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Rural Business Program

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Our Mission

The mission of the ASU-SBDC rural business program is “To support small business growth and development in economically distressed rural communities throughout the Concho Valley area.”

The ASU-SBDC certified business advisors can provide advisory services, research, strategic planning, business and resource development for small to medium-sized businesses, economic development corporations, communities, and local governments.

The mission of the ASU-SBDC rural business program is “To support small business growth and development in economically distressed rural communities throughout the Concho Valley area.”

The Rural Business Program offers clients targeted and customized services designed to meet their needs drawing from a number of resources.


Business Advisory Services

Targeted counseling and training for small to medium-sized business clients in the following areas:

  • Business Plans
  • Loan Proposals
  • Contracting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Financing
  • International Trade
  • Research and Marketing
  • Technology Research and Marketing


Capacity Building Services

The rural business program can also provide capacity building services for communities, local governments, Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Corporations.

  • Community Assessments
  • Economic Base Analysis
  • Facilitation of Workforce Development
  • Feasibility Studies Gap Analysis
  • Gap Analysis Targeted Industry Studies
  • Leadership Development
  • Project Management Resource & Development
  • Targeted Industry Studies Leadership Development
  • Vision and Strategic Planning


Rural Business Advisors

  • Peggy Hodges Rosser

    Peggy Hodges Rosser, Business Development Specialist and Rural Business Manager

    Master of Arts, Certified Business Advisor IV, Business Development Specialist
    Phone: 325-650-3593

    Service Area:  Tom Green | Concho | McCulloch | Mason | Menard | Kimble 

    Adriana Balcorta Havins

    Adriana Balcorta-Havins

    Certified Business Advisor II, Business Development Specialist
    Contact:  ? 

    Phone: 325-942-2098

    Service Area:
    Tom Green |  Crockett | Irion | Sutton | Schleicher 


SBDC Rural News

  • Effective communication can be the single most important key to the success of your business. Being prepared for each type of communication is the foundation for being effective.

    Whether you are asking a client to pay their bill, or justifying a fee increase, it is the preparation before the call that can secure your success. There are techniques available to assist you. “Lifescripts” authors Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine offer guidance on “What to say to get what you want in life’s toughest situations.”

    The authors divide the process into three parts: strategy of the situation, tactics and a flow chart of probable conversations.

    Let’s explore the guidance the authors offer when asking a client to pay their bill. The strategy is that frequently there has been a clerical mistake, whether actual or pretend. Allow the client to check on it but schedule the second call. “Lifescripts” authors suggest:

  • I watched as my six year old granddaughter wiped the flour off the table.  With a dish towel in hand, she approached the spill from the back side and worked it towards the table’s edge.  She then took her other hand, placed it below the edge and swept the flour off the table into the waiting hand.

    I was surprised at her efficiency and her accuracy.  I asked, “Hannah, how did you learn to do that so well?”  With a smile and an inquisitive look she answered, “Boppi, don’t you remember?  You taught me!” Talk about giving me the right answer!  It may have not been me, but the point is simply that she had been taught. 

    It could be said the ability to learn how to do a job is contingent on the ability of someone to teach how to do the job.  Getting a seasoned employee to train a new employee is usually a good arrangement.

  • Zeke Salazar knows tires!  He has always been the local go-to-guy when friends and family needed help with anything having to do with tires.  Tires on cars, trucks and even lawnmowers, Zeke can fix it.