying task. The tasks include things like meeting with their advisor, attending a professor’s office hours, completing a degree plan, visiting Career Development, Counseling, Math lab, the Writing Center, earning a B or better on an exam, attending a Study Hall, entering your syllabus in your Handbook/Planner, etc. Prizes have included Bookstore gift certificates, study item gift bags, a new printer, lap desk, MP3 players, and even an iPod touch.





Special Events Facilities and Services The Special Events Office is home to academic and auxiliary space reservations on campus. Included in this responsibility are the assignment of rooms and labs for classes; reservation of space for student, faculty, staff, University and community guest events; and the reporting of the facilities inventory information to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Registered students, faculty/staff, and student organizations may reserve facilities for authorized meetings, programs, and other events through the Special Events Office, located in UC200.


Upcoming Events

Textbook Adoption Workshops for Faculty and Staff is scheduled for Wednesday, March 3, 2010, at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm in UC203/204. For more information, contact Danielle DeFrain, ASU Bookstore, 942-2335 or 0295txt@fheg.follett.com.


Also, the Bookstore Advisory Committee, comprised of student, faculty, and staff representatives, meets quarterly to review ASU Bookstore merchandise selections and offer input for upcoming orders. Anyone interested in participating should contact Jessica Manning at 942-2021 or Jessica.Manning@angelo.edu.


Helpful hints

Available facilities include a wide range of academic rooms, departmental conference rooms, University Center conference rooms, and remote locations such as the ASU Lake Facility, SAY Baseball Complex, Super Slab, and Pavilion. To reserve an academic classroom or lab, complete the Room Request Form, located at http://www.angelo.edu/services/specialevents/academic_space.html. For meetings, conferences, receptions, etc. in auxiliary space, complete the Facilities Request Form, located at http://www.angelo.edu/services/specialevents/auxiliary_space.html. Please feel free to seek guidance from our reservations team at 942-2021.


Please visit the Reservations home page at http://www.angelo.edu/services/specialevents/reservations.html for more information. You can find helpful information regarding academic and auxiliary space reservations, along with both request forms and contact information for our staff.





Special Projects The Special Projects department within Finance and Administration is tasked with managing unique projects that do not normally fall under other F&A departments; for example, implementing a new Fitness and Wellness program as required by the State of Texas. Many of our projects are collaborative in nature and involve working with project team members from Academic Affairs, students, or the regional community. As with all initiatives within the university, all Special Projects directly or indirectly support the academic mission of the university.


Special Projects Staff

The Special Projects office is located in FM 108 (Facilities maintenance building on Jackson Street). The department staff consists of Katherine Garrison and Bill Cullins. Katherine is a graduate of Texas Tech, with a BA degree in English (Professional Writing emphasis) and an MA in Technical Communications. Bill has a BS degree in Industrial Technology from Tarleton State University and an MA in Educational leadership from the University of Northern Colorado, and holds Emeritus Faculty status at Aims Community College (Greeley, Colorado).


Current Projects

Projects currently being managed by the department of Special Projects include strategic planning for the F&A division, a Business Continuity plan for the university, the ASUFit program, and the Administrative Services survey. In addition, the department is involved in multiple university and community initiatives related to educational excellence, administrative planning, SACS, and economic development.


ASUFit Update

The ASUFit program is currently in its second year and it’s projects are growing in number and strength, including the Fitness and Wellness Challenge, Brown Bag Seminars, the Health and Wellness Fair (in conjunction with Human Resources), and posting exercise events online through the Web site and Facebook. Today, January 31, 2010, is the first day of this semester’s Challenge and we hope even more people will attend than last semester. We are opening up the Challenge to the Community and we are providing opportunities for Wellness Activity bonus points.





Ticket Office The ASU Ticket Office is located in the Junell Center/Stephens Arena, room 201, and we provide ticketing services to all ASU Athletic events as well as concerts and many rental events. We also sell faculty/staff activity cards and facility use cards. Call 942-2583 FMI.


Upcoming Events

UIL Girls Region 4-1A Basketball Tournament

·         Friday, February 26 – 2 games at 5:30pm and 7:00pm

·         Saturday, February 27 – 1 game at 12 noon


UIL Boys Region 4-1A Basketball Tournament

·         Friday, March 5 – 2 games at 5:30pm and 7:00pm

·         Saturday, March 6 – 1 game at 12 noon





Travel Office The Travel Office processes travel authorizations and reimbursements in accordance with state of Texas Travel guidelines and ASU operating policies. The Travel Office can also assist with making travel reservations.


Changing Mileage Reimbursements

Effective Jan. 1, 2010, the Texas Mileage Guide will no longer be available for calculating mileage reimbursements. State employees will calculate the number of miles traveled by using their vehicle odometer reading or a readily available electronic mapping service. ASU has adopted www.randmcnally.com as our official online mapping service. Please use the Rand McNally website when calculating mileage for reimbursement. The rate for reimbursement has changed to $0.50 per mile as of January 1, 2010.


Guidelines for Receipt Submission

·         Receipts are required for all airfare, lodging, rental cars, registrations, and incidentals (such as gasoline, copies, internet usage, baggage fees, etc.)

·         Meal receipts are not required except during student travel (if per diem is given, must be signed for by each student) and foreign travel (including Mexico and Canada)

·         Receipts should be original and indicate the name and location of the establishment (lodging), and that payment has been made (if original receipt is unavailable, electronic copies are acceptable and reason should be noted on copy)

·         Itemized (listing individual charges, taxes and fees)


According to state of Texas guidelines and ASU operating policies, certain expenses are non-reimbursable, including: Alcoholic beverages, Tips and gratuities (state funds), Excess baggage fees for personal belongings (i.e. golf clubs), Expenses that do not relate to official, State business, Laundry or cleaning, Personal entertainment, Meals for non-overnight travel, State of Texas hotel occupancy tax, Expenses incurred on behalf of another person, Expenses (with the exception of parking and tolls, that relate to the operation of a personally) owned or leased vehicle, Certain fees and insurance related to airfare and car rentals.


PLEASE NOTE: The operating policy for student travel has been revised. Please read the OP 70.09 for more specifics.


Reimbursements for Meals and Lodging

Effective Sept. 1, 2009, the General Appropriations Act, Senate Bill 1, Article IX, Section 5.06(c), 81st Legislature, Regular Session, requires agencies to use the General Services Administration (GSA)’s federal travel rates to determine the maximum meals and lodging reimbursement rates for both in-state and out-of-state travel. Agencies will continue to use the $85 maximum for lodging and $36 maximum for meals for in-state locations not specifically listed in the federal rates. The method for determining maximum out-of-state travel rates has not changed.


Please note the above change for determining maximum meal and lodging per diem rates for In-State Travel. You can visit the Travel Channel on RamPort and look under the “State of Texas Forms & Links”, “Meal and Lodging Rates” link. This will bring you to the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) domestic per diem site. Click on the state of Texas (for in-state travel) and it will bring up a list of cities and the designated meal and lodging per diem rate for that city. For locations not listed you will continue to use the $85 maximum for lodging and $36 maximum for meals within the state of Texas.


For more information on State Travel Policies and Procedures, feel free to visit the State Comptroller’s website http://www.window.state.tx.us/procurement/prog/stmp/ or visit TexTravel at the following website https://fmx.cpa.state.tx.us/fmx/travel/textravel/index.php. Please refer to the Travel operating policies or contact the Travel Office at (325) 942-2725 or email at traveloffice@angelo.edu if you need assistance.





University Police Department The University Police Department is service-oriented and tailored to meet the needs of a progressive institution. We provide crime prevention and control, criminal investigations, traffic and parking supervision, emergency first-aid, the maintenance of public order, patrol and other related services.


Online Lost and Found Coming Soon

Within the next month, University Police will begin making available an online lost and found. Individuals will be able to conduct online searches of all property turned into lost and found. This new feature will help individuals track and see if their property has been turned in.


University Police are now on Facebook!

This networking along with Twitter will help make more information available to the campus community.





University Recreation The Angelo State University Recreation (UREC) Department strives to promote and advance healthy lifestyles through participation opportunities, educational experiences and supportive services. Our goal is to offer comprehensive, quality programs and services that promote and enhance wellness. Through recreation and sports competition, the UREC Department provides a safe environment while enhancing sportsmanship, leadership and lifelong skills.


Intramural Sport(s) Registration Meetings

Registration is FREE. Men's, Women's, and Co-Rec. teams can register. Meeting times are as follows.

·         Softball Mar. 9, 7:00pm, CHP 203

·         Dodgeball Mar. 23, 7:00pm, CHP 203

·         Grass Volleyball Mar. 23, 7:30pm, CHP 203

·         Golf Apr. 13, 7:00pm, CHP 203


Intramural Officials’ Clinic

Officials should attend all 3 days of their chosen clinic(s) in order to be hired

Pays $8/hr. The following are clinic dates for the spring semester.

·         Softball Mar. 8, 9 & 10, 5:00-7:00pm, CHP 205


Fitness Classes (Jan. 19-May 13)

These classes are FREE to all ASU students, faculty, and staff. No registration is required. Just show up with your ASU OneCard.

·         Monday
12-1 p.m.-Cardio Sculpt, CHP Dance Studio
5-6 p.m.-Boot Camp, CHP Dance Studio
6-7 p.m.-Abs, CHP Dance Studio

·         Tuesday
5-6 p.m.-Circuit, CHP Dance Studio
6-7 p.m.-Step, CHP Dance Studio

·         Wednesday
5-6 p.m.-Abs, CHP Dance Studio
6-7 p.m.-Cardio Sculpt, CHP Dance Studio
6:30-7:30 p.m.-Water Aerobics, CHP Pool

·         Thursday
5-6 p.m.-Circuit, CHP Dance Studio
6-7 p.m.-Boot Camp, CHP Dance Studio

·         Friday
12-1 p.m.-Step, CHP Dance Studio


5K Fun Run

·         Registration 8:00-9:30am Angelo State Pavilion

·         Race Begins 10:00am, April 10, 2010


Q&A Clarification of UREC Procedures

Q: How many guest(s) can I bring to use the facility with my ASU One card?

A: If you’re a student, you have a guest privilege that will allow you to bring up to 4 guest(s) total. If you’re staff or faculty, you do not have guest privileges. You are only allowed to bring guests if you purchase an Activity Card.


Q: Where can we purchase an Activity or Facility Use Card?

A: At the ASU Ticket Office, Junell Center 201. Call 942-2583 FMI.


Q: How do we make facility reservations?

A: For the gym/dance studio/pool/intramural fields reservations, contact Special Events @ 942-2021. For racquetball court reservations, call the UREC office at 942-2034.


Q: Are you open during holidays and breaks?

A: Yes, we are open every day of the year including holidays and breaks. Our hours of operation for holidays and breaks are: 12:00-4:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 2:00-6:00 p.m. Sunday.