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University Health Clinic and Counseling Services
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Counseling Services
Online Support & Resources

Various online health resources are also available to students:


ASU provides access to ULifeline regarding mental health, alcohol and drugs, sexual health, suicide and helping a friend in distress. At the top of the ULifeline page click on “Find Your School” and then type in “Angelo State University.”

Mental Health

Sexual Assualt/Relationship Abuse

Alcohol & Tobacco

Drug Abuse

Mother and Child

Veteran Support

We’re here to help, please call
325-942-2171 for answers.

Check us out on  and .

Mental Health Emergencies

For mental health emergencies during regular hours:

For night or weekend mental health emergencies:

Veterans Crisis Line

Reaching out is a sign of strength


ASU students have access to free, confidential mental health screenings.

Did you know?

More health and mental health pamphlets and brochures are available at the University Health Clinic, just west of the Mayer Administration Building, and on our website.