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Carr Undergraduate Scholarships
Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours must I enroll in to get my Carr Scholarship?

We recommend that you enroll in 15 semester credit hours (SCH), but you can still receive your scholarship with 12 SCH.   

IMPORTANT: At the end of each spring semester, the Scholarship Programs Office will verify that you completed 30 SCH during the previous academic year so that you may renew your Carr Scholarship. If you have not completed 30 SCH, you will need to enroll in summer classes to maintain your scholarship eligibility. 

Undergraduate Carr Scholarships are only renewable for eight long semesters. Enrolling in fewer than 15 SCH per long term will result in either having to enroll in summer classes or the possibility of running out of scholarship eligibility before graduation. We strongly urge Carr Scholarship recipients to enroll in 15 semester credit hours to maximize their scholarship.

How long can I receive my Carr Scholarship?

As a Carr recipient, you are eligible for eight long semesters of scholarship awards from the first semester you enroll, as long as you are meeting the Carr Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements or until you receive your bachelor’s degree.

What happens if I leave ASU or sit out a long (fall or spring) semester?

Students who must reapply for admission no longer qualify for their Carr Scholarship.  If you are transferring back to ASU, you will be automatically reviewed for eligibility for a Carr Transfer Scholarship.

What happens to my Carr Scholarship if I drop one or more classes?

Before you drop a class, you should always check with the Scholarship Programs Office to see if the change will affect your Carr Scholarship eligibility.

Will repeat classes count toward my enrollment for my Carr Scholarship?

Please read the entire response below:

YES, repeats will count toward the 12 SCH minimum enrollment requirements for scholarship disbursement. 

BUT, repeats will NOT count toward your annual 30 SCH completion requirements.

I am in my final semester and will be graduating. Do I have to enroll in 12 or more SCH to get my Carr Scholarship?

No, students who will be graduating do not have to enroll in 12 or more hours to benefit from their Carr Scholarship. Enrollment in fewer than 12 hours will result in a proration of your award:

12-15 hours = 100 percent of your final semester award

9-11 hours = 75 percent of your final semester award

6-8 hours = 50 percent of your final semester award

5 hours or less = 0 percent

If I need or want to take classes during the summer, will I be eligible for a Carr Summer Scholarship?

Please read the entire response below.

YES, you can receive a Carr Summer Scholarship if you have met both the GPA and SCH requirements at the end of the spring semester. You will qualify for a summer scholarship during either or both summer semesters.

HOWEVER, if at the end of the spring semester you did NOT meet either or both of the GPA and SCH requirements, you will NOT qualify for a Carr Summer Scholarship. Additionally, taking classes during the summer at ASU is the only way you can try to reinstate your eligibility for your Carr Scholarship for the upcoming academic year.

I am a currently enrolled ASU student, can I retake the ACT/SAT to increase my Carr scholarship?

NO, the Carr scholarship will be awarded only from ACT/SAT test scores taken prior to you attending ASU.

More Information

If you have additional questions about your Carr Scholarship, contact:

Office of Scholarship Programs