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Junell Center / Stephens Arena
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Liability Insurance


To register for Liability Insurance, please visit

To create an account, click on REGISTER and fill out the information required. Once you have done that, click on the SAVE Button.

Now that you have an account created, you go back to the URMIA Tenant User Program Home Page and Login:

  1. Enter e-mail address and password
    • (these are the ones used to create the account)
  2. Check box if you agree to the terms of service (required)
  3. Click LOGIN
  1. Pick an Institution
    1. Enter the passcode (provided by our Special Events office personnel)
    2. External
      • Pass Code (User Access Code): 31441202
    3. Click on “I want to purchase Tenant User Insurance”
    4. Click SUBMIT
  2. Select type of Event
    1. Select type of event from drop down menu
    2. Select number of participants
    3. Choose date(s) of events
    4. Click GO
  3. Apply for Insurance
    1. Review information given thoroughly
    2. Fill in information needed (in bold)
  4. Add Options – review carefully
    1. Click CONTINUE
    2. (Any errors will show up in red) Fill out completely!
  5. Purchase
    1. Review ALL information
    2. Payment method – You must pay using one of the credit cards listed below:
      (you may not reverse charges back to Angelo State University)
      • American Express
      • Master Card
      • Visa
    3. Click on CONTINUE
    4. Read the "Declaration of true statements" and then click OK
    5. Click on CONTINUE
    6. Then click PURCHASE

After you have purchased the insurance, you will be taken back to the homepage.