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Library Databases for Authorized ASU Students, Faculty & Staff

  • Academic Search Completeimageimageimage

    Description: Comprehensive scholarly, multidisciplinary database, featuring  more than 8,500 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journals. This database also offers indexing and abstracts for more than 12,500 journals and 13,200 publications including monographs, reports, conference proceedings, etc.

    Information coverage spans a broad range of important areas of academic study such as anthropology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, civil engineering, engineering, ethnic & multicultural studies, geology, law, materials science, mathematics, music, pharmaceutical sciences, physics, psychology, religion & theology, veterinary science, women’s studies, zoology, and many other fields.

    Service Provider: EBSCOhost

  • African American Newspapers (1827-1998) imageimage

    Description: Collection of approximately 270 U.S. newspapers chronicling a century and a half of the African American experience.

    Coverage spans life in the Antebellum South; the spread of abolitionism; growth of the Black church; the Emancipation Proclamation; the Jim Crow Era; the Great Migration to northern cities, the West and Midwest in search of greater opportunity; rise of the N.A.A.C.P.; the Harlem Renaissance; the Civil Rights movement; political and economic empowerment and more.

    Provider: Readex (NewsBank)

  • CQ Researcher Online image

    Description: Published online 44 times a year by CQ Press, offers original, comprehensive reporting on and unbiased analysis of issues in the news. Areas covered include health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy.

    Service Provider: CQ Press/SAGE

  • Newspaper Source imageimageimage

    Description: Provides cover-to-cover full text for more than 40 (U.S.) & international newspapers. The database also contains selective full text for 389 regional (U.S.) newspapers. In addition, full text television & radio news transcripts are included.

    Service Provider: EBSCOhost

  • Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1800 imageimage

    Description: Provides readers with a first-hand view of colonial America, the American Revolution and the New Republic, and offers important social, political and cultural perspectives of each of the periods.

    Thousands of articles, editorials, letters, news items and advertisements cover the Western Hemisphere, from the Canadian Maritime Provinces through the West Indies and North and South America, presenting a detailed glimpse of issues and lifestyles of the times.

    It also contains approximately 2900 articles from the publication the Pennsylvania Packet and a dozen or so articles from the Maryland Gazette, as well as the full-text of such important writings as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Letters from a Farmer, Thomas Payne’s Common Sense, The Federalist Papers and much more. (It is claimed that the publication later reemerged as The Saturday Evening Post.)

    Service Provider: Accessible Archives

  • Regional Business News imageimageimage

    Description: This database provides comprehensive full text coverage for regional business publications by incorporating more than 80 regional business publications covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States.

    Service Provider: EBSCOhost

  • Texas Reference Center imageimageimage

    Description: Texas specific product comprised of periodicals, reference books, reports, and other content relevant to the state. It contains more than 75 full text periodicals, 150 full text reference books, several Texas newspapers, and much more covering history, ethnic and cultural diversity, gender studies, literature, public health, home and gardening, sports, and leisure.

    Service Provider: EBSCOhost

  • Westlaw Campus Research image

    Description: Online research service that provides college and university students with access to a comprehensive collection of news and business information and law-related resources.

    Service Provider: Thomson Reuter

    News and Business Sources
    • Newspapers. Includes current and archival newspapers like The New York Times, USA Today, Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Boston Globe, and hundreds more!
    • Magazines. Provides current and archival issues of sought-after sources like Newsweek, the Economist, Consumer Reports, Spectator, Publishers Weekly, and Business Week.
    • Trade Journals. Offers current and archival issues for virtually any discipline. Includes titles like U.S. Banker, Securities Industry News, Accountancy Age, Advertising Age, PR Week, Modern Physician, and many more.
    • Company Information. Provides SEC filings and Hoover’s company records, including profiles for thousands of private and public U.S.corporations.
    • International Publications. Includes popular international sources like European Report, Middle East Observer, and World News Connection.
    • Newswires. Get the most current news from more than 400 newswires, including the Associated Press, U.S. Newswire, and numerous international wires.
    • Newsletters. Access timely information across many specialties, including Alternative Medicine Alert, Agricultural Chemical News, White House press releases, Wireless News, and many others.
    • Broadcast Transcripts. Offers more than 900 television and radio transcripts that include national and local news content from ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NBC, PBS, and BBC radio.
    • Foreign Language Publications. Search non-English news sources available in Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.
    Law Content

    Analytical Sources

    • American Jurisprudence 2d (Am Jur 2d). An encyclopedia that provides summary and analysis of all fields of American state and federal law. It contains many citations to cases, statutes, and law review articles. It also includes analysis of the spirit and intent of the courts in construing the law, and Legislative intent in enacting and amending the law.
    • American Law Reports (ALR). ALR provides a continually updated series of articles (annotations) on legal topics discussed in key cases. The articles provide objective analysis of different sides of an issue, written in a narrative style.
    • More than 800 law reviews and journals. Law reviews are scholarly journals published by most accredited law schools. They contain thorough discussions of current issues and trends in the law, with comprehensive analysis by scholars and legal professionals.They are also an excellent source of citations to cases. Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal, American Journal of Legal History, and Stanford Law Review are just a few of the hundreds of highly respected publications available.

    Primary Law Sources

    • United States Code Annotated (USCA) - combines the official text of the United States Code with relevant cases, historical notes, indexes, cross-references, and other annotations.
    • All federal and state cases including U.S. Supreme Court cases - an exclusive system of reporting federal and state cases that’s editorially enhanced for complete research.
    • State statutes and regulations - includes statutes from all 50 states and D.C. and administrative codes from all 44 states.
    • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) - the full body of federal administrative regulations.
    • Federal Register - includes 50,000 pages of current regulatory, administrative, and executive materials generated by key federal entities.
  • WestlawNext® Campus Research image

    Description: Provides college and university students with an easy-to-use online collection of select news and business information and law-related resources.

    Service Provider: Thomson Reuter

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