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January 2014

REFERENCE COLLECTIONS (including Atlases, Oversize Reference, Permanent Reserve, Research Assistance Desk, & Reference/Storage)

KF5406.A15 F4 16th Edition 2014: Federal regulatory directory (16th ed.). Los Angeles: Sage Reference/CQ Press, 2014.

ML100 .K35 2012: Kennedy, M., & Rutherford-Johnson, T.; & Kennedy, J. B. (Ed.). (2012). The Oxford dictionary of music (6th ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

ML102.R6 R62 2012: Roberts, D. (Ed.). (2012). Rock chronicles: Every legend, every line-up, every look. Richmond Hill, ON: Firefly Books.

CIRCULATING COLLECTIONS (including Best Sellers, Closed Stacks, E-books, Oversize Books, Paperbacks, Professional Reading Area, & Remote Circulating)

BF637.N4 D53 2010: Diamond, S. (2010). Getting more: How to negotiate to achieve your goals in the real world. New York: Three Rivers Press.

BL325.C7 L442 (Electronic Book): Leeming, M. A., & Leeming, D. A. (2009). A dictionary of creation myths. New York: Oxford University Press.

BP130.4 .A77 2008: Asad, M., & Moustafa, A. (Translators & explanations). (2008). The message of the Qurʼān: The full account of the revealed Arabic text accompanied by parallel transliteration. London: Book Foundation.

CT770 .D43 2013eb: Debrett’s people of today 2013. London: Debrett’s Peerage, 2012. (Part of Credo Reference)

D856 .A56 2013eb: Slater, Wendy, & Lewis, D. S. (Eds.). (2013). The 2013 annual register: World events 2012. Boston: Credo Reference; Ann Arbor: ProQuest. (Part of Credo Reference)

DA485 .C89 2013: Czennia, B. (Ed.). (2013). Celebrity: The idiom of a modern era. New York: AMS Press, Inc. Series: AMS Studies in the Eighteenth Century, no. 70.

DS35.74.U6 A37 2013 (Electronic Book): Ahmed, A. S. (2013). The thistle and the drone: How America’s War on Terror became a global war on tribal Islam. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press.

DS79.76 .A846 2013 (Electronic Book): Aslam, W. (2013). The United States and great power responsibility in international society: Drones, rendition and invasion. Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. Series: New International Relations

DS371.2 .T74 2011 (Electronic Book): Tripathi, D. (2011). Breeding ground: Afghanistan and the origins of Islamist terrorism. Washington, DC: Potomac Books.

DS935.65 .B43 2010 (Electronic Book): Bechtol, B. E., Jr. (2010). Defiant failed state: The North Korean threat to international security. Washington, DC: Potomac Books.

DS935.775 .B43 2013 (Electronic Book): Bechtol, B. E., Jr. (2013). The last days of Kim Jong-il: The North Korean threat in a changing era. Washington, DC: Potomac Books.

E169.12 .B332 2014: Bayles, M. (2014). Through a screen darkly: Popular culture, public diplomacy, and America’s image abroad. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

E176.1 .F215 2012eb: Faber, C. F., & Faber, R. B. (2013). The American presidents ranked by performance, 1789-2012 (2nd ed.). Boston: Credo Reference; Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co. (Part of Credo Reference)

E178.6 .B43 2013 (Best Sellers): Beck, G., Balfe, K., & Beck, H. (2013). Miracles and massacres: True and untold stories of the making of America. New York: Threshold Editions/Mercury Radio Arts.

E184.M45 K725 2013: Kraybill, D. B., Johnson-Weiner, K., & Nolt, S. M. (2013). The Amish. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

E185 .B574 2013eb: Smith, J. C. (Ed.). (2013). Black firsts: 4,000 ground-breaking and pioneering historical events (3rd ed.). Detroit: Visible Ink Press. (Part of Credo reference)

E279 .K55 2013 (Best Sellers): Kilmeade, B., & Yaeger, D. (2013). George Washington’s secret six: The spy ring that saved the American Revolution. New York: Sentinel.

E310 .M37 2013 (Electronic Book): Martin, R. W. T. (2013). Government by dissent: Protest, resistance, and radical democratic thought in the early American republic. New York: New York University Press.

E459 .D53 2013 Vol. 2 (Electronic Book): Mackey, T. C. (Ed.). (2013). Documentary history of the American Civil War era. Volume 2, Political arguments. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press. Series: Voices of the Civil War.

E468 .M195 2003: Mayo, L. A. (2003). The house divided: America in the era of Civil War and Reconstruction (2nd ed.). Wheaton, IL: Abigail Press.

E477.67 .V37 2014: Varon, E. R. (2014). Appomattox: Victory, defeat, and freedom at the end of the Civil War. New York: Oxford University Press.

E757 .G66 2013 (Best Sellers): Goodwin, D. K. (2013). The bully pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of journalism. New York: Simon & Schuster.

E791 .B79 2013 (Best Sellers): Bryson, B. (2013). One summer: America, 1927. New York: Doubleday.

E842.9 .D325 2013 (Closed Stacks): The day Kennedy died: 50 years later LIFE remembers the man and the moment. New York: LIFE Books, 2013.

E842.9 .H55 2013 (Best Sellers): Hill, C., & McCubbin, L. (2013). Five days in November. New York: Gallery Books.

E902 .B353 2013: Baker, P. (2013). Days of fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House. New York: Doubleday.

F296 .M114 2013: Márquez, J. D. (2013). Black-brown solidarity: Racial politics in the new Gulf South. Austin: University of Texas Press.

F385 .B458 2013: Bernhard, V. (Ed.). (2013). The Hoggs of Texas: Letters and memoirs of an extraordinary family 1887-1906. Denton: Texas State Historical Association.

F389 .M396 2013: Matovina, T. M., Teja, J. F. de la, & Poché, J. D. (Eds.). (2013). Recollections of a Tejano life: Antonio Menchaca in Texas history. Austin: University of Texas Press. Series: Jack and Doris Smothers Series in Texas History, Life, and Culture, number thirty-nine.

F390 .T385 2012: Stevens, K. R., Cantrell, G., & Stevens, N. R. (Eds.). (2012). The Texas Legation papers, 1836-1845. Fort Worth: TCU Press.

F805.S75 M34 2012: Madrid-Barela, A., & Gandert, M. A. (2012). In the country of empty crosses: The story of a Hispano family in Catholic New Mexico. San Antonio: Trinity University Press.

GV576 .T66 2011eb: Tomlinson, A. (2011). The atlas of sports: Who plays what, where, and why. Berkeley: University of California Press.

GV885.73.S34 G37 2013: García, I. M. (2013). When Mexicans could play ball: Basketball, race, and identity in San Antonio, 1928-1945. Austin: University of Texas Press.

GV1041 .G53 2012: Glaskin, M. (2012). Cycling science: How rider and machine work together. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

H61.8 .B55 2013: Billig, M. (2013). Learn to write badly: How to succeed in the social sciences. New York: Cambridge University Press.

HB99.7 .E528 2013eb: Cate, T. (Ed.). (2013). An encyclopedia of Keynesian economics (2nd ed.). Boston: Credo Reference; Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar. Series: Elgar Original Reference. (Part of Credo Reference)

HB3717 2008 .B55 2013: Blinder, A. S. (2013). After the music stopped: The financial crisis, the response, and the work ahead. New York: Penguin Press.

HB3722 .S792 2014: Starkman, D. (2014). The watchdog that didn’t bark: The financial crisis and the disappearance of investigative reporting. New York: Columbia University Press. Series: Columbia Journalism Review Books.

HC110.I5 I524 2012 (Electronic Book): Dadush, Uri B., et al. (2012). Inequality in America: Facts, trends, and international perspective. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press.

HD57.7 .M845 2012: Mukunda, G. (2012). Indispensable: When leaders really matter. Boston: Harvard Business Review Press.

HD9560.5 .C576 2013 (Electronic Book): Colgan, J. (2013). Petro-aggression: When oil causes war. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

HD9569.8 .Z83 2013: Zuckerman, G. (2013). The frackers: The outrageous inside story of the new billionaire wildcatters. New York: Portfolio/Penguin.

HF5382.7 .K39 2013 (Electronic Book): Kay, A. (2013). This is how to get your next job: An inside look at what employers really want. New York: American Management Association.

HF5415.332.Y66 F76 2013 (Electronic Book): Fromm, J., & Garton, C. (2013). Marketing to millennials: Reach the largest and most influential generation of consumers ever. New York: AMACOM.

HF5429 .M337 2013: Massengill, R. P. (2013). Wal-Mart wars: Moral populism in the twenty-first century. New York: New York University Press.

HF5718 .C75 2014: Crick, N. (2014). Rhetorical public speaking (2nd ed.). Boston: Pearson.

HG8782 .H53 2010: Herzog, T. N. (2010). Introduction to credibility theory (4th ed.). Winsted, CT: ACTEX Publications. Series: ACTEX Academic Series.

HG8782 .H531 2010: Herzog, T. N. (2010). Solutions manual for introduction to credibility theory (4th ed.). Winsted, CT: ACTEX Publications.

HM13 .S524 1986: Short, J. F., Jr. (Ed.). (1986). The Social fabric: Dimensions and issues. Beverly Hills: Sage Publications. Series: American Sociological Association Presidential Series.

HM736 .G384 2013 (Electronic Book): Gupta, R., & Brooks, H. (2013). Using social media for global security. Indianapolis: John Wiley & Sons.

HM743.T95 M87 2013: Murthy, D. (2013). Twitter: Social communication in the Twitter age. Malden, MA: Polity. Series: Digital Media and Society.

HM756 .B55 2010eb: Blackshaw, T. (2010). Key concepts in community studies. Boston: Credo Reference; Los Angeles: SAGE. Series: Sage Key Concepts. (Part of Credo Reference)

HN90.S6 E26 2013 (Electronic Book): Rycroft, R. S. (Ed.). (2013). The economics of inequality, poverty, and discrimination in the 21st century. Santa Barbara: Praeger.

HT123 .W88 2013 (Electronic Book): Wuthnow, R. (2013). Small-town America: Finding community, shaping the future. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

HV95 .K38 2014: Kenworthy, L. (2014). Social democratic America. New York: Oxford University Press.

HV1445 .D35 2012 (Electronic Book): Dail, P. W. (2012). Women and poverty in 21st century America. Jefferson, NC: McFarland.

HV5840.M4 G727 2012 (Electronic Book): Grayson, G. W., Logan, S., & Nicolai, L. C. (2012). The executioner’s men: Los Zetas, rogue soldiers, criminal entrepreneurs, and the shadow state they created. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers.

HV6431 .B65 2012 (Electronic Book): Bolz, F., Jr., Dudonis, K. J., & Schulz, D. P. (2012). The counterterrorism handbook: Tactics, procedures, and techniques (4th ed.). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. Series: CRC Series in Practical Aspects of Criminal and Forensic Investigations, 54.

HV6431 .J636 2013 (Electronic Book): Johnson, R. (2013). Antiterrorism and threat response: Planning and implementation. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

HV6431 .M4336 2013 (Electronic Book): Medina, R. M., & Hepner, G. F. (2013). The geography of international terrorism: An introduction to spaces and places of violent non-state groups. Boca Raton, FL: Taylor & Francis.

HV6431 .N38 2013 (Electronic Book): Navarro, J. (2013). Hunting terrorists: A look at the psychopathology of terror (2nd ed.). Springfield, L: Charles C Thomas Publisher, LTD.

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