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Statement on Personal Preparedness

Unfortunately, we never know when an emergency might happen. Emergencies can come in the form of severe weather, accidents, terrorism and more. Planning now for how you would respond will help you remain calm, think clearly and react appropriately to any disaster.

Taking responsibility for your own safety by being prepared with plans and an emergency supply kit not only increases your possibility of survival, but reduces the workload of first responders, emergency medical services, fire fighters and law enforcement so they can attend to those in critical need of care.

How to Help

Emergency preparedness is the responsibility of every member of the Angelo State University community and their families. Take this short quiz to determine your readiness quotient. You may also want to familiarize yourself with the campus annual safety report that details information about notification, crime and incidents on our campus. In addition to becoming more aware of your student’s surroundings and your own, please take the time to look over the list of items you should have in an emergency kit.

Making a family emergency plan and then practicing and using the plan are key to responding to an emergency. The Federal Emergency Management Agency through has developed a template for families to use, and we have made it available to you on our resources page.

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Get current and predicted weather information for San Angelo and the Concho Valley from the National Weather Service.