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About ASUFit

ASUFit is a fitness and wellness program that serves faculty, staff, and students at Angelo State university, and was created in response to House Bill 1297.

No membership is required to participate. All you need is to be an ASU student, faculty, or staff member. Some of our activities are even open to the public.

We are seperate from University Recreation (UREC), which provides fitness facilities, classes, and intramurals. Our mission is to provide the following services to the university community:

  • Activities - provide fitness activities for faculty, staff, students, and the community
  • Awareness - disseminate information related to healthy lifestyles
  • Collaboration - promote efforts with multiple university and community organizations
  • Research - health risk assessments and ASUFit yearly effectiveness survey

Promoting health is an integral part of institutional transformation, recruiting, retention, and maintaining a residential campus as we create a university culture where health-enhancing behavior is the norm. We emphasize the following resources.


It’s easy for faculty, staff and students to get fit and stay that way at ASU. The university has workout rooms with great fitness equipment, an indoor pool and outdoor sports fields for all type of activities and fitness-related classes.


Wellness includes weight and nutrition, fitness, stress management, preventative medicine and controlling health risks like smoking and alcohol abuse. The university has a range of services that will help you maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


The regional community offers a range of services, clubs and activities that will help you achieve and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. University faculty, staff, and students support and participate in many of these regional and community events.