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   Multicultural Student

Resource materials are available to educate the campus community as we explore multicultural concepts. Resources such as books, activities and videos are available to students, faculty and staff for short-term use. Please come by the Multicultural Center to check out any items.

Multicultural Resource Library

Our library contains materials in the following categories:


  • Jewish Literacy: The Most Important Things to Know About the Jewish Religion, Its people and Its History- Telushkin, J.
  • Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know—And Doesn’t- Prothero, S.
  • Teaching Spirits: Understanding Native American Religious Traditions- Brown, J.E.
  • Testimonio: A Documentary History of the Mexican-American Struggle for Civil Rights- Rosales, F.A.
  • The Big Mosque of Mercy – Ellery , C.
  • The Complete Kwanzaa: Celebrating Our Cultural Harvest- Riley, D.W
  • Understanding Islam: An Introduction- Hewer, C.T.R
  • World Religions: The Great Faiths Explored & Explained- Bowker, J.

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  College Life

  • College Rules- Nist, S. Ph.D,. Holschuh, J., Ph.D.
  • College Survival- Hesman, G.  Baer, D.
  • Complete Idiot’s Guide to College Survival- Rozakis, L.
  • Journal of the First Year Experience & Students in Transition –
  • Making the Most of College- Light, P
  • Powerful Proofreading Skills- Smith, D., Sutton, H.
  • Study Smart, Hands-On, Nuts, and Bolts Technique for Earning Higher Grades- Silver, T,. M.D,. J.D
  • The Essential Guide to Student Life Real College- Stone, D.
  • The Everything College Survival Book- Rich, J., University of South Carolina
  • The First in the Family (3) – Advise About College from First-Generation Students – Kathleen Cushman
  • El Paso Community College ’08-10 Catalog – El Paso Community College

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  • 1001 Things Everyone Should Know About African-American History- Stewart, J, C.
  • 52 Activities for Exploring Values Differences- String, D.M & Cassiday, P.A
  • Addressing the Unique Needs of Latino-American Students- Ortiz, A.M
  • African-American Men in College- Cuyjet, MJ & Associates
  • Ageism: Stereotyping and Prejudice Against Older Person- Nelson, T.D
  • Barnga: A Simulation Game on Cultural Clashes- Thiagarajan, S
  • Bridging Cultural Conflicts: A New Approach for a Changing World- LaBaron, M.
  • Cyber- Voluntary Agency Network of Korea
  • Affirming Diversity: The Sociopolitical Context of Multicultural Education – Nieto, Sonia
  • Korean Books – 10
  • Why are the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? – Beverly Daniel
  • Race, Rights and the Asian American Experience 2nd Edition – Angela Ancheta
  • Global Gender Issues – Spike Peterson and Annie Sisson
  • Developing Intercultural Awareness: A Cross- Cultural Training Handbook 2nd Edition – L. Robert Kohls and John M. Knight
  • Reading for Diversity and Social Justice: An Anthology of Racism, Antisemitism, Sexism, Heterosexism,
  • Ableism, and Classism - Maurianne Adams, Warren J. Blumenfeld, Rosie Castaneda, Heather W. Hackman, Madeline L. Peters, Ximena Zuniga
  • Discover Korea in the World’s Textbook- Hyeonsuk Lim (Researcher), Voluntary Agency Network of Korea,
  • Diverse Worship: African-American, Caribbean & Hispanic Perspectives- Maynard-Reid, P
  • The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, 2nd Edition- revised and updated by Hirsch, Jr., E.D., Kett, J.K., & Trefil, J.
  • Egotrip’s Big Book of Racism! - Jenkins, S.,Wilson, E., Mao, C.J., Alvarez, G. & Rollins, B.
  • Experiential Activities for Intercultural Learning- Seelye, H. N.
  • Heart Beating Korea- Voluntary Agency Network of Korea
  • Minority Retention: What Works? A New Directions for Institutional Research- Gaither, G.H.Mixed –Race
  • Students in College: The Ecology of Race, Identity, and Community on Campus- Renn,  K.A
  • .Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs- Pope, R.L., Reynolds, A.L. & Mueller, J.A.
  • Privilege, Power, and Difference- Johnson, A.G.Soulstepping: African American Step Shows- Fine, E.C.
  • The Audacity of Hope- Obama, B.
  • WhySocial Justice Matters- Barry, B

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  • Cleaning Closets- Cole, B.
  • Coming Out to God- Glaser, C.
  • Homosexuality in the Church- Siker, J.
  • Homosexuals in History- A.L. Rowse
  • Is the Homosexual My Neighbor- Scanzoni, L., Mollenkolt, C.
  • Jesus, the Bible and Homosexuality- Jack Rogers
  • Lesbian Issue- Freedman, E., Gelpi, B., Johnson, S., Weston, K.
  • Now that You Know- Fairchild, B., Hayward, N.
  • Parents for the Homosexual- Switzer, D & S
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity- Sanlo, Ronni
  • Strangers- Graham Robb
  • What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality- Helminia, K., Ph.D
  • It is a Choice? – Eric Marcus

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  • Fish: A Proven Way to Improve Morale and Improve Results -Lundin,S. Ph.D., Paul, H., Christensen, J
  • Fish Tales: Real-Life Stories to Help You Transform Your Workplace & Your Life- Lundin,S. Ph.D., Paul, H., Christensen, J.
  • Fish Sticks: A Remarkable Way to Adapt Changing Times & Keep Your Workplace Fresh - Lundin,S. Ph.D., Paul, H., Christensen, J.
  • Fish for Life: A Remarkable Way to Achieve Your Dreams - Lundin,S. Ph.D., Paul, H., Christensen, J.
  • Habitudes Book 1: The Art of Self-Leadership- Elmore, T. Dr.
  • Habitudes Book 2: The Art of Connecting with Others- Elmore, T. Dr.
  • Habitudes Book 3: The Art of Leading Others- Elmore, T. Dr.
  • Habitudes Book 4: The Art of Changing Culture- Elmore, T. Dr.

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  • Native People
  • Hispanic Business
  • Black Enterprise
  • Out / Advocate
  • Hispanic Outlook
  • Latina
  • Hispanic
  • Black Enterprise

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  • 10 Ways to Fight Hate on Campus 
  • Diversity Blueprint 
  • Expanding ESL, Civics, and Citizenship Education in Your Community - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 
  • Journey of the First Year Experience & Students in Translation 
  • Learning About the United States: Quick Civics Lessons for the New Naturalization Test - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 
  • Mexico Business Promotional Brochures (10) 
  • Multicultural Awareness Project for Institutional Trans 
  • Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Bibliography of Resources for Multicultural Higher Education – Kwabena Siaka, Jeanne L. Higbee, Karen L. Miksch, Dana Britt Lundell, Fang Jiang, Patrick L. Bruch, Rashne Jehangir, Emily Goff, & Irene M. Duranczyk  

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  • Dave Ramsey’s Youth Resources Financial Peace for The Next Generation Reality Bytes- Ramsey, D. 
  • First Things First- Covey, Stephen R., Merrill, R., Merrill , R. 
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People- Covey, Stephen R.


  • 40 Salsa Poderosas
  • The Very Best of Bachata - Emerson Ensemble
  • The Very Best Of Merengue – Emerson Ensemble
  • Enter Tribal - Mix of Native American Music

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  • A Comparison of Religious Thought – Discovery Education Films for the Humanities & Sciences
  • Americano as Apple Pie (2) The Latino Experience in America, The Blending of Cultural Latino Influence on America
  • Behind the Lone Star-Institute of Texan Cultures, San Antonio- Films for the Humanities & Sciences
  • Dave Ramsey’s Youth Resources Financial Peace for The Next Generation Unit 1 ( Understanding Investments Retirement & College Planning)- Ramsey, D
  • Dave Ramsey’s Youth Resources Financial Peace for The Next Generation Unit 2 ( Cash Flow Planning Dumping Debt Relating with Money)- Ramsey, D 
  • Dave Ramsey’s Youth Resources Financial Peace for The Next Generation Unit 3 ( Buying Only Big, Big Bargains, Buyer Beware Understanding insurance- Ramsey, D 
  • Dave Ramsey’s Youth Resources Financial Peace for The Next Generation Unit 4 ( Real Estate & Mortgages Careers & Extra Jobs Collection & Credit Bureaus)- Ramsey, D 
  • Dave Ramsey’s Youth Resources Financial Peace for The Next Generation Bonus Materials ( Ask Dave & Questions and Answers on the Air)- Ramsey, D 
  • Global Issues Women’s Rights- Films for the Humanities & Sciences 
  • I Believe with Dennis Wholey, Native American Religions- Films for the Humanities & Sciences 
  • Martin Luther King “ I Have a Dream”- The Black History Collection 
  • Mexico Es Oportunidad
  • Native Americans Celebrating Traditions – Films for the Humanities & Sciences 
  • One Man Show - Ruco Chuco Cholo Pachuco – Pepe Serna 
  • Strengthening the Pipeline to Support Latino/a College Students – NASPA 
  • South Korea: From Illiteracy to Affluence- Films for the Humanities & Sciences
  • The New Generation:Vietnamese-Americans Today- Films for the Humanities & Sciences 
  • The Pay Gap: Sexism or Something Else?- Films for the Humanities & Sciences 
  • When I Knew- Films for the Humanities & Sciences 
  • Prejudice: More Than Black and White- Films for the Humanities & Science


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  • Canyon Trilogy - R. Carlos Nakai 
  • Dave Ramsey’s Youth Resources Financial Peace for The Next Generation Teachers Guide 

Naturalization Preparation Materials U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (6)

Flash Cards

  • Civics Flash Cards for the New Naturalization Test - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Vocabulary Flash Cards for the new Naturalization Test - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 

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