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Top Priorities

Faculty Support

Endowed Chair, History Department

Main Idea: Recruit and retain the best history professors

An endowed chair in the History Department will help recognize the significant research that the department has sustained over a lengthy period of time.

Target: $1.1 million endowment; naming opportunity available

Faculty Development Fund

Main Idea: Empowering faculty

Each of our five academic colleges has a fund that aids individual faculty members proposing innovative revisions to courses or course development, or initiating smaller innovative projects to improve student learning.

Target: $100,000 for each college; naming opportunities available

Student Support

Scholarship Endowment, Men’s Athletics

Main Idea: A lasting gift for Ram student-athletes

The Rambelles have been blessed with financial stability through a healthy endowment. The Rams are in need of the same level of support. For example, some years the football program has only been able to offer 33 of the NCAA-allowed 36 scholarships.

Target: $500,000 endowment in gifts of all sizes; naming opportunities available ($10,000+)

Excellence in West Texas History Fellowships

Main Idea: Keeping West Texas history alive

These are among the most sought-after history fellowships in the nation; however, the funding for this program is self-sufficient and relies on donor support to sustain itself. The West Texas Collection sponsors two fellowships that are intended to jumpstart a resurgence of student scholarship on West Texas and its history. These students provide cutting-edge research for our region.

Target: Two $1.1 million endowments to fully fund this program in perpetuity; two naming opportunities available

Elmer Kelton Writers Scholarship Endowment Program

Main Idea: Honoring the memory of a legend

Given the prominence of the Elmer Kelton Writers Conference and its longevity, writing scholarships are an effective way for ASU to use the conference to attract and retain outstanding students, and honor the memory of a legend.

Target: $1.1 million in gifts for an endowment

Program Support

Technology Endowment, Educator Preparation Program

Main Idea: Providing future educators a technology edge

With the increasingly common use of laptops in public school classrooms, it is imperative that our Educator Preparation Program switches from a desktop computer laboratory setting to an environment where each teacher certification student uses a laptop. This program would assist students in the purchase of pre-configured laptops.

Target: $1.1 million in gifts for an endowment

Facility Support

FieldTurf Project

Main Idea: Making the student-athlete experience safer, while conserving water

Angelo State seeks to convert the main practice field surface at the LeGrand Complex from natural grass to modernized FieldTurf. There are multiple benefits for this conversion. The university will save approximately $35,000 a year in watering costs. In addition, the safety advantages include, but are not limited to, fewer concussions, muscle tears and ligament tears.

Target: $800,000 in gifts of all sizes; multiple naming opportunities available

Kinesiology Lab

Main Idea: Taking the kinesiology program to the next level

ASU needs to create three new and improved kinesiology lab spaces in currently existing classrooms. One environment would be for training equipment needed for therapeutic exercise. Another space would house equipment for exercise physiology and biomechanics. The third space would be a general purpose area for motor, behavior, wellness and graduate studies.

Target: $500,000 in gifts of all sizes; multiple naming opportunities available

Modular Theatre

Main Idea: Transformation of a distinctive learning lab

The ASU Modular Theatre hosts four to six productions every year. It has received no significant renovation since it was built more than 35 years ago. If we do not renovate the facility, it will become unusable.

Target: $750,000 in gifts of all sizes; multiple naming opportunities available

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