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Facilities Planning and Construction

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Facilities Planning and Construction Projects

HEAF Projects FY15
Project Name Initial Budget Project Status and Notes
Rassman 120 IT Office - Phase 2 $42,000  To be scheduled
Academic A027  (lab conversion) $110,000  Cost estimating
MCS 114   (lab conversion) $268,000  To be scheduled
Mayer Administration Auditorium Speaker Upgrades $130,000  Construction to begin Dec.. 2014
Cavness Science   (basement level abatement and floor tile installation) $160,000  Summer 2015
General Services Roof Replacement $95,000 Contractor to provide proposal
Mayer Administration Terrazzo (interior and exterior terrazzo) $8,500 Project in progress
Mayer Administration (exterior repairs) $150,000 Contractor to provide proposal
MIR Mechanical Deck, Stair and Vault $60,000  Project in progress
Hardeman Enrollment Management 101J-101D $121,150 Contract issued to Basic IDIQ, Inc.
Exterior Way Finding Signage $65,000  Contractor to provide proposal
Junell Center/Softball and Soccer Field Conduit Installation


Project in progress
Junell Center West Sidewalk


 Project completed
Intramural Field Electrical Switchgear Stabilization  $13,750  Contractor estimating
LeGrand Sports Complex East Side Asphalt Service Drive and Concrete Curb $93,000  Contractor proposal provided.  To be scheduled.
Texan Hall/Junell Center Concrete Sidewalk $37,000  Contractor to provide proposal
Large Capital Projects
Project Name Initial Budget Project Status and Notes


Non-Heaf and Donor Projects
Project Name Initial Budget Project Status and Notes
Mayer Softball Field Improvements  

Project in progress

MIR FSPD Product Innovation Initiative  

Project in progress