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Success Stories

  • Randy & Margie Kiser

    “We have been very satisfied with the SBDC. We started with them 28 years ago and they helped build our business as Kiser Iron Works. We decided to start a new business or change our business model form Custom to Retail, we have now changed over to 3 Nail Ironware and they have been very helpful in branding, marketing and addressing problems we locate as they arise.”

  • Billy Dale

    “The SBDC employee has been a great asset to my business. Helping in all aspects without the help I might not have made it. I am still not over the hump but feel like with continued help, I will succeed.”

  • John Karcher

    “ Mr. Leavelle helped do my LLC and was immaculate at teaching the classes I took for the certification program gave me a huge insight to taking over the business as well as helping me understand the business aspect of things I was aware of.  Couldn’t have done it without!”

  • William & Ada Narro

    “James Leavelle and the SBDC were instrumental in getting our SBA loan approved and our LLC formed and things moving in the right direction.  Highly recommend their services!”

  • Robbie & Erin Betts

    The need for growth took us by surprise and James kept us grounded and looking in the right direction.” Additionally, they said the business plan, “was outstanding and thorough. I really feel that the process of purchasing our new commercial property was expedited because of James help and expertise.

  • Client Reichenau

    The owners said James “went above and beyond what we could have asked for or expected!  James was top notch and his work was so beneficial to our project and what we hope to accomplish!”

  • Maria Perez-Scarlett

    Adriana with “compliance information for both city and county…and listing of resources available to small business owners.”

  • Aaron Brosh

    “The SBDC gave me loan advice. They also helped me understand the process. They helped me in every step from setting up a LLC to marketing ideas.”

  • Mike & Shari Malcomb

    “Adriana has been God send to me & our business. No matter what questions or concern I have she either has an answer or knows where to find it. Adriana & the SBDC have been a well spring of help and information.”  

  • Ezequiel Tapia 

    “Adriana helped by guiding us through all the processes, giving us the tools and knowledge we needed to start our business”

  • Yazmin Gardea

      Yazmin described the advice provided by advisor Havins as “invaluable assistance that started from the planning of the idea, development, and guidance in anything related to our business”

  • Lisa Brooks

    James “helped me navigate permits and regulations and research to move through the startup process.”