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CIRCULATING COLLECTIONS (including Best Sellers, Closed Stacks, E-books, Oversize Books, Paperbacks, Professional Reading Area, & Remote Circulating)

BF789.D4 D95 2012 (Electronic Book): Sofka, C., Cupit, I. N., & Gilbert, K. (Eds.). (2012). Dying, death, and grief in an online universe: For counselors and educators. New York: Springer Publishing Company, LLC.

BP52 .S43 2015: Arjana, S. R. (2015). Muslims in the Western imagination. New York: Oxford University Press.

BV4647.M4 F73 2016 (Best Sellers): Francis, [Pope]., & Tornielli, A. (2016). The name of God is mercy/A conversation with Andrea Tornielli. Publisher: New York: Random House.

DS318.85 .M8725 2014: Murray, W., & Woods, K. M. (2014). The Iran-Iraq War: A military and strategic history. New York: Cambridge University Press.

E178 .O3 2013: Oakes, J., McGerr, M., Lewis, J. E., Cullather, N., Boydston, J., Summers, M., & Townsend, C. (2013). Of the people: A history of the United States (Concise, ed., 2nd ed., & Instructor’s ed.). New York: Oxford University Press.

E487 .B65 2015 (Electronic Book): Bonekemper, E. H., III. (2015). The myth of the lost cause: Why the South fought the Civil War and why the North won. Washington, DC: Regnery Publishing.

E487 .R183 2015 (Electronic Book): Rable, G. C. (2015). Damn Yankees! Demonization and defiance in the Confederate South. Louisiana State University Press: Baton Rouge. Series: Walter Lynwood Fleming Lectures in Southern History, Louisiana State University.

GT596 .S56 2014 (Electronic Book): Sims, J. (2014). 100 ideas that changed street style. London: Laurence King Publishing; Boston: Credo Reference. (Part of Credo Reference)

GT4985 .C74 2013 (Electronic Book): Crump, W. D. (2013). The Christmas encyclopedia (3rd ed.). Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers; Boston: Credo Reference. (Part of Credo Reference)

HB74.P8 A49443 2015 (Electronic Book): Akerlof, G. A., & Shiller, R. J. (2015). Phishing for phools: The economics of manipulation and deception. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

HD30.4 .S763 2011 (Electronic Book): Stokes, P. (2011). Key concepts in business and management research methods. New York: Palgrave Macmillan; Boston: Credo Reference. Series: Palgrave Key Concepts. (Part of Credo Reference)

HD58.8 .T56 2011 (Electronic Book): Thota, H., & Munir, Z. (2011). Key concepts in innovation. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire, [UK]: Palgrave Macmillan; Boston: Credo Reference. Series: Palgrave Key Concepts. (Part of Credo Reference)

HG3881 .T88 2016 (Electronic Book): Turner, A. (2016). Between debt and the devil: Money, credit, and fixing global finance. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

HM821 .C676 2014: Cooper, M. (2014). Cut adrift: Families in insecure times. Oakland: University of California Press.

HQ801.A3 .L684 2015 (Electronic Book): Cundy, L. (Ed.). (2015). <em>Love in the age of the internet:  attachment in the digital era</em>. London: Karnac Books Ltd.

HQ1061 .H336 2015 (Electronic Book): George, L. K., Ferraro, K. F., Carr, D. S., Wilmoth, J. M., & Wolf, D. (Eds.) (2015). Handbook of aging and the social sciences (8th ed.). Amsterdam: Elsevier/Academic Press; Boston: Credo Reference. (Part of Credo Reference)

HQ1410 .O75 2015: Orleck, A. (2015). Rethinking American women’s activism. New York: Routledge. Series: American Social and Political Movements of the Twentieth Century.

HQ1662 .C575 2012 (Electronic Book): Clements, B. E. (2012). A history of women in Russia: From earliest times to the present. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

HV5089 .M354 2016: McGirr, L. (2016). The war on alcohol: Prohibition and the rise of the American state. New York: W. W. Norton & Company.

JC599.U5 M373 2016 (Best Sellers): Mayer, J. (2016). Dark money: The hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the radical right. New York: Doubleday.

JK276 .B473 2014: Bessette, J. M., & Pitney, J. J., Jr. (2014). American government and politics: Deliberation, democracy and citizenship (2nd ed.; Instructor’s ed.). Boston: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.

KF154 .W4722 2015 (Electronic Book): Tyrkus, M. J. (Ed.). (2016). American law yearbook, 2015. Farmington Hills, MI: Gale, Cengage Learning. (Part of Gale Virtual Reference Library)

KF4150 .W37 2013 (Electronic Book): Warnick, B. R. (2013). Understanding student rights in schools: Speech, religion, and privacy in educational settings. New York: Teachers College Press, Teachers College, Columbia University.

KF4774 .S339 2015 (Electronic Book): Schudson, M. (2015). The rise of the right to know: Politics and the culture of transparency, 1945-1975. Cambridge, MA: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.

LB2391.G7 B75 2015 (Electronic Book): British qualifications 2015: A complete guide to professional, vocational & academic qualifications in the United Kingdom (45th ed.). Philadelphia: Kogan Page; Boston: Credo Reference, 2015. (Part of Credo Reference)

LC212.42 .M87 2015: Museus, S. D., Ledesma, M. C., & Parker, T. L. (2015). Racism and racial equity in higher education. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Periodicals; San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Series: ASHE Higher Education Report, v.42, no.1.

LC985 .W45 2016: Wells, C. A. (2016). Realizing general education: Reconsidering conceptions and renewing practice. San Francisco: Wiley Subscription Services. Series: ASHE Higher Education Report, v. 42, no. 2.

LC4181 .S68 2016: Souers, K., & Hall, P. A. (2016). Fostering resilient learners: Strategies for creating a trauma-sensitive classroom. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

MT723 .A42 2013: Aikin, J. (2013). Csound power! The comprehensive guide. Boston: Course Technology PTR.

PA25.L65 G3 2016: Galen; Johnston, I. (Ed.). (2016). On the constitution of the art of medicine; The art of medicine; A method of medicine to Glaucon. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Series: Loeb Classical Library, 523.

PBK (Paperbacks): Weir, A. (2014). The Martian: A novel. New York: Broadway Books.

PE1460 .G66 2011 (Electronic Book): Manser, M. H. (Ed.). (2011). Good word guide: The fast way to correct English - spelling, punctuation, grammar and usage (7th ed.). London: Bloomsbury; Boston: Credo Reference. (Part of Credo Reference)

PQ103 .L95 2016: Lyons, J. D. (Ed.). (2016) The Cambridge companion to French literature. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Series: Cambridge Companions to Topics.

PR115 .C36 2015: Peterson, L. H. (Ed.). (2015). The Cambridge companion to Victorian women’s writing. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Series: Cambridge Companions to Literature.

PR3404 .M6 2005: Defoe, D.; Scanlon, P. A. (Ed.). (2005). Moll Flanders. Orchard Park, NY: Broadview Editions. Series: Broadview Editions.

PR5264 .C36 2015: O’Gorman, F. (Ed.). (2015). The Cambridge companion to John Ruskin. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Series: Cambridge Companions to Literature.

PR6023.A66 Z733 2016: Rácz, I. D. (2016). Philip Larkin’s poetics: Theory and practice of an English post-war poet. Boston: Brill Rodopi. Series: Costerus, new series, volume 214.

PS374.M535 C36 2015: Miller, J. (Ed.). (2015). The Cambridge companion to the American modernist novel. New York: Cambridge University Press. Series: Cambridge Companions to Literature.

PS3507.O1833 O8 1972: Dobie, J. F. (1972). Out of the old rock. Boston : Little, Brown and Company.

PS3569.T33828 B59 2016 (Best Sellers): Steel, D. (2016). Blue: A novel. New York: Delacorte Press.

PS3569.T736 M9 2016 (Best Sellers): Strout, E. (2016). My name is Lucy Barton: A novel. New York: Random House.

PS3573.O642 S39 2016 (Best Sellers): Woods, S. (2016). Scandalous behavior. New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons. Series: Stone Barrington, bk. 36.

PS3603.R83 M35 2015: Crucet, J. C. (2015). Make your home among strangers. New York: St. Martin’s Press.

PS3610.O325 S47 2014 (Currently in Display Case): Johnson, C. (2014). A serpent’s tooth. New York: Penguin Books. Series: Walt Longmire Mystery.

QA11.2 .H85 2015 (Electronic Book): Hull, T. H., Miles, R. E. H., & Balka, D. S. (2015). Realizing rigor in the mathematics classroom. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin, a SAGE Company.

QA76.15 .D526 2010 (Electronic Book): Dictionary of computing (6th ed.). Boston: Credo Reference; London: A & C Black, 2010. (Part of Credo Reference)

QA76.889 .V38 2016 (Electronic Book): Vathsan, R. (2016). Introduction to quantum physics and information processing. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group.

QC21.3 .S47 2015: Serway, R. A., Vuille, C., & Hughes, J. (2015). College physics (10th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.

QE522 .E53 2015 (Electronic Book): Sigurdsson, H., Houghton, B. F., McNutt, S. R., Rymer, H., & Stix, J. (Eds.). (2015), The encyclopedia of volcanoes (2nd ed.). Boston: Elsevier/AP, Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier; Credo Reference. (Part of Credo Reference)

QC176.8.N35 M355 2014: Marcovich, A., & Shinn, T. (2014). Toward a new dimension: Exploring the nanoscale. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

QH366.2 .K326 2014: Kampourakis, K. (2014). Understanding evolution. New York: Cambridge University Press.

QL1 .O213 No. 329 (Electronic Book): Roberts, E. K., Crenshaw, H., Dunn, C. D., Francis, J. Q., Hood, W. L., II, Keith, M. S., Lindsey, L. L., Mangum, S. F., Ordóñez-Garza, N., Platt, R. N., II, & Bradley, R. D. (2015). A record of Microtus ochrogaster from the Llano Estacado and other distributional records of mammals from Texas. Lubbock: Museum of Texas Tech University. Series: Occasional Papers/Museum of Texas Tech University, no. 329.

QL1 .O213 No. 330 (Electronic Book): Thies, M. L., & Lewis, P. J. (2015). Effects of fire on small mammals of the Koanaka Hills, northwestern Botswana. Lubbock: Museum of Texas Tech University. Series: Occasional Papers/Museum of Texas Tech University, no. 330.

QL1 .O213 No. 331 (Electronic Book): Thompson, C. W., Stangl, F. B., Jr., & Bradley, R. D. (2015). Ancient hybridization and subsequent mitochondrial capture in ground squirrels (genus Ictidomys). Lubbock: Museum of Texas Tech University. Series: Occasional Papers/Museum of Texas Tech University, number 331.

QL1 .O213 No. 332 (Electronic Book): Geluso, K. N., & Geluso, K. (2015). Distribution and natural history of Nelson’s pocket mouse (Chaetodipus nelsoni) in the Guadalupe Mountains in southeastern New Mexico. Lubbock: Museum of Texas Tech University. Series: Occasional papers/Museum of Texas Tech University, number 332.

QL1 .O213 No. 333 (Electronic Book): Dreier, C. A., Geluso, K., Frisch, J. D., Adams, B. N., Lingenfelter, A. R., Bridger, A. E., Freeman, P. W., Lemen, C. A., White, J. A., Andersen, B. R., Otto, H. W., & Schmidt, C. J. (2015). Mammalian records from southwestern Kansas and northwestern Oklahoma, including the first record of Crawford’s Desert Shrew (Notiosorex crawfordi) from Kansas. Lubbock: Museum of Texas Tech University. Series: Occasional Papers/Museum of Texas Tech University, number 333.

QL1 .O213 No. 334 (Electronic Book): Lee, T. E., Jr., Ritchie, A. R., Vaca-Puente, S., Brokaw, J. M., Camacho, M. A., & Burneo, S. F. (2015). Small mammals of Guandera Biological Reserve, Carchi Province, Ecuador and comparative Andean small mammal ecology. Lubbock: Museum of Texas Tech University. Series: Occasional Papers/Museum of Texas Tech University, number 334.

QL1 .O213 No. 335 (Electronic Book): Jones, C., Yancey, F. D., II, & Manning, R. W. (2015). The mammals of Caprock Canyons State Park, Texas. (Lubbock: Museum of Texas Tech University. Series: Occasional Papers/Museum of Texas Tech University, number 335.

QL1 .O213 No. 336 (Electronic Book): Monks, S., Pulido-Flores, G., & Gardner, S. L. (2015). Emendation of Glyphobothrium and Glyphobothrium zwerneri (Tetraphyllidea) collected from Rhinoptera bonasus (Myliobatiformes: Myliobatidae) in Campeche, México, with details of the bothridial suckers. Lubbock: Museum of Texas Tech University. Series: Occasional Papers/Museum of Texas Tech University, number 336.

QL1 .O213 No. 337 (Electronic Book): Thomas, K. J., & Gardner, S. L. (2015). Coccidia (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from small mammals of the southwestern sandhills in Nebraska, USA. Lubbock: Museum of Texas Tech University. Series: Occasional Papers/Museum of Texas Tech University, number 337.

QM23.2 .M348 2014: Marieb, E. N., Wilhelm, P. B., & Mallatt, J. (2014). Human anatomy (7th ed.). Glenview, IL: Pearson.

QM25 .H88 2007: Hutchinson, M., Mallatt, J., Marieb, E. N., Wilhelm, P. B., Hutchings, R. T., Zanetti, N. C., & Hutchinson, M. (2007). A brief atlas of the human body (2nd ed.). San Francisco: Pearson Benjamin Cummings.

QP376 .K85 2006: Kurzweil, R. (2006). The singularity is near: When humans transcend biology. New York: Penguin Books.

RA601.5 .F637 2015 (Electronic Book): Ricke, S. C., Donaldson, J. R., & Phillips, C. A. (Eds.). (2015). Food safety: Emerging issues, technologies, and systems. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

RA771.5 .N87 2015 (Electronic Book): Kirchgessner, J. C., & Keeling, A. W. (Eds.). (2015). Nursing rural America: Perspectives from the early 20th century. New York: Springer Publishing Company, LLC.

RA1141 .M85 2014: Mulla, S. (2014). The violence of care: Rape victims, forensic nurses, and sexual assault intervention. New York: New York University Press.

RC108 .L83 2016 (Electronic Book): Larsen, P. D. (Ed.). (2016). Lubkin’s chronic illness: Impact and intervention (9th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. (Part of STAT!Ref)

RC280.L8 K35 2016 (Best Sellers): Kalanithi, P. (2016). When breath becomes air. New York: Random House.

RC480 .P792 2015 (Electronic Book): England, M. J., Butler, A. S., & Gonzalez, M. L. (Eds.). (2015). Psychosocial interventions for mental and substance use disorders: A framework for establishing evidence-based standards. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

RG105 .H368 2016 (Electronic Book): Hawkins, J. W., Roberto-Nichols, D. M., &
Stanley-Haney, J. L. (2016). Guidelines for nurse practitioners in gynecologic settings (11th ed.). New York: Springer Publishing Company, LLC. (Part of STAT!Ref)

RJ401 .N45 2016 (Electronic Book): Bradley, J. S., Nelson, J. B., Barnett, E. D., Cantey, J. B., Kimberlin, D. W., Palumbo, P. E., Sauberan, J., & Steinbach, W. J. (Eds.). (2016). 2016 Nelson’s pediatric antimicrobial therapy (22nd ed.). Elk Grove Village, IL: American Academy of Pediatrics. (Part of STAT!Ref)

RT41 .N886 2016 (Electronic Book): Lippincott nursing procedures (7th ed.). Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer. (Part of STAT!Ref)

RT41 .P844 2013: Potter, P. A., Perry, A. G., Hall, A., & Stockert, P. A. (Eds.). (2013). Fundamentals of nursing (8th ed.). St. Louis: Mosby Elsevier.

SF95 .S88 2014 (Electronic Book): Baynes, R., & Riviere, J. E. (Eds.) (2014). Strategies for reducing drug and chemical residues in food animals: International approaches to residue avoidance, management, and testing. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

SF768.2.C3 B67 2015 (Electronic Book): Hopper, R. M. (Ed.). (2015). Bovine reproduction. Ames: Wiley Blackwell.

SF961 .B7825 2015 (Electronic Book): Cockcroft, P. D. (Ed.). (2015). Bovine medicine (3rd ed.). Ames: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

T14.5 .J64 2014: Johnson, S. (2014). How we got to now: Six innovations that made the modern world. New York: Riverhead Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA).

TD224.T4 M87 2015 (Electronic Book): Murphy, N. S. (2015). Countering aridity: Attempts to forge a living in arid West Texas (Master’s thesis, MA, Texas Tech University). Lubbock, 2015,

TS1962 .M48 2016 (Electronic Book): Przybylski, W., & Hopkins, D. (Eds.). (2016). Meat quality: Genetic and environmental factors. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. Series: Chemical and Functional Properties of Food Components Series.

TT835 .C5954 2011: Clements, L. (2011). The quilter’s bible: The indispensable guide to patchwork, quilting and appliqué. Blue Ash, OH: David & Charles.

TX359 .L36 2015 (Electronic Book): Lang, T., & Heasman, M. (2015). Food wars: The global battle for mouths, minds and markets (2nd. ed.). New York: Earthscan, from Routledge.

TX360.U6 O24 2016 (Electronic Book): Obenchain, J., & Spark, A. (2016). Food policy: Looking forward from the past. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group.

UA830 .L44 2015 (Electronic Book): Lee, T. (2015). Defect or defend: Military responses to popular protests in authoritarian Asia. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

UB403 .B36 2015 (Electronic Book): Bannerman, S. (2015). Homefront 911: How families of veterans are wounded by our wars. New York: Arcade Publishing.

UB783 .S63 2016 (Electronic Book): Skaine, R. (2016). Sexual assault in the U.S. military: The battle within America’s Armed Forces. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC. Series: Praeger Security International.


PZ7.P3725 L37 2015: de la Peña, M., & Robinson, C. (2015). Last stop on Market Street. New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA). (Awards: Newbery Medal, 2016; Caldecott Honor, 2016; & Coretta Scott King Honor, Illustrator, 2016)

PZ7.W6713 G66 2015: Williams-Garcia, R. (2015). Gone crazy in Alabama. New York: Amistad, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers. (Award: Coretta Scott King Award, 2016)

PZ7.1.M38 F56 2015: Mattick, L., & Blackall, S. (2015). Finding Winnie: The true story of the world’s most famous bear. New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2015. (Award: Randolph Caldecott Medal, 2016)

PZ73.C45 A44 2011 (Big Books Bin): Chapra, M., & Avilés Junco, M. (2011). Amelia’s show-and-tell fiesta = Amelia y la fiesta de “muestra y cuenta”. Chicago: Wright Group/McGraw-Hill. Series: DLM Early Childhood Express.


CR4809 .S5 2002 v. 1-2: Shaw, W. A., & Burtchaell, G. D. (2002). The knights of England: A complete record from the earliest time to the present day of the knights of all the orders of chivalry in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and of knights bachelors. Baltimore,: Reprinted for Clearfield Company, Inc. by Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc.

CS71.I725 1996: Irwin, J. E. (Comp.). (1996). Descendants of Lockhart Jefferson Irwin and Nancy Ophelia Head (3rd revision). Lawton, OK: Jay E. Irwin.

CT275.L2665 G37 2012: Garner, D. (2012). Cinderella’s daughter and the secret of Big Bend. Bloomington, IN: iUniverse, Inc.

D756.5.N6 .T442 2005 (Closed Stacks): Thers, A. (2005). Soldiers in Normandy: The British, June to August 1944. Paris: Histoire & Collections.

D756.5.N6 T443 2005 (Closed Stacks): Thers, A. (2005). Soldiers in Normandy: The Germans, June to August 1944. Paris: Histoire & Collections.

E186.99.C55 A61 1998: Trimble, M. S. (Comp.). (1998). Ancestor lineages of members, Oklahoma State Society, Colonial Dames Seventeenth Century. Wyandotte, OK: The Gregath Publishing Company.

E616.C4 K67 2014: Douthat, J. L. (2014). Camp Chase: Federal Civil War prison camp, Columbus, Ohio. Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain Press.

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F232.N86 H435 2014: Headley, R. K., Jr. (2014). Northern Neck wills, inventories & other records, 1800-1825: Probate, estate, guardianship & chancery records for the Virginia counties of Westmoreland, Richmond, Northumberland & Lancaster. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.

F390 .J134 1982 (Closed Stacks): Jackson, J. (1982). Los tejanos. Stamford, CT: Fantagraphics Books.

F392.H67 A33: Adams, R. M. (Transcriber). (19??). Hopkins County, Texas jail record, 1875-1890. Sulfur Springs, TX: Hopkins County Genealogical Society.

F394.J67 J67 1977: Joshua, as it was and is, 1853-1976/compiled and written by the Joshua Historical Committee. Cleburne, TX: Bennett Printing Company.

F417.O9 M4 1976: Meadows, C. (1976). Wanderer of the hills. Cassville, MO: Litho Printers.

F443.D3 .W45 1996: Walls, P. U. (1996). Gone but not forgotten. Liberty, TN: Patsy U. Walls.

F443.D3 .W45 1999: Walls, P. U. (1999). Please remember me, 1996-1999. Liberty, TN: Patsy U. Walls.

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N8260 .W47 1978 (Closed Stacks): McAfee, M. J.; & Moss, M. E. (Ed.). (1978). The wars of Napoleon: Napoleonic material from the West Point Museum Collection: 15 May 1978 through 31 August 1978, Special Exhibition Gallery, West Point Museum. West Point, NY: United States Military Academy. Series: West Point Museum Bulletin, no. 3.

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NK8475.M5 W47 1982 (Closed Stacks): McAfee, M. J. (1982). The toy soldier: An historical review: A loan exhibition of European and American toy soldiers from the collections of LTC Dick von Schriltz, Michael J. McAfee and the West Point Museum. West Point, NY: United States Military Academy. Series: West Point Museum Bulletin, no. 5.

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