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REFERENCE COLLECTIONS (including Atlases, Oversize Reference, Permanent Reserve, reference Desk, & Reference/Storage)

QL703 .H355 v. 4: Wilson, D. E., Martinez-Vilalta, A., & Leslie, D., jr. (Eds.). (2014). Handbook of the mammals of the world: 4. Sea mammals. Barcelona: Lynx Edicions: Conservation International: IUCN.

CIRCULATING COLLECTIONS (including Best Sellers, Closed Stacks, E-books, Oversize Books, Paperbacks, Professional Reading Area, & Remote Circulating)

B51 .V6313 2014 (Electronic Book): Cassin, B. (Ed.). (2014). Dictionary of untranslatables: A philosophical lexicon. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press; Boston: Credo Reference. (Part of Credo Reference)

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