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Special Circumstance Form

This application may be completed if your family’s financial situation has significantly changed for the worse from the previous calendar year to the current calendar year.

Lifestyle choices, such as the purchase of a new car or home, and other situations unrelated to higher education, such as credit card debt, are not considered special circumstances.

Please select your preferred method of contact.
Please select the academic year for which you are requesting the special circumstance consideration.
Has there been a change to the household income (student/spouse or parents)?
Has/have your parent(s) marital status changed since filing income taxes last year?
Is/are your parent(s) deceased, incarcerated, or institutionalized?
Do you or your parent have an unusually high out of pocket medical expense?
Did the student/spouse or parent have a change to untaxed income benefits such as child support?
Does your parent refuse to provide financial support on your behalf for higher education expenses?
Please provide specific details regarding the special circumstance you are reporting.