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ASU-SBDC Success Stories

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    Cha, cha, cha! Good Eats!

    July 14
    “I am so glad that the SBDC program is at Angelo State University.  Peggy has been a blessing and great help with the financing and projections to help me get my loan.  I look forward to her coming to Mason and meeting with me as I grow my company,” current owner of Joy’s of the Southwest, Kyla Rasch stated.

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    Help Our Planet Earth!

    July 14
    HOPEgrocerybags, LLC started after former teacher Hope Garza decided to make her hobby of sewing into a business by creating fashionable and reusable grocery bags with the goal of Helping Our PlanetEarth (HOPE). Mrs. Hope Garza contacted adviser Havins looking for guidance to start her own business. After visiting with the adviser, she decided to enroll into the Small Business ManagementCertificate Program offered by the SBDC to acquire the basic skills of starting and owning a business. Read more...
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    Imports for You!

    July 14
    Jessica had always wanted to start her own business. After trying a couple of times with other ideas, she and her father decided to try importing products to the U. S. and wholesaling and retailing them. Read more...
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    A Full Stomach and a Smile on Your Face!

    July 14
    Mendez Café started from Tomas Mendez’s dream to open his own restaurant. As mentioned,Tomas Mendez was the head cook for a lot of local popular restaurants in San Angelo. TomasMendez decided to take a risk and open his current business in 2011. Read more...
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    Powerful Perspectives

    July 13
    Steven obtained an engineering degree from Texas Tech University. He worked in the industry for a few years, but it was not what he thought it would be. Steven picked up a camera when he was young and he was hooked. Read more...
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    Three Brothers Pork Sausage

    July 14
    The Rasberrys found that their recipe for making German sausage was becoming quite popular and realized that they had an opportunity to turn something they love – cold smoked sausage – into something profitable. After some talk and consideration, they decided to take their business idea to the next level and began seeking financing.Their lender was receptive their business idea and referred them to the Angelo StateUniversity – Small Business Development Center. They were assigned to business advisor James Leavelle. Read more...
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    Keeping the Water Flowing

    July 13
    In late summer of 2014, the ASU Small Business Development Center was asked to assist the Millersview-Doole Water Supply Corporation (M-DWSC) with a business/marketing plan and general marketing assistance to use as a tool to produce more revenue. In addition they needed a document to present to the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) to assist in a restructure.M-DWSC was formed in 1972 as a Texas non-profit corporation for the purpose of furnishing a water supply for general farm use and domestic purposes to its members residing in Concho,McCulloch, Runnels, and Tom Green counties. Read more...
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    Commercial Cleaning & Make-Readys

    July 9
    Lexie had been employed by a commercial cleaning business for a few years. She decided it was time to go out on her own. Read more...
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    Let’s Talk Baseball

    July 14
    Carlos De La Rosa III, former baseball player, started coaching young baseball players interested in developing their skills. His passion turned into an opportunity to establish his business and take the young players into competition. With this business idea Carlos visited with adviser Havins to obtain the necessary guidance to start his business, Southwest SelectShow Baseball, LLC. Carlos explained the assistance given, “Adriana helped me start myLLC, and with all the questions along the way. She has been extremely helpful.” Read more...
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    Drop by Sometime!!!

    July 9
    Larry has worked in many industries during his life. Some of those include managing a bar, boxing, and as a restaurant server. However, his passion is painting. With his busy schedule, he doesn’t get to paint much but does as much as he can.
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    Essential Datacom LLC DBA E.D.I. Communications

    January 1
    After 15 years, Edward (Eddie) Martinez’s career had reached a plateau where further advancement with his employer would not be possible.  Unsatisfied with that position, Eddie made the decision to step out on his own and start his own structural cabling business.  He and his wife Jenny carved out a corner of their dining room to be his office and turned their home phone into their business phone.   Read more...
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    On the Northside of Mason

    July 13
    Rico’s Café is now open on the north side of Mason. Eloy Rico, a long time cook, has openedhis own restaurant!Eloy has worked for every restaurant in the area and when he decided he would open his veryown restaurant. He discussed his idea with the bankers at Commercial Bank of Mason andthey suggested Eloy contact the Angelo State University Small Business Development Center. Read more...
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    A New Approach to Fitness

    January 23
    Matt Cutrer had been working as a personal trainer for several years in fitness centers belonging to someone else.  His dream was to own one of his own.  Matt and his wife (Nora) began talking about that dream but wasn’t sure where to go with it. Read more...
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    Short Stack and Eggs?

    July 13
    Joann Sanchez knows the customer side of the restaurant business! She has spent the majority of her working years in the food service industry. Having a business of her own, has always been a goal of hers. Read more...
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    Where should we deliver your vehicle?

    July 13
    If YOU ever have your car break down or if YOU are involved in a car accident when traveling through the Texas Hill Country, there is now a new number to call for immediate assistance!Puncher Towing & Recovery in Mason, Texas can load your car or truck and haul it where everYOU need for them to take it. Select your mechanic or body shop, and Puncher Towing &Recovery will deliver it there. Read more...

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New! Business Tips

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    Do yourself a financial favor

    May 10

    Tax season is over but now is the right time to recap and implement strategies to have an easier process during your next filing season. The beginning of the year for small business owners is usually somehow stressful mainly because of tax season. You are having to put all the business paperwork together to file taxes. No matter whether you’re a sole proprietor or corporation, if you sell goods or services for financial gain, you should have an accounting structure in place and if you collect sales tax you must send that money to the government. It’s theirs anyway. Tax returns and payments are due by April 15th or the first business day thereafter.

    The first questions you will be asked when filing taxes is: What is your accounting period?  For almost every business it’s from January 1 through December 31 of the same year.  The year is broken down into quarters and typically you should be paying an estimated tax to both state and federal offices each quarter. But to pay taxes is necessary to keep a record of your sales as well as your expenses. The best way to keep up with it is with preparation during the year. 


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Upcoming Events

May 31st, 2016

  • Image preview 3:00pm - 5:30pm

    How to Write Your Business Plan Part II: Focus on Financials

    At this seminar, we will be focusing on the financial sections of your Business Plan. Your Business Plan financials can make or break a deal. You will learn how to draft your own cash flow projections and review financial reports. We suggest taking this seminar following our “Narrative” Business Plan seminar.

June 3rd, 2016

  • Image preview 8:30am - 5:00pm

    Cancelled: Profit Mastery: Enhance Your Financial Management Skills

    Are you a Business Owner, Key Manager, Entrepreneur, Business Advisor, or other money manager ready to improve your financial IQ? If you’re serious about improving your business’s finances and want a no-nonsense but easy to understand approach then you do not want to miss the next Profit Mastery training series. Register now for this two day Profit Mastery ® training program to gain the skills and resources that will guide you through improving your business’s efficiency, increasing profits, and truly understanding business finance. 

    The keys to the success of this curriculum are built around the following: 
    1. A presentation style uniquely combining information, motivation, and humor 
    2. A case-study approach 
    3. Delivery formats that include live onsite and web-based streaming video 
    4. A unique, seven-step approach distilled from both years of business banking experience and working with thousands of business owners 

    Profit Mastery University delivers the following curriculum sections: 
    1. Profit Mastery Overview 
    2. Financial Position 
    3. Price-Volume-Costs 
    4. Cash Flow 
    5. Manage Growth 
    6. Banks & Transition 
    7. Glossary and FAQs

June 7th, 2016

  • Image preview 6:00pm

    Successful Marketing - Secrets & Strategies (4 Part Series)

    Learn the basics of marketing, marketing strategies, how to write a marketing plan, formulating a budget, and much more at this interactive series. A 4-week series will guide attendees through various tools and information designed to help the small business owner make smart and effective choices when it comes to their marketing. All attendees will receive a copy of the book: “Successful Marketing: Secrets & Strategies” which will be used throughout the 4 part series.

June 16th, 2016

  • Image preview 6:00pm - 8:30pm

    Understanding Financial Statements

    What are your financial statements saying about your business’s health? Learn how to understand your financial statements and how to use them to determine how you can make changes to increase profits and overall success. Attendees will learn how to read basic financial statement formats such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, in addition to analysis tools such as breakeven points and ratio analysis to learn more about their business.

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  • The mission of the Angelo State University Small Business Development Center is to foster small business success in the ten counties that comprise the SBDC service area. Our vision is to be recognized as a premier business development organization in the Concho Valley. 

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