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Registration Restrictions and Approvals

  • Auditing Courses

    Students who wish to audit a course must obtain an Audit Approval Form from the appropriate academic department and bring it to the Registrar’s Office to register as an audit student. This process must be completed prior to the end of the late registration period. Please see the Important Dates page for more information. You may also review the Student Accounts website for information regarding the costs of auditing courses.

  • Honors Program

    Students must be accepted into the ASU Honors Program to sign up for classes that are designated as honors sections. Please note that the Honors Program is a collection of courses and opportunities that provides honors students with an enriched educational experience. Specifically, the Honors Program is intended to provide students with the opportunity to:

    • Achieve a deeper understanding of course material
    • Be exposed to cultural and intellectual events that will broaden their appreciation of the world that surrounds them
    • Develop leadership qualities that will help them through their careers and personal lives
    • Nurture an understanding and appreciation of the diverse needs of society and how their personal service can enhance the quality of life for their family and others

    The Honors Program achieves these goals through course offerings and extracurricular activities designed to challenge and enhance the intellectual and personal abilities of honors students. Please see the Honors Program website for more information.

  • Maximum Course Loads

    Long Semester: A normal full course load for undergraduate students in a long semester is 15-18 semester credit hours. A normal full course load for graduate students, other than graduate assistants or teaching assistants, is nine to 12 hours. A full course load for graduate assistants or teaching assistants is six to nine hours.

    An undergraduate student in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or better) may register for a maximum of 18 semester credit hours. Students with a GPA of 3.0 or better may be approved for a maximum of 20 semester credit hours by the head of their academic major department or by the appropriate college dean. Approval for course loads larger than the stated maximums may be given by the appropriate college dean only in exceptional situations and when the student has a grade point average of 3.50 or higher.

    A graduate student in good academic standing (3.0 GPA or better) may register for a maximum of 12 semester credit hours per semester. In exceptional situations, graduate students with a 3.5 GPA or better on all graduate course work attempted at ASU may request to register for a maximum of 15 semester credit hours in the semester in which they will graduate. The request should be made through the College of Graduate Studies and Research dean’s office. A graduate, teaching or research assistant who works half time or more for the university may, with the approval of the supervising faculty member and department head, register for a maximum load of nine semester credit hours (required load is six semester credit hours). An assistant who works less than half time may, with the approval of the supervising faculty member and department head, enroll for a maximum of 12 semester credit hours of graduate courses.

    The stated maximum course loads for students enrolled at Angelo State apply to all courses in which the student is enrolled concurrently, whether in residence or elsewhere.

    Penalty for Excessive Course Load: Any student who registers for more semester credit hours than is allowed by this policy during any semester or summer term shall be required to drop the excess course load at the time that student course loads are audited by the university.

  • Nursing Courses

    All students enrolling in a nursing course must first be admitted to the nursing program. Any student who enrolls in a nursing course without being admitted to the program will be dropped from the course. Contact the Nursing Department for the following information:

    • Admission requirements
    • Undergraduate advising
    • Special admission and course enrollment for some graduate students

    Students who are taking online nursing courses must register by either using RAMS or visiting the Registrar’s Office. Online students must contact the instructor of the nursing course for information regarding additional registration within the online course program’s website. The instructor will provide online students with information regarding obtaining a user ID and password to access the online materials. Other exceptions may apply to nursing elective courses.

  • Research Courses

    All undergraduate students enrolling in a research course need to contact the academic department offering the course for approval. The department will enter an electronic permit that allows the student to register online using RAMS.

    Graduate students enrolling in a research course must have approval (signed contract) from the academic department offering the course. You must take the contract to the dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research to receive permission to register for the research course. Once the dean receives the completed contract, the dean’s office will enter an electronic permit that allows the student to register online using RAMS.

  • Students on Academic Suspension

    Students who were suspended at the end of their last term in attendance may appeal to the dean of their college to be reinstated. Students must complete their appeal prior to the first day of classes for the upcoming semester. Contact the dean of your college if you have questions regarding your suspension. For specific information regarding suspension regulations, please refer to the University Catalogs.

  • Student Teaching

    All students who have completed an application and are eligible for student teaching will enroll in the appropriate courses after being authorized to do so by the Office of Field Experience. Student teachers may use RAMS to register, or they may register in person in the Registrar’s Office. Questions regarding this procedure may be directed to the Office of Field Experience at 325-942-2052, ext. 268, (Room 206 of Carr EFA Building) or to the Registrar’s Office at 325-942-2043. Please consult the calendar for registration dates. Please note: Students will not be eligible for enrollment until the registration period immediately prior to the beginning of the semester. Please see the Student Teaching and Field Experience Schedule for other important information regarding student teaching.

  • University Requirements for Proficiency in English and Mathematics

    The requirements for admission to ASU and the university’s requirements for proficiency in English (writing and reading) and mathematics are established separate and apart from the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements set forth by the State of Texas. The university proficiency requirements in English and mathematics are described in the corresponding sections of the University Catalog. Students must meet these university requirements in addition to those imposed by the TSI.

  • Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

    The Texas Success Initiative (TSI), Texas Education Code, Sec. 51.3062, was established by the Texas Legislature in the summer of 2003 to assess the readiness of entering college students to enroll in college-level academic coursework – and to assist students who are not yet ready to enroll in that coursework by providing advising and educational support necessary for college success. The TSI requires that all entering undergraduate students be tested in reading, writing and mathematics to determine each student’s readiness to enroll in college-level academic courses (unless they are exempt). For more information on exemptions, see the web page for Texas Success Initiative (TSI).

    Learning Disabilities
    ASU considers all federal laws pertaining to individuals with disabilities when assessing and advising students who fail to meet the minimum passing standards of the TAKS or other TSI-approved assessment tests.

  • Time Conflict Approval

    If you wish to enroll in two courses that have conflicting schedule times, you must contact each department. If approval is granted, the departments will enter an electronic permit that will allow you to register online using RAMS.