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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is RamPort?

    RamPort is ASU’s web portal that provides a single point of entry to web-based services and timely information tailored specifically for you. Inside, you will discover an innovative online environment for ASU students, faculty and staff.

  • What is RAMS-Logon?

    RAMS-Logon is the RamPort link that students use to access their records electronically. On this site you can complete web registration, check grades, look at your transcript and run a degree evaluation to see if you meet requirements for your degree program.

  • Where is RAMS-Logon located?

    RAMS-Logon can be found in RamPort in the Self-Service channel under the Student Services tab.

  • What is a Campus ID (CID) number?

    Your Campus ID number is the assigned student number that identifies you in the student information system. This number is not your social security number. Sometimes this number is referred to as your “800” number since it begins with the number 8.

  • What if I forget my log-on information for RamPort?

    If you forget your password for your network account or your e-mail, come in person to any of our general use labs and present your valid ASU OneCard. Due to security concerns, passwords cannot be changed over the phone.

  • How do I obtain access to RamPort?

    You can get your account when you bring your activated ASU OneCard to any of our general access computer labs. Your Technology Access Account name will be your first initial followed by your last name and possibly some digits for uniqueness. You will be asked to sign the terms of agreement for the account, and an initial password will be automatically created for you.

  • How do I get an ASU e-mail address?

    ASU provides e-mail accounts for all students. Students’ e-mail accounts are created in any of the computer labs on campus.

  • What if I lose or forget my login or password?

    You may go to any of our general use computer labs or call the Technology Service Center at 325-942-2911.

  • Am I required to use that e-mail address?

    Students are assigned an official ASU e-mail address for their use while attending the university. This e-mail address is the method that the university uses to contact you during your time at ASU. You are responsible for accessing the information that is sent to you at this address. For more information, please reference the Electronic Communication Policy (24.03).

  • Am I required to see my advisor every semester before I register?

    Yes. Your advisor will clear you to register after you have met with him/her. It is imperative that you meet with your advisor each semester to ensure that you are making progress toward completion of your degree and to avoid taking unnecessary courses.

  • What do I have to do to register?

    To register, students must see their academic advisor to have their advising holds cleared.  Students may not register if there are holds on your record.  If you have been advised and still are not able to register, please check your file to make sure you do not any other holds.  If you do have holds, you will need to contact that specific department to determine the steps needed to have your hold removed.

  • What effect does a hold have?

    Holds on your record will keep you from the following:

    • Registering for classes
    • Accessing your grades
    • Receiving your diploma
    • Receiving your transcript
  • What will happen if I attempt to register before or after my assigned date to register?

    If you attempt to register before your assigned date, you will be informed that you are attempting to register before your assigned date and the system will automatically terminate your session. You will not be prevented from registering if you log in after your assigned date.

  • What is a CRN?

    A CRN is the course reference number that the computer system uses to identify courses for registration. These numbers must be entered into the registration module for the system to identify which section of a course you intend to enroll in.

  • What should I do if I have selected a course that is closed?

    You will be informed that the course you have selected is closed. You must select a new section or a new course altogether if no sections are open. If your selection is a research course, contact the academic department offering the course.

  • As an undergraduate, what will happen if I try to register for more than 18 hours?

    You will not be allowed to register for more than 18 hours. You must contact the dean of your college for permission.

  • As a graduate student, what will happen if I try to register for more than 12 hours?

    You will not be allowed to register for more than 12 hours. You must contact the dean of the College of Graduate Studies for permission.

  • Do I have to reapply if I sit out a semester?

    It depends. If you sit out a long semester (fall or spring semester) and you are an undergraduate, you will need to reapply. If you are a graduate student, you can sit out up to one year before you have to reapply.

  • How do I reapply?

    To reapply, you must submit a Former Student application for admission and the undergraduate application fee.  If you attended another college or university since your last enrollment at ASU, you must submit a Transfer Student application for admission, along with official transcripts of all college or university course work since you left ASU.  For admission requirements or more information regarding re-entering ASU, visit the Former Student website or contact our Admissions Office at 325-942-2041 or

  • How do I change my name?

    To change your name, you will need to complete the Student Information Correction Form. You will also need to supply a copy of the new Social Security card for the purpose of the name change.

  • If I change my name at the Registrar’s Office, will my technology accounts also change?

    No. If you have legally changed your last name or you discover that your name was misspelled in your technology access account username, you need to update or correct the error. You can open a Technology Service Center request to make the change. This will have an impact on several accounts.

  • What can I do to protect my records?

    To safeguard your records:

    • Do not reveal your log-on information or passwords to anyone.
    • Protect the use of your Campus ID number.
    • When you are finished on the web, be sure to log off from RAMS and exit from the browser.
    • Be sure to select a secure password. Do not use passwords that are easily guessed, such as birth dates, phone numbers, addresses, zip codes or others such as 00000000, 99999999, etc.