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June 2014

Take a rare glimpse into scholarly conversations about research!

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the peer review process? How do scholars evaluate one another’s work to ensure their information is accurate, analysis is strong, and results are presented well? Traditionally, these discussions have always been behind closed doors…

Until now! As more publishing happens online, more venues are appearing to enable scientists to comment on one another’s work. One such venue is PubMed Commons, which is part of PubMed. (PubMed is a database from the National Institutions of Health and has millions of citations for biomedical literature, with some links to full-text content.) PubMed Commons is intended to be a forum for open constructive criticism and discussion of scientific issues. At this point, only authors who have had an article published in PubMed are eligible to participate. They can comment on any publication in PubMed, rate the helpfulness of comments, and invite other eligible authors to join.

PubMed Commons is an exciting opportunity for conversations about scientific research to be brought out into the public sphere. Go check it out and let me know if you have any questions or comments! You can contact me at [at] 

Archive of entries in “Documents in the Spotlight”

Government Documents and Maps are part of the Reference Department of the Porter Henderson Library. The Collections are housed in a newly-remodeled corner of the Basement. The Library has been a selective depository for the Federal Depository Library Program since 1964 and a member of the Texas State Publications Depository Program since 1963. Budget cuts to the Texas State Library & Archives during the 2011 Legislative session, however, effectively ended the state publication program in July, 2011.

If you have questions regarding government publications or other government information, please contact Sarah Schmidt, Reference/Government Information Librarian, at 325-486-6527, or