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Risk Management

  • Insurance

    University Insurance Requirements

    ASU departments routinely engage in activities or enter into agreements or contracts with other parties that may create risk for the university. The nature of these activities must be evaluated to ensure that the parties to the agreement/contract adequately address the risk, obtain appropriate insurance and provide the other party with proof of insurance.

    The Contract Administration Office is responsible for coordinating the university’s contracting processes, and will review all of the documents and any necessary proof of insurance before execution of an agreement/contract. Visit the Contract Administration website to obtain additional information regarding contract procedures. Review the Minimum Insurance Requirements to properly coordinate coverage requirements and limits.

    The Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management should be consulted when trying to determine the need for insurance or for requests to provide proof of insurance.

    Facility Use Insurance Requirements


    The State Office of Risk Management (SORM) provides resources to help protect state employees and physical and financial assets.

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    Event Insurance

    Event insurance must be purchased by non-affiliated entities for use of university facilities.

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    The Office of Special Events coordinates use of all university-owned property by other departments and non-affiliated entities. ASU departments do not have to obtain insurance to use campus facilities if the activity is university sponsored, but may be responsible for damages incurred.

    Use of facilities by non-affiliated entities is facilitated via a Facility Use Agreement, and liability insurance must be obtained. Please visit the Special Events website for more information.

    The party entering into a university agreement must provide proof of insurance.

    • A homeowner’s policy may include extended liability coverage.
    • A Tenant-User Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) provides the required liability insurance for users of university-owned facilities.

    Trip Insurance

    Employees traveling for university affiliated/sponsored activities are afforded medical coverage for accidents and incidents under the SORM workers’ compensation program.

    Students participating in group travel for academic camps, conferences, field trips, or other events may wish to obtain trip insurance which provides coverage for accidents and sickness requiring ambulatory transport, medical treatment, and/or hospitalization. The Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management coordinates trip insurance with the department sponsoring the trip.

    Workers’ Compensation Insurance

    The State Office of Risk Management administers the state’s workers’ compensation insurance program. For questions regarding workers’ compensation coverage and/or the university’s program, please visit the Human Resources website.

  • Driver Approval

    All employees who operate vehicles for university-sponsored events or official business must be vetted through the driver approval process. This includes vehicles owned, leased, or rented by the university. Drivers must be 18 years old, possess a valid state driver’s license and have two years of driving experience to be eligible to apply. Drivers requesting to operate 12- or 15-passenger vans must be at least 20 years of age.

    A Driver Approval Request Form must be submitted to apply to be an approved driver. The Approved Drivers List is continuously updated and reconciled annually. To help maintain an accurate listing, departments are asked to submit an Approved Driver Deletion Form when their personnel leave university employment. Employees may view the Approved Drivers List on the Everyone drive at R:\Risk Management\Driver Program.

    Drivers approved to operate vans or carts, that are university owned or non-owned, are required to complete training coordinated by the Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management.

    Approved drivers required to operate vehicles that hold more than 15 passengers must possess a valid Texas commercial driver’s license (CDL) with the appropriate endorsements, as required by law.

    Please refer to OP 36.03 University Vehicles if you have additional questions regarding the driver approval process or operating university vehicles. You are also encouraged to print and display the cart safety poster for information pertaining to operating golf carts.