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Spring 2014 Fitness Challenge

 Spring Fitness Challenge

Making Small Changes to Improve your Health in a Big Way (February 9-March 1, 2014)

Can you accomplish one of the 40 goals below?

What about all of them in three weeks? Sign up for this semester’s ASUFit Fitness Challenge and complete as many of the tasks below to earn your team points. If your team is one of the top three teams, you’ll all win a prize!


Final Standings (Overall Winner is Team “Rock with Soul”)



Team Name

Captain # of Teammates Teammates
LunaTechs Katie Dixon 7 Kevin Conner, Employee; Jody Casares, Employee; Elizabeth Randell, Employee; Katie Plum, Employee; Kristi Wolff, Employee; Katie Dixon, employee; Kathe Conner, Employee
Rama Lama Lama Casey Baccus 11 Ashley Baccus-employee, Justine Salgado-employee, Gary Salgado-employee, Kelsey Samsel-employee, Josh Samsel-alumni, Crystal Nelms-employee, Nancy Grafa-employee, Anne San Miguel-employee, Manuel San Miguel-employee, Sarah Estevis-student, Casey Baccus-employee
Power Puffs Melissa Farr 5 Adriana Balcorta Havins (employee), Dezaray Johnson (employee) Jonna Russell (graduate assistant), Mary Anne Lowe (employee)
Global ASU Paula Dowler 9 Elva Aguilar, employee, Paula Dowler, employee, Linda Elizondo, employee, Mary Hunter, Staff, Ron Landers, employee, Sasha Mabika, Student, Tanya Mombeyarara,, Student, Meghan Pace, employee, Sharynn Tomlin, employee
Wii Fit Amy Williamson 9 Mary McGlamery Employee, Alaric Williams Employee, Lesley Casarez Employee, Kim Livengood Employee, Mandy Osborne Employee, Christine Pruitt Employee, Wendy Storms Employee, Kevin Fowler Employee
Rock with Soul Marva Solomon 9 Marva Solomon - employee, Heather Maher - student, Patty Rush - student, Donna Gee - employee, Sandra Maxedon - employee, Charlene Bustos - employee, Amanda Dawson - student, DJ Ruffin - student, Deborah Banker - employee
Survival of the Fittest Robert Dowler 11 Employees: Robert Dowler, Connie Russell, Scott Burt, Michael Griffin, Marcy Revelez; students: Clint Walker, Zachary Ellsworth, Grayson Allred, Malorri Hughes, Robby Heischman, Stephanie Martinez
Maxcore! Gabriela Serrano 5 Gabriel Serrano, employee; Maggie Blair, employee; Tony Blair, employee; Kevin Garrison, employee; Katherine Garrison, employee
The Waist Watchers Angie Fraga 6 Employees: Erika Baeza, Robert Garcia, Farrah Lokey, Vickie Rodriguez, Angie Fraga; Students: Kayla Langseth



  1. Form teams of 5 people or more (no more than 12 per team), elect a team captain who will report weekly to ASUFit, and create a team name. Register your team with an online form on the ASUFit Web site.
  2. Individuals on your team will try to accomplish as many goals below (you can also use the checklist on this flyer) before the challenge ends. They can only report each goal once during the entire Challenge. They will report the number points that they receive from those goals each week to their team captain.
  3. Each week, the team captain will average their team’s total number of points and fill out the online form on the ASUFit Web site.
  4. Top 3 teams at ASU will be awarded prizes.

Goals (1 point each)


  • Give up sugary drinks (soda and sports drinks) for 1 week (here’s why)
  • Give up coffee for 1 week (here’s why)
  • Give up alcohol for 1 week (here’s why)
  • Drink at least eight 8-oz glasses of water every day for 5 days (ASUFit Water bottle is 30 oz)



Running/Walking Activities

  • Run or walk 1M without stopping.
  • Take a 15 minute or more walk during your lunch break every day for one week.
  • Run or walk a local road or trail race (try one of these on the ASUFit Web site calendar).
  • Stand up (or move around) for 10 minutes every hour for one day.

Other Endurance Activities

  • Count the number of calories that you’re burning during exercises for 1 week (try this online calculator).
  • Play a round of disc golf (here are instructions and a map of ASU’s course).
  • Swim 400 meters at one time.
  • Bike (indoors or outside) for 30 minutes straight.
  • Hike one of the trails at the San Angelo State Park
    (visit the park Web site, trail maps available at the gate)

Strengthening Activities

Stress Relief and Positive Thinking

Medical Checkups and Hygiene

  • Floss your teeth every day for one week (here’s why).
  • Brush your teeth twice a day for one week (here’s why).
  • Schedule your yearly physical with your doctor (here’s why).
  • Get your blood pressure checked (for a free check, try CVS Pharmacy)
  • Get your flu shot (through the ASU health clinic (employees and students only) or contact your insurance provider for where you may receive a free flu shot).
  • Take your resting heart rate (here’s how).

AwardsGolden Trophy

The following teams will be awarded for their great efforts after the Challenge ends on March 1.

  • 1st place team at ASU: Fitness bags
  • 2nd place team at ASU: Coming soon!
  • 3rd place team at ASU: Coming soon!