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Holiday Catalog 2013

  • Premium Aged Strip Steak Gift Box

    Aged NY Strips. Premium aged, USDA Choice striploin is most definitely a trailblazer of an entrée as far as any meat lover is concerned. So we took the liberty to offer you four packages of artfully aged, hand selected, moderately marbled beef, that is so tender and juicy, we suggest only setting the table with a plate, napkin, and fork.

    4 packages of 2 - 12 ounce steaks/package


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  • Steak & Chop Gift Box

    Striploin Steaks. Premium aged, USDA Choice strip steaks offer an unique eating experience you will love. (2 - 12 ounce steaks)

    Sirloin Steaks. Typically, outside grilling screams summer; however, our hand trimmed USDA Choice Sirloins are so good, they are grill ready year-round. (2 - 12 ounce steaks)

    Lamb Chops. Sheep production is a cornerstone in West Texas, and at ASU we embrace that tradition by offering only the finest flavored, young, Texas Lamb. (4 - 4 ounce chops)

    Pork Chops. Quality is of high priority at Angelo State, and when it comes to pork, we carefully select and specially trim our premium aged chops. (4 - 4 ounce chops)


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  • Smokehouse Gift Box

    Beef Summer Sausage. Bold, premium beef coupled with the audacious aroma and flavor of smoked hickory is what makes this traditional holiday treat a legend. (2 - 1 lb packages)

    Lamb Jalapeño Cheese Summer Sausage. Put some spice in your life! This Texas lamb, with a kiss of southwest spice, is guaranteed to be the perfect addition to any meal. (2 - 1 lb packages)

    Beef Jalapeño Cheese Summer Sausage. Premium beef paired with the traditional flavors of West Texas make this summer sausage a remarkable appetizer, snack or meal. (1 - 1 lb package)

    German Pork Sausage. Traditional. Flavorful. Delicious. Our fine pork sausage is blended with historic German spices and smoked to perfection. (2 - 1 lb packages)


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  • Premium Breakfast Gift Box

    Maple Bacon. We infused this smoky sensation with a sweet hint of maple. After just one taste, your family will be proud you “brought home the bacon.” (1 - 12 ounce package)

    Breakfast Sausage Links. Premium pork with our own special blend of herbs and spices linked to create this pork paradise so that with every bite, you witness savory sausage salvation. (1 - 1 lb packages)

    Chorizo. A staple in the southwest. We took traditional Mexican spices blended with quality pork in hopes that our spicy blend will “link” even the most northern of folks to a southwestern delicacy. (1 - 1 lb package)

    Ham Slices. Smoked over a hardwood blend and infused with flavorful spices, this perfectly portioned protein source is sure to be loved by any breakfast bunch. (2 - 6 ounce slices)

    Maple Jalapeño Breakfast Sausage Links. Our maple jalapeño sausage is living proof that “AND” is better. The sweet savory taste of maple AND the spicy southwest jalapeño flavor will leave your taste buds in full fiesta. (1 - 1 lb package)


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  • Jerky & Dried Sausage Box

    Jerky & Dried Sausage Snack Box. Taking a page from history, we use the oldest preservation methods to produce our dried sausage and small batch jerky to concentrate the flavors of our premium treats. With each bite you will explore history and tradition.

    Peppered Jerky (2 - 4 ounce packages)
    ASU Traditional Jerky (1 - 4 ounce package)
    Dried Sausage (2 - 10 ounce packages)


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  • Individual Items

    • Spiral Sliced Bone-In Ham. Smoked over a hardwood blend and doused with traditional, flavorful spices guarantee this tasty pork is worthy of cornerstone status at Christmas and will be a family favorite year round. (7-9 lbs)


      Spiral Sliced Boneless Ham. Our boneless hams are seasoned and prepared in the same manner as our bone-in hams with the exception of the bone of course, and we use only the finest cuts of pork to create our special spiral sliced boneless hams. (4-6 lbs)


    • Spiral Sliced Lamb Leg. Innovation is what makes good leaders great. ASU is building off of a West Texas mainstay and has fully cooked and spiral sliced itself to folklore. Not only is it a handy keystone for a meal, but we are promoting the spirit of the Concho Valley by blending a deluxe dose of special spices and young Texas lamb. (2-4 lbs)


    • Smoked Prime Rib. Our slow cooked premium prime rib is a combination of slight hickory smoke and our very own special blend of herbs and spices. Our recipe will make you proud to serve this fully cooked, specially trimmed entrée as a holiday meal, dinner party center piece, or just to show off your culinary point of view. (4-5 lbs)


    • Smoked Porkloin. Quality is of utmost importance at ASU; so when it comes to pork, we carefully select and trim our premium pork, saturate it with our own special spices and smoke it to perfection. Rumor has it, the smoke flavor is so precise, the Surgeon General suggested a warning label because this product could be addictive. (2-4 lbs)


    • ASU Sugar Cured Pork Tenderloin. Juicy, tender, sugar cured pork, with the perfect blend of smoke and sweetness… Our only concern with this dynamic smoky, sweet duo, is if you eat too much, you might just melt in the rain. (0.5-1 lb)


    • Smoked Boneless Turkey Breast. We realize not everyone has time to slow cook the traditional thanksgiving feast. So we are offering a boneless turkey breast that has been conveniently cooked over a hardwood blend and doused in traditional flavors. With each tender, juicy, magic morsel, your poultry perception is bound to have this turkey breast as a Holiday focal point. (4-6 lbs)


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  • Original Seasonings

    Steak and Chop. Add a touch of ASU flare to any dish with premium seasoning developed and produced on ASU’s very own campus. Versatility was in the forefront of our minds when we created this seasoning which combines conventional flavors paired perfectly to produce a palate pleasing experience.


    BBQ Rub. Setting the stage for a sweet, savory, salivating sensation our ASU Barbecue rub is a flavor cartel of brown sugar, paprika, cinnamon and secret spices sure to make any amateur an accomplished grill-master.


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