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CIRCULATING COLLECTION (including Best Sellers, Closed Stacks, E-books, Oversize Books, Paperbacks, Professional Reading Area, & Remote Circulating)

B2430.D484 P4213 2013 (Electronic Book): Peeters, B. (2013). Derrida: A biography. Malden, MA: Polity.

BJ1451 .S69 2012 (Electronic Book): Stern, R. (2012). Understanding moral obligation: Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard. New York: Cambridge University Press. Series: Modern European Philosophy.

BQ4570.S3 L68 2012 (Electronic Book): Lopez, D. S., Jr. (2012). The scientific Buddha: His short and happy life. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. Series: The Terry Lectures.

BR162.3 .W55 2012 (Electronic Book): Wilken, R. L. (2012). The first thousand years: A global history of Christianity. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

BT301.3 .A85 2013 (Best Sellers): Aslan, R. (2013). ZEALOT: The life and times of Jesus of Nazareth. New York: Random House.

D568.4.L45 A66 2013 (Best Sellers): Anderson, S. (2013). Lawrence in Arabia: War, deceit, imperial folly and the making of the modern Middle East. New York: Doubleday.

DK37 .R79 2012 (Electronic Book): Norris, S. M., & Sunderland, W. (Eds.). (2012). Russia’s people of empire: Life stories from Eurasia, 1500 to the present. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

DS119.76 .S87 2012 (Electronic Book): Susser, A. (2012). Israel, Jordan, and Palestine: The two-state imperative. Waltham, MA: Brandeis University Press.

DS559.5 .N87 1987: Freedman, D., & Rhoads, J. (Eds.). (1987). Nurses in Vietnam: The forgotten veterans. Austin: Texas Monthly Press.

DS586 .W26 2012 (Electronic Book): Walker, A. (2012). Thailand’s political peasants: Power in the modern rural economy. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. Series: New Perspectives in Southeast Asian Studies.

DS935.775 .B43 2013: Bechtol, B. E., Jr. (2013). The last days of Kim Jong-il: The North Korean threat in a changing era. Washington, DC: Potomac Books.

DT236.Q26 P27 2012 (Electronic Book): Pargeter, A. (2012). Libya: The rise and fall of Qaddafi. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

E99.C88 A525 1985: Andrews, L. V. (1985). Flight of the seventh moon: The teaching of the shields. San Francisco: Harper & Row. Series: Perennial Library, 4113.

E169.12 .H76 1972: Huebel, H. R. (Ed.). (1972). Things in the driver’s seat; readings in popular culture. Chicago: Rand McNally. Series: Rand McNally History of American Thought and Culture Series.

E183.8.M6 O54 2013 (Electronic Book): O’Neil, S. K. (2013). Two nations indivisible: Mexico, the United States, and the road ahead. New York: Oxford University Press.

E185.61 .H58 2013 (Electronic Book): Higginbotham, F. M. (2013). Ghosts of Jim Crow: Ending racism in post-racial America. New York: New York University Press.

E185.615 .W43 2001: West, C. (2001). Race matters (2nd Vintage Books ed.). New York: Vintage Books.

F1236.7 .T83 2012 (Electronic Book): Tuckman, J. (2012). Mexico: Democracy interrupted. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

F1391.T2795 F56 2003: Flores García, J. (2003). Tepatitlán en el tiempo, [Vol.] III. Tepatitlán de Morelos, Jalisco, Mexico: Consejo de Cronistas de la Ciudad de Tepatitlán de Morelos Jalisco.

GC89 .J36 2012 (Electronic Book): Janin, H., & Mandia, S. A. (2012). Rising sea levels: An introduction to cause and impact. Jefferson, NC: McFarland.

GE180 .L394 2012 (Electronic Book): Layzer, J. A. (2012). Open for business: Conservatives’ opposition to environmental regulation. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Series: American and Comparative Environmental Policy

GF80 .S37 2012 (Electronic Book): Scruton, R. (2012). How to think seriously about the planet: The case for an environmental conservatism. New York: Oxford University Press.

GN197 .J34 2012 (Electronic Book): Jablonski, N. G. (2012). Living color: The biological and social meaning of skin color. Berkeley: University of California Press.

HA31.3 .K38 2013: Kaufman, R. L. (2013). Heteroskedasticity in regression: Detection and correction. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. Series: Series: Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences, 172.

HB3505 .H64 2012 (Electronic Book): Hoff, D. S. (2012). The state and the stork: The population debate and policy making in US history. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

HD30.2 .C6695 2011 (Electronic Book): Cortada, J. W. (2011). Information and the modern corporation. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Series: The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series.

HD69.B7 W44 2013 (Electronic Book): Wheeler, A. (2013). Designing brand identity: An essential guide for the whole branding team (4th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

HD9734.M42 T88 2012 (Electronic Book): Tuttle, C. (2012). Mexican women in American factories: Free trade and exploitation on the border. Austin: University of Texas Press.

HF5415.1265 .S24 2010 (Electronic Book): Safko, L. (2012). The social media bible: Tactics, tools, and strategies for business success (3rd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

HF5415.33.U6 D38 2001 (Electronic Book): Dávila, A. M., & Díaz, J. (2012). Latinos, Inc.: The marketing and making of a people (Updated ed.). Berkeley: Univ. of California Press.

HF5549.5.M3 W37 2013 (Electronic Book): Ward, D. L., Tripp, R., & Maki, B. (2013). Positioned: Strategic workforce planning that gets the right person in the right job. New York: American Management Association.

HG4521 .B573 2012 (Electronic Book): Bogle, J. C. (2012). The clash of the cultures: Investment vs. speculation. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

HG8535 .P734 2013 (Electronic Book): Powell, L. S. (2013). Risky business: Insurance markets and regulation. Chicago: Independent Institute.

HJ247 .H64 2012 (Electronic Book): Hogeland, W. (2012). Founding finance: How debt, speculation, foreclosures, protests, and crackdowns made us a nation. Austin: University of Texas Press. Series: Discovering America, 5.

HQ766.5.U5 S673 2013 (Electronic Book): Solinger, R. (2013). Reproductive politics: What everyone needs to know. New York: Oxford University Press.

HQ1410 .H63 1973: Hogeland, R. W. (Ed.). (1973). Women and womanhood in America. Lexington, MA: D. C. Heath. Series: Problems in American Civilization.

HV5840.M4 C367 2012 (Electronic Book): Carpenter, T. G. (2012). The fire next door: Mexico’s drug violence and the danger to America. Washington, DC: Cato Institute.

HV8886.U5 A73 2012 (Electronic Book): Arditti, J. A. (2012). Parental incarceration and the family: Psychological and social effects of imprisonment on children, parents, and caregivers. New York: New York University Press.

JC574.2.U6 Z47 2012 (Electronic Book): Zaretsky, E. (2012). Why America needs a left: A historical argument. Malden, MA: Polity Press.

JK275 .L485 2013 (Best Sellers): Levin, M. R. (2013). The liberty amendments: Restoring the American republic. New York: Threshold Editions.

JK511 .P79 2013: Azari, J., Brown, L. M., & Nwokora, Z. G. (Eds.). (2013). The presidential leadership dilemma: Between the Constitution and a political party. Albany: State University of New York Press. Series: SUNY Series in American Constitutionalism.

JK1726 .L45 2013 (Best Sellers): Leibovich, M. (2013). This town: Two parties and a funeral—plus, plenty of valet parking!—in America’s gilded capital. New York: Blue Rider Press, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

KF4757.5.L38 U73 2012 (Electronic Book): Urbina, M. G. (2012). Hispanics in The U.S. criminal justice system: The new American demography. Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas.

KF4783 .M49 2012 (Electronic Book): Meyerson, M. (2012). Endowed by our creator: The birth of religious freedom in America. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

KF5107 .Y35 2012 (Electronic Book): Yalof, D. A. (2012). Prosecution among friends: Presidents, attorneys general, and executive branch wrongdoing. College Station: Texas A&M University Press. Series: Joseph V. Hughes Jr. and Holly O. Hughes Series on the Presidency and Leadership.

KF9756 .G59 2012 (Electronic Book): Givelber, D., & Farrell, A. (2012). Not guilty: Are the acquitted innocent? New York: New York University Press.

LA217.2 .W65 2011 (Electronic Book): Wolk, R. A. (2011). Wasting minds: Why our education system is failing and what we can do about it. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

LB1025.3 .G664 2013: Goodwin, B., & Hubbell, E. R. (2013). The 12 touchstones of good teaching: A checklist for staying focused every day. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

LB1025.3 .R355 2011 (Electronic Book): Rajagopal, K. (2011). Create success! Unlocking the potential of urban students. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

LB1031 .T64 2013: Tomlinson, C. A., & Moon, T. R. (2013). Assessment and student success in a differentiated classroom. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

LB1139.23 .O77 2012 (Electronic Book): Ostroff, W. L. (2012). Understanding how young children learn: Bringing the science of child development to the classroom. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

LB2822.82 .G69 2011 (Electronic Book): Goodwin, B. (2011). Simply better: Doing what matters most to change the odds for student success. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

LB2822.82 .J27 2010 (Electronic Book): Jackson, R. R., & Lambert, C. M. (2010). How to support struggling students. Alexandria, VA: ASCD. Series: Mastering the Principles of Great Teaching Series. (Part of the Gale Virtual Reference Library)

LB3051 .P614475 2011 (Electronic Book): Popham, W. Ja. (2011). Transformative assessment in action: An inside look at applying the process. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

LB3430 .C74 2011 (Electronic Book): Creed, T. A., Reisweber, J., & Beck, A. T. (2011). Cognitive therapy for adolescents in school settings. New York: Guilford Press. Series: The Guilford Practical Intervention in the Schools Series.

ML410.G288 N66 2012 (Electronic Book): Noonan, E. (2012). The strange career of Porgy and Bess: Race, culture, and America’s most famous opera. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.

ML975 .C67 2013 (Electronic Book): Cottrell, S. (2013). The saxophone. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

N66 .D26 2013 (Electronic Book): Danto, A. C. (2013). What art is. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

P94.6 .J46 2013 (Electronic Book): Jenkins, H., Ford, S., & Green, J. (2013). Spreadable media: Creating value and meaning in a networked culture. New York: New York University Press. Series: Postmillennial Pop.

PN49 .E25 2013 (Electronic Book): Eagleton, T. (2013). How to read literature. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

PN181 .T43 2012 (Electronic Book): Walker, E. (Ed.). (2012). Teaching creative writing: Practical approaches. Ely, [England]: Professional and Higher Partnership Ltd. Series: Creative Writing Series, 2.

PN471 .F96 2013: Fuentes-Vásquez, Carmen L. (2013). Dangerous writing: The autobiographies of Willa Muir, Margaret Laurence and Janet Frame. New York: Rodopi. Series: Costerus, New Series, 199.

PN1992.4.R535 A3 2013 (Best Sellers): Robertson, P., & Schlabach, M. (2013). Happy, happy, happy: My life and legacy as the Duck Commander. New York: Howard Books.

PR6054.U45756 B59 2013: Dunant, S. (2013). Blood & beauty: The Borgias: A novel. (Advance reader’s ed.). New York: Random House.

PR6056.O699 K55 2013 (Best Sellers): Forsyth, F. (2013). The kill list. New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons.

PS217.T7 B2513 2013: Bakracheva, A. (2013). Visibility beyond the visible: The poetic discourse of American transcendentalism. New York: Rodopi. Series: Costerus, New Series, 196.

PS261 .C336 2013: Monteith, S. (Ed.). (2013). The Cambridge companion to the literature of the American South. New York: Cambridge University Press. Series: Cambridge Companions to Literature.

PS648.S5 S48 2013: Mack, T., & Geyer, A. (Eds.). (2013). A shared voice: A tapestry of tales. Beaumont, TX: Lamar University Press.

PS3523.A7 R564 2013: Lardner, R. (Author); & Frazier, I. (Ed.). (2013). Ring Lardner: Stories & other writings. New York: Library of America. Series: The Library of America, 244.

PS3554.A933 C66 2013: Davis, C. (2013). The conduct of saints (Advance uncorrected galley). Sag Harbor, NY: The Permanent Press.

PS3561.L344 N68 2013: Klein, D. M. (2013). Nothing serious: A novel (Advance uncorrected gallery). Sag Harbor, NY: The Permanent Press.

PS3566.A822 M57 2013 (Best Sellers): Patterson, J., & Ellis, D. (2013). Mistress. New York: Little, Brown and Company.

PS3571.P4 A17 2013: Updike, J. (Author); & Carduff, C. (Ed.). (2013). Collected later stories. New York: Library of America. Series: Library of America, 243.

PS3571.P4 A6 2013: Updike, J. (Author); & Carduff, C. (Ed.). (2013). Collected early stories. New York: Library of America. Series: Library of America, 242.

PS3602.R6324 L48 2013: Brockmole, J. (2013). Letters from Skye: A novel (Advance reader’s ed.). New York: Ballantine Books.

PS3604.I126 D43 2013: Dial, C. (2013). Dead wrong (Advance uncorrected galley). Sag Harbor, NY: The Permanent Press.

PS3606.R4375 F36 2013: Freed, D. (2013). Fangs out (Advance reader’s ed.). Sag Harbor, NY: The Permanent Press. Series: A Cordell Logan Mystery.

PS3612.E34253 C44 2013: Lee, A. (2013). The Cherry Cola Book Club (Advance uncorrected ed.). New York: Kensington Pub. Corp.

Q125 .A36 2012 (Electronic Book): Agar, J. (2012). Science in the twentieth century and beyond. Malden, MA: Polity Press. Series: History of Science.

Q125 .B297 2013 (Electronic Book): Ball, P. (2013). Curiosity: How science became interested in everything. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Q125 .B98 2012 (Electronic Book): By. W. F. (2012). A little history of science. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

Q175 .G3368 2012 (Electronic Book): Gauch, H. G., Jr. (2012). Scientific method in brief. New York: Cambridge University Press.

QA11.2 .W58 2010 (Electronic Book): Willis, J. (2010). Learning to love math: Teaching strategies that change student attitudes and get results. Alexandria, VA: ASCD. (Part of the Gale Virtual Reference Library)

QA76 .R657 2013 (Electronic Book): Rosenbloom, P. S. (2013). On computing: The fourth great scientific domain. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

QA76.17 .C467 2012 (Electronic Book): Ceruzzi, P. E. (2012). Computing: A concise history. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Series: The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series.

QA76.76.C672 D45 2011 (Electronic Book): De Jongh, R. (2011). Google SketchUp for game design: Beginner’s Guide: Create 3D game worlds complete with textures, levels, and props. Birmingham, UK: Packt Pub.

QA76.9.A25 M58 2002 (Electronic Book): Mitnick, K. D., & Simon, W. L. (2002). The art of deception: Controlling the human element of security. Indianapolis: Wiley.

QC807.52 .B84 2012 (Electronic Book): Buforn, E., Pro, C., & Udías Vallina, A. (2012). Solved problems in geophysics. New York: Cambridge University Press.

QK649 .V644 2012 (Electronic Book): Vogel, S. (2012). The life of a leaf. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

QL207 .M38 2013: Maxwell, T. C. (2013). Wildlife of the Concho Valley. College Station: Texas A&M University Press. Series: W. L. Moody Jr. Natural History Series, no. 48.

QL653.T4 T49 2012 (Electronic Book): Tipton, B. L., et al. (2012). Texas amphibians: A field guide. Austin: University of Texas Press. Series: Texas Natural History Guides.

QP34.5 .M85 2009 (Electronic Book): Mulroney, S. E., Myers, A. K., & Netter, F. H. (2009). Netter’s essential physiology. Philadelphia: Saunders/Elsevier.

QP141 .S534 2012 (Electronic Book): Simpson, S. J., & Raubenheimer, D. (2012). The nature of nutrition: A unifying framework from animal adaptation to human obesity. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

R152 .B725 2012 (Electronic Book): Breslaw, E. G. (2012). Lotions, potions, pills, and magic: Health care in early America. New York: New York University Press.

R697.P45 C56 2013 (Electronic Book): Dehn, R. W., & Asprey, D. P. (2013). Essential clinical procedures (3rd ed.). Philadelphia: Saunders.

R697.P45 P48 2013 (Electronic Book): Ballweg, R., et al. (Eds.). (2013). Physician assistant: A guide to clinical practice (5th ed.). Philadelphia: Elsevier/Saunders.

R727.4 .F47 2012 (Electronic Book): Ferri, F. F. (2012). Ferri’s Netter patient advisor (2nd ed.). Philadelphia: Saunders.

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RB155 .C66 2012 (Electronic Book): Comfort, N. C. (2012). The science of human perfection: How genes became the heart of American medicine. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

RC388.5 .E976 2013 (Electronic Book): Alexander, S. A. (2012). Evidence-based nursing care for stroke and neurovascular conditions. Chicester, UK: Wiley.

RC392 .C628 2013 (Electronic Book): Cohan, W. (2013). What nurses know … headaches. New York: Demos Medical Pub. Series: What Nurses Know.

RC451.4.W6 D38 2012 (Electronic Book): Davidson, M. R. (2012). A nurse’s guide to women’s mental health. New York: Springer Pub. Co.

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RC537 .H33 2011 (Electronic Book): Haddad, M., & Gunn, J. (2011). Depression (3rd ed.). Abingdon, Oxford: Health Press. Series: Fast Facts.

RC537 .W743 2012 (Electronic Book): Wright, J. H., & McCray, L. W. (2011). Breaking free from depression: Pathways to wellness. New York: Guilford Press. Series: Guilford Self-help Workbook Series.

RC552.E18 S74 2012 (Electronic Book): Steiner, H., & Flament, M. F. (2012). Eating disorders. Abingdon, Oxford: Health Press. Series: Fast Facts.

RC552.P67 Z39 2011 (Electronic Book): Zayfert, C., & DeViva, J. C. (2011). When someone you love suffers from posttraumatic stress: What to expect and what you can do. New York: Guilford Press.

RC660 .S36 2012 (Electronic Book): Scobie, I. N., & Samaras, K. (2012). Fast facts: Diabetes mellitus (4th ed.). Abingdon, Oxford: Health Press. Series: Fast Facts

RC931.O67 C66 2012 (Electronic Book): Conaghan, P., & Nelson, A. E. (2012). Osteoarthritis (2nd ed.). Abingdon, Oxford: Health Press. Series: Fast Facts.

RC933 .I83 2011 (Electronic Book): Isaacs, J. D., & Moreland, L. W. (2011). Rheumatoid Arthritis (2nd ed.). Abingdon, Oxford: Health Press. Series: Fast Facts.

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RJ506.H9 B373 2013 (Electronic Book): Barkley, R. A. (2013). Taking charge of ADHD: The complete, authoritative guide for parents (3rd ed.). New York: The Guilford Press.

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RM721 .F765 2013 (Electronic Book): Fritz, S. (2013). Sports & exercise massage: Comprehensive care in athletics, fitness & rehabilitation (2nd ed.). St. Louis: Elsevier Mosby.

RT41 .T46 2013 (Electronic Book): Thornton, L. (2013). Whole person care: An interprofessional model for healing and wellness. Indianapolis: Sigma Theta Tau International.

RT50 .S23 2012 (Electronic Book): Saba, V. K. (2012). Clinical care classification system, version 2.5: Users guide (2nd ed.). New York: Springer Pub. Co.

RT50.5 .F73 2011 (Electronic Book): Fraser, R. (2011). The nurse’s social media advantage: How making connections and sharing ideas can enhance your nursing practice. Indianapolis: Sigma Theta Tau International.

RT73 .B685 2012 (Electronic Book): Bowers-Lanier, R. (2012). The nurse’s grant writing advantage: How grantwriting can advance your nursing career. Indianapolis: Sigma Theta Tau International.

RT73 .N43 2013 (Electronic Book): Neal-Boylan, L. (2013). The nurse’s reality gap: Overcoming barriers between academic achievement and clinical success. Indianapolis: Sigma Theta Tau International.

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