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  • September 28, 2015 Image preview

    I can say emphatically that I have never utter the phrase, “Well, that’s not in my job description.”  Perhaps it’s because I have had jobs that span the entire working spectrum – delivering furniture, to cleaning boarding and kennel runs and working with a chain saw.  With each one of these jobs, I was one of the owners of the particular business. 

    As an owner, you perform all the jobs which your business requires you to do in order to keep the business running and being profitable. As your business grows, you will find yourself considering hiring an employee.

    In order for you to hire an employee, you will need to write a job description.  Job descriptions serve a myriad of purposes.  Having a job description will help you write your help wanted ad, ensure your applicants and employees understand their roles and serve as a basis for performance expectations.  

  • September 14, 2015 Image preview

    This past week I had the opportunity to spend some time defining what “leadership” meant to me and how it is important in the work environment. Leadership is a term we use very often, but many times we miss perspective of its real meaning.  As business owners, we encourage our staff to be leaders,to set an example. But, it is also common to see some businesses missing that key component, leadership, to be successful. If you are in business or planning to be in business, you might find yourself looking for leadership, either in staff, mentors or even within yourself. The idea of leadership can be overwhelming for many. Therefore, after reading different articles, I found the following important things to remember when talking about leadership.

    When attempting to define leaders it can get confusing because they fluctuate from position to position, from range to range; they fluctuate according to the goal you want to meet. Leadership has nothing to do with seniority or one’s position in the hierarchy of a company. Leadership doesn’t automatically happen when you reach a certain pay grade. Hopefully, you find it there, but there are no guarantees.

  • September 01, 2015 Image preview

    We first begin learning about competition in our youth.  Maybe it is with our siblings, neighborhood or school friends, or other family members.    For some, it was about who was the best batter, or fastest runner, or mud pie maker.    Later, this carried over to classmates as we entered and progressed in school.  It became about who made the highest grade, or was the best trumpet or flute player, or who could throw the ball the farthest, or make the most goals. 

    Hopefully along the way, we learned to be good sports in both winning and losing.  Competition has one a benefit.  When we are striving to be competitive we are working hard at improving ourselves and getting better at a given task.  In the end, whether we win or lose, we are better and stronger.  So, competition is a good thing.

  • August 13, 2015 Image preview

    One of the things that small business owners have told us they like is networking with each other in order to learn about and implement new and better ways of running their business. At the ASU Small Business Development Center, we are good sounding boards for our small business clients. Besides helping them with various technical business issues, we share ideas we have learned from our business ownership and management experience, as well as things we have learned over the years. Clients have told us many times this is a valuable part of our services that help them expand or start their businesses.

    Networking events are important and lead to valuable resources, connections, and opportunities.  Small business owners want to meet with other owners, to share ideas and learn new and better ways of solving their business problems, and to take advantage of opportunities. These opportunities can mean working together as business owners. They can also mean coaching and mentoring each other. 

  • August 06, 2015 Image preview

    Services now make up a majority of our nation’s economy and service industry employment accounts for over 84% of all private sector jobs according to 2010 numbers from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most would agree ours is a service economy.  Marketing your service business is necessary because of increased competition for services. 

    Before you embark on marketing your service business, it is important to understand how a service business differs from a tangible product-based business. The factors that make a service business different are: services sell intangibles, employees and the business are inseparable, services are variable, and services are perishable. Below is a brief discussion of these four factors.



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