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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals for the ASUFit program?

The goals for ASUFit are to provide fitness and wellness information, resources, and assistance to ASU faculty, staff, and students. This includes, but is not limited to, losing weight, maintaining good cardiovascular fitness, stress reduction, nutrition, and being aware of your individual health risks.

Who can participate in ASUFit activities?

All ASU students and employees are encouraged to take part in ASUFit activities, with the only exception being the Health Risk Assessment study that targets faculty and staff only. Students, faculty and staff are welcome to participate in any program offered through the UREC Department. All you have to do is bring your ASU OneCard ID to participate.

Is there a charge for ASUFit activities?

There is no cost to participate in ASUFit activities for staff, faculty, and students. All UREC program and facility use is free for ASU faculty and staff (not including guests or family privileges). The right to bring guests and family members may be obtained by purchasing an ASU Activity Card. However, guests and family members can only utilize the facilities, not programs.

I have questions related to how to use equipment in the workout rooms. Who would I go to for assistance?

There are staff members in the weight room who are trained to assist with any questions you might have.

Does ASU have a person or department that will help me design a personalized workout program?

The university does not currently provide that service. However, we are planning to have this service available when the new addition to the recreation center opens. Several of the San Angelo area health clubs do offer personalized exercise programs and we encourage you to contact them.

I need help with nutrition questions—can you suggest a good resource?

Angelo State University does not have a nutrition counselor. If you are a student, your best contact would be the health clinic. You might also want to visit the

I am an ASU student and stress is a big problem for me. Where do I go on campus for help?

Attending college can be both exciting and a little unsettling. Angelo State University offers the ASU Clinic and Counseling Services to help you take advantage of the opportunities while dealing successfully with the challenges of college life.

As an ASU employee, I have health insurance—does it provide any benefits related to wellness?

For complete information on benefits contact the HR department at or visit HR’s medical benefits page.

I would like to get more involved in fitness events in the San Angelo area. How do I find out about these events?

Every community fitness event that we know about will be added to the ASUFit web calendar. You can also visit the running club’s website or for cycling events, go to San Angelo Bicycling Association.

I keep hearing the term “health risk assessment.” Why would completing one of these assessments be beneficial to me?

HRAs are questionnaires that, when completed, give you a health risk score to let you know where you are in terms of general health risks. HRAs are not a replacement for professional medical advice, but are useful in providing motivation for making changes in health and lifestyle. We encourage you to take one or more of these assessments to give you a sense of what your personal risk factors are.

I am a smoker/tobacco user. Can you suggest a good resource to assist me in breaking the habit?

Congratulations on deciding to break the nicotine habit! If you are a student, a great place to start would be the University Health Clinic. Clinic staff typically run a smoking cessation program each semester and they will be able to direct you to other resources as needed. If you are faculty/ staff, your best option would be to work with your primary care physician to get professional guidance related to stopping nicotine use. There are also some great resources and suggestions posted on The Center for Disease Control website. Also, locally you can contact the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of the Concho Valley (ADACCV).


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