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Monthly HUB Reports

The Purchasing Department will be providing a monthly HUB Report by Department so that each department can keep abreast of their current HUB utilization. The report will show current monthly expenditures, current HUB expenditures, current HUB %, YTD expenditures, YTD HUB expenditures and YTD HUB % for each fund and org. You are encouraged to constantly strive to increase your HUB percentages. The Purchasing Department will be more than happy to provide any assistance needed. Let us know if we can assist you in finding a HUB vendor to provide the product you are looking for.

**Please note that all procurement credit card expenditures are paid directly to JPMorgan even though the individual transactions may be to HUB vendors; therefore this will impact your HUB percentages on this report. the individual HUB transactions made by credit card are tracked monthly and added to the HUB Report submitted to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts semi annually.

October 2009 HUB Report

November 2009 HUB Report

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