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University Health Clinic and Counseling Services
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TRICARE for Military ID Card Holders


Students must contact the TRICARE Office at Goodfellow Air Force Base (GAFB) to acquire a primary care manger (PCM).

  1. The GAFB Clinic will honor lab and X-ray requests from the ASU Health Clinic at no charge.
  2. Immunology and pharmacy services are available at no charge at GAFB.
  3. PCM referrals are required for all civilian medical services (to include urgent care facilities). PCM referrals are not required for Emergency Room Services.

TRICARE Standard

  1. The GAFB Clinic will honor lab requests from the ASU Health Clinic.
  2. Immunology and pharmacy services are available at no charge at GAFB.
  3. No referrals are required for specialist care. Some services require prior authorization.

TRICARE Young Adult (TYA)

To be eligible, you must be a dependent of a TRICARE-eligible sponsor, unmarried, at least 21 years old (23 if enrolled full-time and sponsor provides at least 50 percent of support), and not yet 26.

  1. TRICARE Prime or Standard is available with enrollment premium.
  2. Military dependents age out of TRICARE benefits at age 21 and again at age 23, and must be re-enrolled.
  3. TRICARE plans are available for purchase to qualified dependents.

For More Information:

Contact the TRICARE Service Center at (325)-654-3086.

GAFB 17th Medical Support Squadron

Laboratory: (325)-654-3105

Pharmacy: (325)-654-3101

Physical Therapy: (325)-654-3632

Radiology Services: (325)-654-3110

Appointments: (325)-654-3149

Patient Advocate: (325)-654-1477



For mental health emergencies during regular hours:

For night or weekend mental health emergencies:

Veterans Crisis Line

Academic Health Plans

To learn more about student health insurance, visit Academic HealthPlans or call 1-855-850-4299.