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CIRCULATING COLLECTION (including Best Sellers, Closed Stacks, E-books, Oversize Books, Paperbacks, Professional Reading Area, & Remote Circulating)

B824.4 .S9413 2014 (Electronic Book): Svendsen, L. F. H. (2014). A philosophy of freedom. London: Reaktion Books.

BF408 .Q37 2013 (Electronic Book): Quart, A. (2013). Republic of outsiders: The power of amateurs, dreamers, and rebels. New York: New Press.

BF636.6 .M55 2011 (Electronic Book): Milner, J., & Bateman, J. (2011). Working with children and teenagers using solution focused approaches: Enabling children to overcome challenges and achieve their potential. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

BF636.65 .H36 2011 (Electronic Book): McAuliffe, G., & Eriksen, K. (Eds.). (2011). Handbook of counselor preparation: Constructivist, developmental, and experiential approaches. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

BF698.5 .M85 2014 (Electronic Book): Hopwood, C. J., & Bornstein, R. F. (Eds.). (2014). Multimethod clinical assessment. New York: The Guilford Press.

BF722.3 .G48 2015 (Electronic Book): Geva, E., & Wiener, J. (2015). Psychological assessment of culturally and linguistically diverse children and adolescents: A practitioner’s guide. New York: Springer Publishing Company.

BJ1475.3 .S56 2015 (Electronic Book): Singer, P. (2015). Famine, affluence, and morality. New York: Oxford University Press.

BJ1725 .G86 2012 (Electronic Book): Gunsalus, C. K. (2012). The young professional’s survival guide: From cab fares to moral snares. Boston: Credo Reference; Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. (Part of Credo Reference)

BL80.3 .C69 2015 (Electronic Book): Cowan, D. E., & Bromley, D. G. (2015). Cults and new religions: A brief history (2nd ed.). Malden, MA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Series: Wiley Blackwell Brief Histories of Religion.

D21.3 .E87 2013 (Electronic Book): Evans, R. J. (2013). Altered pasts: Counterfactuals in history. Waltham, MA: Brandeis University Press/Historical Society of Israel. Series: The Menahem Stern Jerusalem Lectures.

D21.3 .P56 2012 (Electronic Book): McClarnand MacKinnon, E., & MacKinnon, A. S. (Eds.). (2012). Places of encounter: V. One, to 1600: Time, place, and connectivity in world history. Boston: Credo Reference; Boulder, CO: Westview Press. (Part of Credo Reference)

D21.3 .P56 2012 vol. 2 (Electronic Book): McClarnand MacKinnon, E., & MacKinnon, A. S. (Eds.). (2012). Places of encounter: V. Two, since 1500: Time, place, and connectivity in world history. Boston, MA: Credo Reference; Boulder, CO: Westview Press. (Part of Credo Reference)

D359 .Z36 2015 (Electronic Book): Zamoyski, A. (2015). Phantom terror: Political paranoia and the creation of the modern state 1789-1848. New York: Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group.

D412 .M335 2013 (Electronic Book): MacNeil/Lehrer world leaders videos. Boston: Credo Reference; [Arlington, VA]: MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, 2013. (Part of Credo Reference)

D545.V3 J36 2014 (Electronic Book): Jankowski, P. (2014). Verdun: The longest battle of the Great War. New York: Oxford University Press.

D720 .B584 2015 (Electronic Book): Blom, P. (2015). Fracture: Life and culture in the West, 1918-1938. New York: Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group.

D769 .W57 2015 (Best Sellers): Winik, J. (2015). 1944: FDR and the year that changed history. New York: Simon & Schuster.

DA995.D75 D54 2014 (Electronic Book): Dickson, D. (2014). Dublin: The making of a capital city. Cambridge, MA: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.

DC110 .S76 2015 (Electronic Book): Stovall, T. (2015). Transnational France: The modern history of a universal nation. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

DC183 .T26 2015 (Electronic Book): Tackett, T. (2015). The coming of the terror in the French Revolution. Cambridge, MA: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.

DG249 .M33 2015 (Electronic Book): MacDonald, E. (2015). Hannibal: A Hellenistic life. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

DS37.6.A2 A713 2012 (Electronic Book): Sabry, T. (Ed.). (2012). Arab cultural studies: Mapping the field. Boston: Credo Reference; New York: I. B. Tauris. (Part of Credo Reference)

DS95 .M35 2015 (Electronic Book): McHugo, J. (2015). Syria: A history of the last hundred years. New York: The New Press.

DS119.76 .Z68 2014 (Electronic Book): Zoughbie, D. (2014). Indecision points: George W. Bush and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. Series: Belfer Center Studies in International Security.

DS195.5 .C483 2015 (Electronic Book): Cheterian, V. (2015). Open wounds: Armenians, Turks and a century of genocide. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

DS918 .A85 2014: Matray, J. I., & Boose, D. W., Jr. (Eds.). (2014). The Ashgate research companion to the Korean War. Burlington, VT: Ashgate Pub. Limited. Series: Ashgate Research Companions.

E169.12 .B294 2015 (Electronic Book): Barnhisel, G. (2015). Cold War modernists: Art, literature, and American cultural diplomacy. New York: Columbia University Press.

E176 .M335 2013 (Electronic Book): MacNeil/Lehrer United States government leaders videos. Boston: Credo Reference; [Arlington, VA]: MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, 2013. (Part of Credo Reference)

E176.1 .M335 2013 (Electronic Book): MacNeil/Lehrer United States presidents videos. Boston: Credo Reference; [Arlington, VA]: MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, 2013. (Part of Credo Reference)

E184.S75 C275 2014 (Electronic Book): Caraballo, V, McLaughlin, G. C., & McLaughlin, H. (2014). Leading Latino talent to champion innovation. New York: Business Expert Press. Series: Strategic Management Collection.

E185 .B8127 2012 (Electronic Book): Bracks, L.L. (2012). African American almanac: 400 years of triumph, courage and excellence. Canton, MI: Visible Ink Press; Boston: Credo Reference. (Part of Credo Reference)

E747 .D74 2012 (Electronic Book): Dreier, P. (2012). The 100 greatest Americans of the 20th century: A social justice hall of fame. New York: Nation Books; Boston: Credo Reference. (Part of Credo Reference)

E840 .B647 2015 (Electronic Book): Bohn, M. K. (2015). Presidents in crisis: Tough decisions inside the White House from Truman to Obama. New York: Arcade Publishing.

E877.3 .O74 2015 (Best Sellers): O’Reilly, B., & Dugard, M. (2015). Killing Reagan: The violent assault that changed a presidency. New York: Henry Holt and Company.

F391 .A28 2015 (Electronic Book): Alexander, B. (2015). Six-shooters and shifting sands: The wild west life of Texas Ranger Captain Frank Jones. Denton: University of North Texas Press. Series: Francis B. Vick Series, no. 15.

GR111.M49 H46 2014 (Electronic Book): Hendrickson, B. (2014). Border medicine: A transcultural history of Mexican American curanderismo. New York: New York University Press. Series: North American Religions.

GR830.W4 S68 2012 (Electronic Book): Steiger, B. (2012). The werewolf book: The encyclopedia of shape-shifting beings (2nd ed.). Canton, MI: Visible Ink Press; Boston: Credo Reference. (Part of Credo Reference)

GT3925 .H64 2015 (Electronic Book): Holidays, festivals and celebrations of the world dictionary: Detailing more than 3,300 observances from all 50 states and more than 100 nations (5th ed.). Detroit: Omnigraphics, Inc.; Boston: Credo Reference. (Part of Credo Reference)

GV342 .S73 2014 (Electronic Book): Stolz, S. A. (2014). The philosophy of physical education: A new perspective. New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis. Series: Routledge Studies in Physical Education and Youth Sport.

GV1469.3 .V565 2015 (Electronic Book): Wolf, M. J. P. (2015). Video games around the world. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

GV350 .B37 2015: Bass, J. R., Schaeperkoetter, C. C., & Bunds, K. S. (2015). The “Front Porch”: Examining the increasing interconnection of university and athletic department funding. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Series: ASHE Higher Education Report, volume 41, number 5.
HB171 .H346 2014 (Electronic Book): Hahnel, R. (2014). The ABCs of political economy: A modern approach (Revised & expanded ed.). London: Pluto Press.

HB3711 .K627 2015 (Electronic Book): Knoop, T. A. (2015). Business cycle economics: Understanding recessions and depressions from boom to bust. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC.

HC79.P63 E27 2013 (Electronic Book): Easterly, W. (2013). The tyranny of experts: Economists, dictators, and the forgotten rights of the poor. New York: Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Book Group.

HC415.15 .C36 2015 (Electronic Book): Cammett, M. C., Diwan, I., Richards, A., & Waterbury, J. (Eds.). (2015). A political economy of the Middle East (4th ed.). Boulder, CO: Westview Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group.

HD30.15 .K894 2013 (Electronic Book): Kurian, G. T. (2013). The AMA dictionary of business and management. Boston: Credo Reference; New York: Amacom. (Part of Credo Reference)

HD30.28 .H526 2012 (Electronic Book): Hill, B. E.; & Power, D. (2012). The pocket small business owner’s guide to business plans. New York: Allworth Press.

HD31 .K4624 2011 (Electronic Book): Tadajewski, M., et al. (2011). Key concepts in critical management studies. Boston: Credo Reference; Los Angeles: SAGE. Series: SAGE Key Concepts. (Part of Credo Reference)

HD38.5 .S343 2015 (Electronic Book): Schlegel, G. L., & Trent, R. J. (2015). Supply chain risk management: An emerging discipline. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. Series: Series on Resource Management.

HD45 .R244 2014 (Electronic Book): Radjou, N., & Prabhu, J. (2014). Frugal innovation: How to do more with less. New York: PublicAffairs.

HD58.9 .N579 2014 (Electronic Book): Niven, P. R. (2014). Balanced scorecard evolution: A dynamic approach to strategy execution. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Series: Wiley Corporate F & A Series.

HD62.5 .T53 2013 (Electronic Book): Tice, C. (2013). The pocket small business owner’s guide to starting your business on a shoestring. New York: Skyhorse Pub., Allworth Press.

HD62.7 .F67 2015 (Electronic Book): Fotopulos, D. (2015). Accounting for the numberphobic: A small business survival guide. New York: AMACOM.

HD69.S8 L475 2015 (Electronic Book): Levine, A. G. (2015). Networking for nerds: Find, access and land hidden game-changing career opportunities everywhere. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Blackwell.

HD2368.U6 L384 2015 (Electronic Book): Loomis, E. (2015). Out of sight: The long and disturbing story of corporations outsourcing catastrophe. New York: The New Press.

HD5715 .B54 2015 (Electronic Book): Biech, E. (2015). 101 ways to make learning active beyond the classroom. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

HD6053 .W477 2014 (Electronic Book): Williams, J., & Dempsey, R. (2014). What works for women at work: Four patterns working women need to know. New York: New York University Press.

HD8730.5 .S45 2015 (Electronic Book): Shin, G.-W., & Choi, J. N. (2015). Global talent: Skilled labor as social capital in Korea. Stanford: Stanford University Press. Series: Studies of the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center.

HE9713 .W69 2014 (Electronic Book): Woyke, E. (2014). The smartphone: Anatomy of an industry. New York: The New Press.

HF5381 .F58 2011 (Electronic Book): Fitzpatrick, C., & Costantini, K. (2011). Counseling 21st century students for optimal college and career readiness: A 9th-12th grade curriculum. New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

HF5388 .H875 2014 (Electronic Book): Husein, U. M. (2014). Management in Islamic countries: Principles and practice. New York: Business Expert Press. Series: International Business Collection.

HF5389.3.A78 S39 2015 (Electronic Book): Schweitzer, S., & Alexander, L. (2015). Access to Asia: Your multicultural guide to building trust, inspiring respect, and creating long-lasting business relationships. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

HF5549.5.I6 B375 2014 (Electronic Book): Baur, J. (2014). The essential job interview handbook: A quick and handy resource for every job seeker. Boston: Credo Reference; Pompton Plains, NJ: The Career Press, Inc. (Part of Credo Reference)

HG1709 .P35 2015 (Electronic Book): Palmer, A. (2015). Smart money: How high-stakes financial innovation is reshaping our world - for the better. New York: Basic Books.

HM554 .B687 2015 (Electronic Book): Bourke, J. (2015). Deep violence: Military violence, war play, and the social life of weapons. Berekeley: Counterpoint.

HN49.V64 V643 2015 (Electronic Book): Rosenthal, R. J. (Ed.). (2015). Volunteer engagement 2.0: Ideas and insights changing the world. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

HQ769 .G56 2015 (Electronic Book): Ginsburg, K. R., & Jablow, M. M. (2015). Building resilience in children and teens: Giving kids roots and wings (3rd ed.). Elk Grove, IL: American Academy of Pediatrics.

HQ1090.3 .K55175 2013 (Electronic Book): Kimmel, M. S. (2013). Angry white men: American masculinity at the end of an era. New York: Nation Books.

HQ1870.9 .K62 2014 (Electronic Book): Klugman, J., Hanmer, L., Twigg, S., Hasan, T., McCleary-Sills, J., & Santamaria, J. (2014). Voice and agency: Empowering women and girls for shared prosperity. Washington, DC: World Bank Group.

HT1521 .B474 2013 (Electronic Book): Bethencourt, F. (2013). Racisms: From the Crusades to the twentieth century. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

HV10.5 .T49 2015 (Electronic Book): Thyer, B. A., & Pignotti, M. (2015). Science and pseudoscience in social work practice. New York: Springer Publishing Company.

HV696.F6 G75 2015: Gritter, M. (2015). The policy and politics of food stamps and SNAP. New York: Palgrave MacMillan. Series: Palgrave Pivot.

HV2474 .S67 2011 (Electronic Book): Friedrichs, B. R., Stewart, D. A., et al. (2011). E-Z American Sign Language (3rd ed.). Boston: Credo Reference; Hauppauge, NY: Barron’s Educational Series. Series: E-Z. (Part of Credo Reference)

HV6431 .F543 2014 (Electronic Book): Mickolus, E. F., & Simmons, S. L. (2014). The 50 worst terrorist attacks. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger Security International.

HV6432 .H384 2014 (Electronic Book): Hashmi, T. ul-I. (2014). Global jihad and America: The hundred-year war beyond Iraq and Afghanistan. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

HV6433.M6283 Q34 2014: Celso, A. (2014). Al Qaeda’s post 9/11 devolution: The failed jihadist struggle against the near and far enemy. New York: Bloomsbury Academic.

HV6529 .D67 2015 (Electronic Book): Doss, K. T., & Shepherd, C. D. (2015). Active shooter: Preparing for and responding to a growing threat. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

JA75.7 .H53 2014 (Electronic Book): Hibbing, J. R., Smith, K. B., & Alford, J. R. (2014). Predisposed: Liberals, conservatives, and the biology of political differences. New York: Routledge.

JC495 .D5495 2014: Jacob, F. (Ed.). (2014). Diktaturen ohne Gewalt? Wie Diktatoren ihre Macht behaupten = Dictatorships without violence? How dictators assert their power. Würzburg, Germany: Königshausen & Neumann. Series: Globalhistorische Komparativstudien, 2.

JC573.2.U6 B757 2015 (Best Sellers): Brock, D. (2015). Killing the messenger: The right-wing plot to derail Hillary and hijack your government. New York: Twelve.

JF1051 .T66 2015 (Electronic Book): Tormey, S. (2015). The end of representative politics. Malden, MA: Polity Press.

JF1525.P85 L36 2014 (Electronic Book): Lamer, M. (2014). The pocket small business owner’s guide to working with the government. New York: Allworth Press.

JK468.S4 H67 2015 (Electronic Book): Horton, Sc. (2015). Lords of secrecy: The national security elite and America’s stealth warfare. New York: Nation Books.

JK528 .T56 2015 (Electronic Book): Thomas, G. S. (2015). Counting the votes: A new way to analyze America’s presidential elections. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC.

JK1726 .S89 2015 (Electronic Book): Suzuki, J. (2015). Constitutional calculus: How mathematical logic can help America become a just society. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. (Series: UPCC Book Collections on Project MUSE)

JZ1242 .D54 2011 (Electronic Book): Diez, T., Costa, A. F. da, & Bode, I. (2011). Key concepts in international relations. Boston: Credo Reference; Los Angeles: SAGE Publications. Series: SAGE Key Concepts. (Part of Credo Reference)

JZ1312 .G74 2013 (Electronic Book): Greco, A. F. (2013). Chomsky’s challenge to American power: A guide for the critical reader. Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press.

JZ6009.K7 B43 2014: Bechtol, B. E., Jr. (2014). North Korea and regional security in the Kim Jong-un era: A new international security dilemma. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Series: Palgrave Pivot.

K1401 .J646 2015 (Electronic Book): Johnson, S. (2015). Guide to intellectual property: What it is, how to protect it, how to exploit it. New York: The Economist in Association with Profile Books Ltd. and Public Affairs.

KF2910.P75 W44 2015 (Electronic Book): Wheeler, A. M., & Bertram, B. (2015). The counselor and the law: A guide to legal and ethical practice (7th ed.). Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association.

KF9322 .G65 2012 (Electronic Book): Goodmark, L. (2012). A troubled marriage: Domestic violence and the legal system. New York: New York University.

KF9730 .S566 2014 (Electronic Book): Simon, J. (2014). Mass incarceration on trial: A remarkable court decision and the future of prisons in America. New York: The New Press.

KF9750.5 .P47 2016 (Electronic Book): Percival, G. L. (2016). Smart on crime: The struggle to build a better American penal system. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

LA217.2 .M366 2014 (Electronic Book): Martinez, M., & McGrath, D. (2014). Deeper learning: How eight innovative public schools are transforming education in the twenty-first century. New York: The New Press.

LA245.S4 R59 2015 (Electronic Book): Rizga, K. (2015). Mission High: One school, how experts tried to fail it, and the students and teachers who made it triumph. New York: Nation Books.

LB41.5 .P47 2014 (Electronic Book): Perkins, D. N. (2014). Future wise: Educating our children for a changing world. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass & Pfeiffer Imprints, Wiley.

LB1027.5 .G929 2012 (Electronic Book): Gysbers, N. C., & Henderson, P. (2012). Developing & managing your school guidance & counseling program (5th ed.). Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association.

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LB1027.5 .N455 2011 (Electronic Book): Nelson, M. D. (2015). The school counselor’s guide: Middle school guidance curriculum activities. New York: Routledge.

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LB1027.55 .K63 2014 (Electronic Book): Knapp, S. E., Jongsma, A. E., & Dimmitt, C. L. (2014). The school counseling and school social work treatment planner, with DSM-5 updates (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Series: PracticePlanners®.

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LB2342.92 .M55 2015 (Electronic Book): Miller, T. E., & Sorochty, R. W. (2015). Risk management in student affairs: Foundations for safety and success. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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